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Create your own 'Las Vegas' styled excitement with your own Gaming Effects, Equipment & Accessories!!! Here you will find Cards, Dice, Deck Shoes, Table Layouts, Slot Machines, Books and Videos on Gaming, and much, much more...
101 Most Asked Questions About Vegas & Gambling [George Joseph]
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Alphabet Roulette
With Alphabet Roulette you just Spin and Win! Incredibly, you are the one that controls the odds! Pick a letter and spin the wheel. Everything looks to be honest, but you win almost every time!!!
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beanandbottlebig.jpg Bean & Bottle
A challenge your spectators will never win! The magician places a hoop on top of a bottle, which may be borrowed. On top of the hoop is perched a bean. The object is to get the bean to fall into the bottle. Only the magician can make the bean fall into the bottle. Complete with supply of beans, hoop, and secret. No skill required.Use your bean to make cents! The Bean & Bottle and it's magical secret makes a great party stunt!
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Beat 'Em Cheat Em' Leave 'Em Bleedin [Anonymous]
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CheatingAtBlackjack077small.jpg Cheating At Blackjack [George Joseph][DVD]
$34.95 $29.95 Special Price!
Cheating At Blackjack is a great new DVD from George Joseph. This material is worth many times more than the selling price - similar videos have sold for $200 and more...

Blackjack is the most popular and most profitable casino table game in the world. On this DVD, George Joseph demonstrates and explains many sleight-of-hand techniques that are used to cheat at Blackjack.

George Joseph is an authority on gaming protection and cheating. He has served as director of surveillance for Bally, Paris, Aladdin and Dunes casinos in Las Vegas. He has trained several law enforcement agencies and has served as an expert witness and consulting investigator on countless casino cheating prosecutions. His television appearances include: Dateline NBC, 48 Hours, America's Most Wanted, Cheating Las Vegas, The House of Cards, Watch Your Pockets, Secrets of Las Vegas, and many others.

Cheating subjects covered on this DVD include: False Shuffles, Stocking, Second Dealing, Pushthrough Shuffle, False Running Cut, Capping The Deck, The Elevator, Playing Slugs, The "Turn-Over", Curl Peek, Flash Peek, One-Hand Second, Front Loading, Shiners, Crimps, Edgework, Juice & Flash, Sand Work, Hole Card Switch, Card Mucking, Two Card Switch, The Brush, Topping The Deck, Chip Copping, Capping The Bet, Capping Overpay, Toke Stealing, The "Sub", Confederate Play, The Gambler's Stock, The Kentucky Step-Up, The Cold Deck and much more.

PLEASE NOTE: Sold for educational and entertainment purposes only. Millions of dollars are lost every year to card cheaters and we recommend that anyone who plays Blackjack be familiar with these techniques in order to protect themselves.

For Photo of back cover of DVD, please click on small graphic.
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coinandchipmontesmall.jpg Chip & Coin Monte [Europe Import]
The magician places three small brass covers on the table. He then places a red chip under the middle cover and a coin under the two outer brass covers. The audience is told to keep an eye on the chip as the covers are slowly moved around. The audience is then asked to guess where the chip is and no matter how hard they watch, they will never be able to get it right! Once the audience begins to doubt their eyes, the magician offers to make the game easier. He sets a red die on top of the cover with the red chip underneath and again mixes them around. When the cover with the die on top is lifted the audience is amazed to see a coin underneath! Everything may then be completely examined. Includes European Custom-Made Brass Covers, Chip and Dice.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

colormonte.gif Color Monte
Magician relates how he lost bet after bet with a clever gambler using 3 cards. Two cards with a red spot and one with a blue spot are shown. Trying to guess where the blue spot is, the magician "loses" a dollar each time (the cards change to all blue spots, change back to red spots, etc.). After seven amazing changes, the magician has "lost" $7.00! He puts one red spot and one blue spot card on the table and asks what color remains. No matter what is said - last card is turned over showing $14.00 printed on it! This effect is easy to learn, but requires sufficient practice before performing.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmdaryldoesthefullmontesm.jpg Daryl - Daryl Does the Full Monte [DVD]
$34.95 $32.95 Special Price!
All Daryl Products on Sale!!!
The Real Secrets Behind the 3-Card Monte. To convey the value of the information you are about to learn, we can do no better than to quote the infamous S.W. Erdnase from his classic book, The Expert at the Card Table - "But there is not a single card feat in the whole calendar that will give as good returns for the amount of practice required, or that will mystify as greatly, or cause as much amusement, or bear so much repetition, as this little game; and for these reasons we believe it worth of unstinted effort to master it thoroughly." Daryl is one of the finest teachers of magic in the world today. He takes you through step-by-step instructions for many different 3-Card Monte sequences and, if you need any further convincing of the astonishing reaction this effect gets, you are also treated to Daryl's live performances of two of the more famous routines. This DVD is both entertaining and invaluable to anyone interested in magic.

