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MagicLegends.com presents the entire Magic Collection of Mark Mason and his JB Magic Company! Mark Mason produces some of the most unique and original effects from close-up to stage magic. Due to the demand of these products and that all of these items are manufactured outside the US, a Special Order time of 2-4 weeks prior to shipment...
DVD_2Wenty1_MarkMason_JBMagic_086.jpg 2wenty1 (21) [includes DVD][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
With 2Wenty1 you explain to your audience that you went to the casino to play Blackjack the other night. Show TWO cards they are the two black nines. Square up the cards and then re-spread them, the same TWO cards are now the two red tens. The next sequence you really need to see to believe. Without any cover the 10 of diamonds visually turns into a black ace, this ace (no switch) is handed out to the spectator. The killer is you now turn the one remaining card face up it is a BLACK JACK this is casually tossed to the table. Six changes from two cards.

One of JB's best ever selling tricks!

Instructional DVD includes extra handling and 4 bonus endings.

Precision made gimmick that does all the work. Easy to perform and easy to carry. The backs and fronts are shown on every change. Very easy to do. No sleights of any kind.
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3sACrowd_MarkMason_JBMagic_086.jpg 3's A Crowd [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Here is a great little effect that you can do in 5 minutes. Remove three 3's from any deck, hand them out for full examination. The 3's are slowly but surely mixed in between 3 indifferent cards. Without any moves, switches etc the 3's separate themselves from the other cards. This is repeated a second time with the 3's face up, they are again mixed in between any 3 regular cards in the cleanest, fairest manner. Again under impossible circumstances

Comes complete with two special gimmicks - one red, one blue and all instructions. Do not let the price put you off, this is a sure fire winner.
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Appearing8FtStraw_MarkMason_JBMagic_068.jpg Appearing 8 Foot Straw [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Tricks don't get much more direct than this! The magician opens a box, briefcase or bag away from all tables or other suspicious devices - then from inside the container they remove an oversized 8 Foot long Straw! The Appearing 8 Foot Straw can easily be removed from a paper lunch sack, backpack, or production item like a Square Circle or an Illusion Box! The possibilities with this versatile prop are virtually limitless. The Appearing 8 Foot Straw does not telescope as some might suspect, but is actually produced from the container as a single, solid piece. There is nothing complicated about the production - just pull it out of any commonplace container and listen to your audience react! Guaranteed to get gasps and laughs! A great addition to your magic act. Quality made in England!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DVD_BirthdayCard_MarkMason_JBMagic_608.jpg Birthday Card [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
If you love card at any number then look no further, Wayne Dobson has come up with the most commercial version we have ever seen.

Birthday Card is an incredible card at ANY number using ANY DECK AND ANYONE'S BIRTHDAY!

A brilliant comedy card at any number, with a mind blowing climax. Yes, the rumours are true, the spectator really does count down to ANY number in ANY deck and arrive at the ONLY CARD with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed across the back. What's more a previously shown mini calendar is flipped over and printed on the other side is the EXACT SAME PLAYING CARD.


Comes complete with 2 sets of specially printed bicycle gimmicks and an instructional DVD.
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DVD_Blindspot_MarkMason_JBMagic_860.jpg Blindspot [includes DVD][Bob Swadling / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE!!! JB Magic are proud to be working in conjunction with Bob Swadling, one of the worlds leading creators of magic effects. Bob has created a revolutionary gimmick for performing the classic coin in bottle effect, we call it BLINDSPOT. Every now and them something EXTRA SPECIAL arrives on the magic scene, this we know you will agree, is one of those times. Imagine holding a totally CLEAR BOTTLE, letting a spectator examine both the bottle and the cap, inside and out. Under these impossible circumstances you can still perform the coin in bottle effect.

Blindspot is an incredible, brand new gimmick, that will allow you to perform the coin in bottle on a whole new level.

Remember: NO Gimmicked Bottles * NO Gimmicked Bottle Caps * ANY Totally See Through Bottle * NO Covering the Bottle of Any Kind * BOTTLE & CAP Can Be Fully Examined!!! You have to not see this, to believe it!!!


