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This is just a sampling of the Magic CD-Roms that we stock. We'll be listing more as they become available!
mmfaroshufflecdromsmall.jpg Close, Michael - On The Faro Shuffle [CD-Rom]
Many magicians consider the Faro Shuffle to be one of the toughest moves in card magic. The thought of performing consistent, perfect Faros seems an impossible dream. But now the dream can become a reality. Michael Close is considered one of the world's foremost practitioners of the Faro Shuffle, and in this CD-ROM Michael explains the secrets that come from 35 years of experience with the shuffle. The step-by-step instruction allows you to learn at your own pace, and with the instant access of CD-ROM technology, you can re-play the instructions as often as needed. Format: PC and Macintosh.
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RiceEncyclo011sm.jpg Encyclopedia of Silk Magic [Harold Rice] [CD-ROM / V1-4]
The best silk magic in the world is now yours - on CD-Rom! Over 1500 pages of Francis Martineau's hand-lettered text; thousands of beautiful Illustrations. If you are interested in Silk Magic at all (and what magician isn't?), the secrets of Silk Magic, past and present will be found covered in every detail in this wonderful four volume set. This is an absolute bargain! The four individual books in this set are no longer in print! This CD-Rom makes it easy to reference all 4 volumes at the same time!!!

Volume One- First published by Harold Rice in 1948, it took eight years to prepare. It contains ten large chapters including The Romantic Story of Silk; How to Dye Your Own Silks; Methods of Folding Silks; Production Methods (with and without apparatus; single silks and quantity productions); Vanishes; Changes; and Transpositions. The entire volume was hand lettered and illustrated by Francis Martineau. Over 1800 beautiful Illustrations! 520 pages. When first published, Volume One received both the Sphinx and Genii awards for Best Book of the Year.

Volume Two- Five years of dedicated work resulted in the publication of the second volume. It contains 7 chapters including Penetrations; Color Changes; Silk Dying; Reel Magic; Reel-Less Magic; and Twentieth Century Silks. Once again, hand lettered and illustrated by Francis Martineau with more than 2100 Illustrations. 387 effects! 533 pages.

Volume Three- Nearly ten years after the publication of Volume 1, Volume Three was ready! This volume contains 8 chapters of solid silk magic. Includes Sympathetic Silks; Blendo Effects; Naughty Silks; Silks and Eggs; Soup Plates and Silks; Silks and Candles; Openers; and the Jap Hank Box. As in the first two volumes, Volume 3 is hand lettered and illustrated by Francis Martineau. 513 pages.

Volume 4- Thirty years after the publication of Volume 3, Volume Four was published! this volume contains nine chapters of solid silk magic plus an extensive index of all four volumes. Chapters include The Harold Rice Story; Volume One Revisited; Volume Two Revisited; Volume Three Revisited; Silk Loads and Steals; Silk Magic for Children; Silk Magic of Warren Stephens; Romantic Story of Silk Revisited plus the index by Chapters, Contributors, Effects and Subjects! Written by Mark Trimble, The Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Volume 4 took more than two years to produce. Hundreds and hundreds of illustrations.
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howtomakemoneybymagic086s.jpg How to Make Money by Magic [CD-ROM Course] [Paul Daniels/Andrew Lock]
Of all the magic effects and illusions that have ever been performed, one mystery has so far remained unsolved. Until now. Itís the secret of how to become an extremely well paid magician, in less than 3 months, all on one Limited Edition EBOOK CD-ROM! Are you frustrated at not being able to use your magic skills to make money? Are you fairly new to magic, and desperate to get up and running? This brand new course could be the perfect solution! Read on to discover how you can turbo-charge your magic career. This astonishing, world-class home learning and earning Magic Course has been more than four years in the making, being researched and produced by magic writer and marketing expert Andrew Lock, with extensive input and editorial control by the wonderfully talented Paul Daniels. Paul is superbly qualified to teach as he has performed more magic on TV than anyone else in history - his weekly show ran for 15 years, and remained top of the ratings! Yes, just imagine having Paul Daniels as your personal teacher!
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penumbra275.jpg Penumbra #8 [Gordon Bean and William Goodwin]
Penumbra #8 is another issue of the magic publication that offers contributions from magicians like Justin Hanes, Norman Gilbreath, Andrew Galloway, Bill Goodwin, Michael Weber, Guy Hollingworth, John Carney and Allan Ackerman. Bill and Gordon promise future offerings from Lee Asher, Simon Aronson, John Bannon, Ernest Earick, Bob Farmer, Chris Korn and Mark Setteducati just to name a few. Each bi-monthly issue of Penumbra is handsomely produced and printed on glossy, 8.5" by 11" paper. Effects in this issue: Constellation Prize - Justin Hanes, A.M. - Norman Gilbreath, The Card of Fortune - Andrew Galloway, and The Queens - Bill Goodwin.
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Secrets of a Millionaire Magician [CD-Rom][Deluxe Version ][Randy Charach]
$197.00 $159.95 Special Price!
Suppose you could instantly access all the secrets, tools and resources you need to create all the bookings you want. At fees much higher than you are currently earning. Imagine earning as much as you want, doing what you love to do. Waking up in your own bed each morning - or in whatever city in the world you choose to perform in. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't if you have the right planning tools, marketing knowledge and contact information. The "Secrets of A Millionaire Magician" is a comprehensive guide to profitable marketing strategies and business tips, boiled down into a complete step-by-step system. With Randy's system, you'll discover simple and inexpensive marketing methods, complete contact information for lucrative venues, and various methods to increase your income.