WORKING SURFACES: On the Ground, Tray Suspended from a Leather Belt Around Neck, A Newspaper, Blanket or Coat Spread Across the Lap, A Tray on a Stand, A Man's Umbrella, Cardboard Boxes. CARDS TO USE: Best Set, Tip, Impromptu Work. PREPARING THE CARDS: Bridging the Cards, the Crease, the Bend, the Simple Bend, Softening the Corners. THE MIX: The Standard Mix, the Slide, the Cascade. THE THROW: the Toss, the Hype, Calling the Card Face Down, the Double Flash, Fake Hype and Double Flash, The Double Double Flash, Three in the Hand Toss. TURNOVER MOVES: the Mexican Turnover, Mexican Turnover as a Test, the Mexican Turnover Top Change Second Deal, the Flip, Flip Switch, the Flip Change. MISCELLANEOUS MOVES: Flushtration Count, the Rhumba Count, the Chameleon Show, Double Lift, Double Lift Off the Face. THE GLIDE: Variation #1, Variation #2, Variation #3. VERNON'S OPTICAL MOVE: Variation #1, Scarne's Monte Slide. OTHER ROUTINES: The Dai Vernon Routine, Stewart Judah's Routine. HOOKS AND COME-ONS: One-Way Backs, Scarne's Revolution Move, Bent Corner, Scarne's Crimped Corner, The Paperclip Routine, Variation #1, Variation #2 (Down's Change), Variation #3, Variation #4, Variation #5, Matchbook Variation, Stamp, Torn Card, Torn Corner, Version #2. SPECIAL SETS: Seven Card Monte (Vernon), The Sucker Card Trick, The Lady Vanishes, A Detachable Corner, The Dutch Looper, Amaso, Jumping Jack (Bob Haskell), Find the Ace (Eddie Taytelbaum), Three Card Monkey Business (Bill Elliott).
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tyflashdice.gif Flash Dice [Tenyo T-72]
$16.95 $14.95 Special Price!
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mmgoldenshellsvideo.jpg Golden Shells - Kohler, Bob - A Professional Routine [DVD]
Golden Shells - A Professional Routine is a completely revealed performance for the legendary Three Shell Game. Bob Kohler has honed and performed this routine in every possible professional scenario, from corporate events to private functions and it never fails to amaze. On this DVD nothing has been left out. You'll learn the sleight-of-hand maneuvers, choreography, strategies, presentational touches and, of course, Bob's complete patter.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmgriftsensesmall.jpg Grift Sense [James Swain]
Meet Tony Valentine--ex-cop, lifelong misanthrope, sixty something freelance grifter-hunter. There isn't a casino pit boss alive in the U.S.A. who hasn't employed his special skills of flushing out greedy hustlers one time or another. Only this time, things are different. This time, what at first seemed like an easy job is getting really ugly really fast. This time, double-crossing the double-crosser may have Tony cashing in his chips...permanently.
Swain’s "Grift Sense is a superb mystery, loaded with suspense, cunning and more twists and turns than a crooked gambler's conscience. This is the real deal!" -Steve Forte, President of the International Gaming Specialists!

Hardbound, 304 Pages
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Hooked on Winning [2 Cassettes]
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

How To Pick Pockets For Fun & Profit
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

charmingcheat077s.jpg Nash, Martin - Charming Cheat Show & Lecture [DVD]
Martin A. Nash who performs as “The Charming Cheat” has long presented outstanding gambling themed shows that are both elegant and entertaining. This video was shot live at one of his lectures where he performed his entire show and then explained the routines. You will learn an entire card act that is designed to make you look like a card expert and make people say, "I would hate to play cards with you." One of the strength of this DVD is the great patter and presentations Martin uses during his gambling routines. You will hear some excellent stories, jokes and gambling advice given throughout. Martin also gives advice on performing in addition to many technical subtleties and handling touches.

Routines performed and explained: Poker Smoker: You continuously shuffle the deck and let the spectator cut while you continually deal the aces to yourself. Nash Multiple Shift Routine: The four aces are lost in different parts of the deck. After one shuffle all the aces come to the top. They are once again shuffled into the deck and are now found at the bottom. Pseudo Marked Deck Sequence: The four aces are lost in the deck face-up. You then deal a round of poker dealing all the face-up aces to yourself using the Nash Multi-Center. Ten To One: The Ace through ten of Diamonds are lost in different parts of the deck and the deck is shuffled. A spectator selects a card and it too is lost in the deck. A second spectator names a number between 1-10. After a shuffle the top ten cards are dealt face up with the named number remaining face down. The selected card is the face down card and the missing card is found face up in the deck. Daryl/Nash Trapped: A card is selected and lost in the deck. The spectator takes half the deck and springs the cards unto the table. You then use your half of the deck as tweezers and use it to pluck the selected card from springing cards. Jacks Or Better: This is Martin's favorite routine and the one he uses when he has to impress. The 13-minute card routine, which is usually used to close his shows, is a multi-phase routine where selected cards are continuously lost in the deck and are repeatedly found between the two face-up Jacks. Each phase becomes more impossible as the conditions become more difficult until the finale when a merely thought-of card appears between the two face-up Jacks. Also includes Nash Multiple Shift variations, Nash Center Deal Demo, Any Way That You Want It, Shuffling Tips, Delayed-Action Center Deal, and much more.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