2 routines and handlings fully taught, step by step DVD! Resets in 5 seconds! Perfect for Strolling Magicians, Restaurants, and Standup!!!
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Blink_MarkMason_JBMagic_077.jpg Blink! [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Blink! may be Mark Mason's Most Innovative Yet! Now Twice as Fast & Half as Thick! NO Dental Dam Used! Changes the Card Faster than a Blink of the Eye! A card is selected from a deck, and vanished. You produce 1 card from your pocket. When it is shown, the spectators tell you it's the wrong card. You Toss the card in the air and it INSTANTLY and VISIBLY changes to their selected card!

Custom Made in England on Bicycle Poker stock. Predicted selected face card VISUALLY changes to correct selected face card! Unbelievable Workmanship!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Card in Wallet - Ultra Thin[Tony Curtis / Mark Mason]
The final word in 'card to wallet' is here. This ultra slim wallet fits in any pocket including jacket pockets, trouser pockets, and even jean pockets. You can immediately load any signed playing card, credit card, business card or more into the wallet. The wallet is opened, the zipper is pulled back, and you remove the signed card from the zippered compartment. This wallet made of pure leather from England measures approximately 3.25" x 5" and only 1/4 of an inch thick. A wallet you'll be proud to carry and always be ready to perform!! You'll use this everyday as your regular wallet...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Cardshark_MarkMason_JBMagic_095.jpg Card Shark [Jeff Case/ Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Card Shark is a real worker that you can slide right into your act.

A card is selected (say 5D) from a regular Red Deck, it is Signed an placed into the center of the Deck. They actually see the 5D going into the deck - no control, palming, etc. You remove a Blue Backed Card from your pocket that has a large Shark stuck on it [well, not a "real" Shark, but a "Shark Sticker". You claim that this is your Card Shark and he will find their selected card.

The Card Shark instantly vanishes from the Blue Card! The deck is spread and right in the middle there is one BLUE Backed Card with a "Shark" on it! This really is their card - no switch, etc. Now for the killer ending! They slide out the Signed Card, and it has a LARGE BITE OUT OF ONE CORNER! This really gets an unbelievable reaction! The spectators eyes nearly pop out! Resets in 2 seconds, a different card each time.

Very easy to do! Comes complete with two gimmicks and 24 Full Color Shark Stickers! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DVD_Cardiograph_Blue_MarkMason_JBMagic_338.jpg Cardiograph [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic][Blue Back]
Cardiograph is an incredible REAL WORLD trick that makes layman shout out loud! 2 cards are signed - one Blank Faced Card and one Joker. Magician signs the Blank Card, the spectator signs the Joker. The spectator is asked to keep his finger on the back of the Joker they signed. The 2 cards magically change places! But wait, your signature also travels across and is now on the card they are holding!

Comes complete with specially printed gimmicks, extra cards and an instructional DVD. Easy to do, no reset.

Here's what Wayne Kawamoto of Magic & Illusion said, "There's lots to like about Cardiographic...this one is easy to learn and perform and has quite an impact."! John Teo of the Magic Boutique in Singapore stated, "A simple effect with a great impact on the spectators...5 of 5 Stars!"

Please Note: This is the "BLUE" Back version of the effect - if you want "RED" Back it is sold separately!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DVD_Cardiograph_Red_MarkMason_JBMagic_383.jpg Cardiograph [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic][Red Back]
Cardiograph is an incredible REAL WORLD trick that makes layman shout out loud! 2 cards are signed - one Blank Faced Card and one Joker. Magician signs the Blank Card, the spectator signs the Joker. The spectator is asked to keep his finger on the back of the Joker they signed. The 2 cards magically change places! But wait, your signature also travels across and is now on the card they are holding!

Comes complete with specially printed gimmicks, extra cards and an instructional DVD. Easy to do, no reset.

Here's what Wayne Kawamoto of Magic & Illusion said, "There's lots to like about Cardiographic...this one is easy to learn and perform and has quite an impact."! John Teo of the Magic Boutique in Singapore stated, "A simple effect with a great impact on the spectators...5 of 5 Stars!"