Secrets You Will Learn: The single most important secret to your success. This often overlooked principle is what holds most entertainers back from realizing their dreams. The one thing people will pay a huge premium for when booking your service. What you can do right now to immediately increase your fees and income. Business practices that make the difference between scratching out a living and living like a King. The Platinum Rule: This one will surprise you! Your single best return on investments. Your single best marketing tool. The most effective way to make money as an entertainer. How to make your customers go crazy for your ideas. How to have your clients happily plan their events around your booking schedule - no discount necessary, either. The 3 primary functions of a business plan and how to use them to make your life easier and your business more profitable. How beginners can start working today in a venue that will create instant income and quickly build a solid client base. The single best contact management software that will streamline your business activities and act as your personal secretary. Prepare your entire business marketing plan in just two hours. Map your profit soaring ideas out in just a few minutes. Save valuable time when it comes to office work. Be organized even if it does not come naturally to you. Control the 3 most important aspects of your business. Exactly what to include on your promo video for various markets. Top three formats that will increase your booking rate by 750%. Determine the right length of tape. What your video must accomplish in order to get you booked. Exactly what to include on a video to get booked on television. What to never do on your demo video. How to take control of the "shoot" to guarantee you get an excellent video. 5 Ways to get top quality video demo for FREE (these secrets alone will save you thousands of dollars). The 5 things your sales letter must do in order to work for you. How to instantly grab people's attention. The most powerful headline formula that you can use to get more bookings at higher fees. A simple 10 step formula for writing effective sales letters. A simple 4 step formula for writing effective headlines. The truth about web sites. The most common mistake entertainers are making right now regarding their web site. How to profit in many ways from your site. The most important elements of your site. What to do right now regardless of your techno-skills. Straight talk about fees. Earn fees that are at least 5-10 times higher than your competitors. Rise above the competition and soar into a higher income bracket. Determine the current value of your show and instantly increase it. How to charge premium prices and have your clients love you for it. How to strategically move to the next fee level - without blowing your current business and risking failure. Why a lower fee can cost you bookings - and how this advice is often misinterpreted. How to leverage your time and increase your income. How to easily avoid mistakes that can kill your business. What to do when a problem arises. How to handle deposits. Simple ways to secure your booking arrangements with your clients. The biggest mistake in dealing with agents - this one costs performers thousands of dollars - and it has nothing to do with commissions! The inside secrets of entertainment agencies. Proven strategies and techniques to boost your income. Avoid the most common client "turn-off" magicians make during sales presentations.ÉnAvoid the hard and unpleasant way to earn money as a magician. Avoid costly mistakes that will destroy your business. How to attract qualified customers. Get hundreds of testimonials letters from your clients. Eliminate the need for expensive promotional material. Appeal to various types of buyers in a single marketing piece. Get a ton of bookings with absolutely no marketing cost. Reach corporate clients eager to hear from you - with minimal cost. Triple your spin off bookings with one simple, yet strategic sentence. And much, much more!

Instead of purchasing the printed version [for $100 more], you can also purchase a CD-Rom containing an electronic PDF version of the entire book. The CD-Rom Deluxe version - contains the entire contents of the book in PDF form. [Works with your Acrobat Reader - a free download!]

Advertised Internationally at $197.00 - Our price $159.95

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WheelodMind077s.jpg Wheel Of Mind
The ultimate forcing tool. Wheel Of Mind is not just an effect, but a tool that encompasses unbelievable and unpredictable presentation options and effects. The innocent looking, wheel-of-fortune-like board enables mental effects that will surprise not only your audience, but also you, the mentalist. The Wheel Of Mind is an unusual innovation, unlike anything currently present in the world of magic and mentalism, it offers limitless surprising possibilities. This prop will surely bump up your mentalism performance a few notches. The advantage of Wheel Of Mind being a prop is that the performer can use it for various different routines, like the new ones presented in the instruction booklet, or as a winning combination with existing ones, providing great enhancement. To demonstrate the strength and versatility of Wheel Of Mind, the instructional booklet shares with you not only the basic main effect, but it also describes in detail a few successful effects and routines that the creators, Haim Goldenberg and Amir Lustig, use regularly in their shows. Comes complete with The Wheel Of Mind, 20-page instructional booklet, and CD with Flash presentation and video clip of performance. The Wheel Diameter Approximately 19" (48cm).
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