Magic with a Christmas Theme [Book]


Magic with a Christmas Theme [Book] is a wonderful new book by Marc Dibowski.

In this book, Marc Dibowski, author of some bestselling books in Germany, shares ideas and effects for a Magic Act during the Holiday Season. Add a touch of Winter and Christmas to your Kids Show, Stand-up, Mental or Close-Up Act. In addition to ideas on props, you will also find routines and ways to tailor your act for Christmas without high expenses, without lots of props, without laborious efforts.

The book is completed with information on Christmas characters, links to marketed effects including sources and information on Christmas traditions in different countries. As a bouns, Marc Explains an extraordinary mentalist routine for Christmas designed for any audience involving an Advent Calendar, which is based on a clever principle never used before in this particular way. Pages:68 - 8" x 11.5" - Softcover


"If you are a childrenís entertainer, the information in the Magic with a Christmas Theme Book is extremely useful for Christmas Season, and will be worth itís weight in gold!" Joe Diamond, MyLovelyAssistant

"Magic with a Christmas Theme Book is a good start for anyone wishing to create a holiday show or add a Christmassy trick or two to the standard program." Payne, M-U-M Magazine