ortizsharkv1.gif Ortiz, Darwin - Cardshark - The Videos - Volume 1 [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!
Recently, Darwin Ortiz unleashed a new book of Card Magic on the magic fraternity Cardshark. Virtually every review of Cardshark raved about the material from every aspect - plot, presentation, method and entertainment value. Now the 'creme de la creme' from Cardshark - The Book is taught on this magnificent three volume set of video tapes. Three volumes full of superb, elegant card magic encompassing 'Impromtu Miracles' 'Presentational Showpieces', and 'Gambling Routines'. The following sleights are taught on this three volume set: One-Handed Riffle Shuffle; Neal Elias Flourish Cut; Ednase Top Palm; Vernon Transfer; K.M. Move; Zarrow Add-On; Scarne Card Fold; Altman's Double Undercut Palm; Ribbon Spread Hide-Out; Jennings Control; Mike Close Spread Double Lift; Under Spread Force; Stripper Switch; Convincing Control; Ortiz Bottom Palm; Gambler's Cop; Hartman Addition; and the Bottom Deal Wallet Load.
    Cardshark - Volume 1
  • One-Handed Poker Deal
  • The Psychotronic Card
  • Four To One
  • The Unholy Three
  • Museum Piece
  • The Cross
  • The Showdown

AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Ortiz, Darwin - Cardshark - The Videos - Volume 3 [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!
Recently, Darwin Ortiz unleashed a new book of Card Magic on the magic fraternity Cardshark. Virtually every review of Cardshark raved about the material from every aspect - plot, presentation, method and entertainment value. Now the 'creme de la creme' from Cardshark - The Book is taught on this magnificent three volume set of video tapes. Three volumes full of superb, elegant card magic encompassing 'Impromtu Miracles' 'Presentational Showpieces', and 'Gambling Routines'. The following sleights are taught on this three volume set: One-Handed Riffle Shuffle; Neal Elias Flourish Cut; Ednase Top Palm; Vernon Transfer; K.M. Move; Zarrow Add-On; Scarne Card Fold; Altman's Double Undercut Palm; Ribbon Spread Hide-Out; Jennings Control; Mike Close Spread Double Lift; Under Spread Force; Stripper Switch; Convincing Control; Ortiz Bottom Palm; Gambler's Cop; Hartman Addition; and the Bottom Deal Wallet Load.
    Cardshark - Volume 3
  • Blockbuster
  • From The Cellar
  • Beat The Dealer
  • Pick-up on South Street
  • Face-Up Centers
  • The Sting (performance only)
  • Mr. Lucky
  • Time & Again

AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Rattling Wands
$4.95 $3.41 Special Price!
A Special Savings of 31% thru December 31, 2013
The Rattling Wands are a marvelous modern version of the classic ‘Three Shell Game'! A tube with a little metal ball in it is rattled and mixed with two other tubes that are empty. The spectator tries to find the tube with the ball inside. Even though only one wand of the three shown wands ‘Rattle', the bewildered bystanders never find the Rattling Wand!! Magician controls everything! You find the right wand every time!! Amazing, yet easy to do...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Sure Shot Die Box
Shake any number - Predict any total! With the Sure Shot Die Box, a little skill and practice, you can control the dice and shake any number you choose! A beautiful round box containing two ordinary dice is passed for examination. Yet, by closing the box and shaking it, you can turn up any combination desired. Furthermore, you can predict in advance the combination that will be thrown. Borrowed dice may be used to prove that the dice are not prepared and the results will be just as startling. This effect is ‘Sold' for entertainment purposes only.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Three Card Monte [Comedy Version]
This version of the Three Card Monte is the classic 'Street Swindle' made easy! A truly hilarious variation on the three card monte. Three cards are shown in a fan. The spectator is asked to remember and then select the middle card. Presto! The middle card has magically changed! The '3 of Hearts' has transposed into the 'Tree of Hearts'! No skill required - this is the classic of mechanical card magic. Available in both Bridge Size and Bicycle Poker.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Three Card Monte Book [John Scarne]
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

3shell.gif Three Shell Game
A classic of magic! A great 'Make a Bet' Con Game! The perfect effect to carry in your pocket. Ready for impromtu use anytime, anywhere. The life-size life-like shells are perfectly balanced, made of unbreakable plastic. The peas are made of soft material, and are easily handled. Comes complete with detailed instructions. For even more routines see the video Three Shell Game in our Video Department. A quality prop from Vernet Magic of Argentina...
Three Shell Game $11.95 AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg
Three Shell Game [The Book]

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