Please Note: This is the "RED" Back version of the effect - if you want "BLUE" Back it is sold separately!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mkcigarettethrucard.jpg Cigarette Thru Card [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
A borrowed cigarette is pushed straight through the center of a card. The card and the cigarette are shown unharmed. This is repeated at a different spot on the card! Detailed routine included. Use with any regular Blue Bicycle deck.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DVD_ClubSandwich_MarkMason_JBMagic_077.jpg Club Sandwich [includes DVD][Andrew Normansell / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Another Mark Mason brand new Gem! 2 cards are selected & 1 is signed. Without any moves this card is trapped between Jokers. Repeat & the 2nd spectator's signs their card and it to is trapped between 2 Jokers. An Ambitious Card routine that takes you to the next level! Specially printed Bicycle Poker gimmick. Totally self-working and instantly resets. This is very quick & visual magic! An Ambitious Card Miracle! Signed card is trapped between 2 Jokers Perform with 2 Selected Cards! Club Sand-Wich is Fantastic Card Magic! Please Note: Now Includes a fantastic 40 minute Instructional DVD!!!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DVD_CoinFlux_MarkMason_JBMagic_662.jpg Coin Flux 2 [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Coin Flux is a no sleight of hand Coin Matrix - with an all new principle for the classic “Matrix” effect! No moves required with the special gimmicks! 3 Quarters and 3 Bicycle cards are clearly set on your table, the coins jump from pile to pile and finally all together in a single pile! With no moves three coins assemble under one card. There are absolutely no moves or sleight of hand with this killer effect! You can now perform previously impossible “Matrix” moves without sleight of hand! Perform a Coin Flux on a table, no soft close up pad is needed. Coin Flux has a super gimmick coin value! No extra coins or shells! Coin Flux has fooled world’s leading magicians! Please Note: Now Includes Fantastic Instructional DVD!!!
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DVD_ComeFlyWithMe_MarkMason_JBMagic_383.jpg Come Fly with Me [includes DVD][Half Dollar Version][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Limited Quantity Available - first batches SOLD OUT
The Most Anticipated Effect In Years In Half Dollars - Mark Mason and JB Magic Perfection!!! Includes High Quality Filmed DVD to now play on both PCs and Mac!

Come Fly With Me is a tremendous version of Three Fly from Mark Mason. It's wildly visual and as usual Mark has put his own creative spin on things that take it to the next level. When Mark showed it to me I was thrilled. It was U3F...but different. He's added a special gimmick that makes his nifty handling easy even for a beginner in coin magician. CFWM is a totally professional routine that gets both my praise and my blessing. It's packed with incredible training and value.

"A rare piece of magic, don't let it FLY by you". Jeff McBride.

"The most intimate version money can buy. Feels like real magic". R.Paul Wilson

"I didn't think it was possible to perfect perfection....i was wrong " Daniel Garcia

"This routine is amazing, It looks excellent". Jorg Alexander. (finger flickers)

"This is what real magic should look like. People have started religions with less than this". Wayne Dobson

"Thats truly amazing coin magic" Gene Anderson

"Astounding. Quite simply the best and easiest version of 3 fly I've ever seen." Richard Kaufman (editor, Genii magazine)

"Even I can do this and believe me I will over and over and over again." Stephen Bargatze

"It took my breath away". Bob Fitch

"Brilliant, I'll take one right now". John Lenahan

Mark Mason would like to thank both Bob Kohler and Steve Dusheck for their kind permission in allowing to be produced.

Complete with all the precision made coins and a step by step instructional DVD. Made in USA Half dollars. This set of coins is the highest workmanship. They have been made to last a lifetime.

Pleae Note: Very limited quantities of this trick are being produced, so get it while you still can... Special Order it today...
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DVD_CopyCash_MarkMason_JBMagic_059.jpg Copy Cash [includes DVD][Peter Eggink / Mark Mason / JB Magic]

A regular piece of Blank Paper is folded in half, then again into quarters and finally into eighth's. Without any moves, sleights, thumb tips, etc. - the Blank piece of Paper VISUALLY turns into a $20 bill. The $20 is unfolded and shown on BOTH SIDES. Something is wrong, this is only a photocopy of a $20 bill. Fold the photocopy in half, quarters and eighth's. Again no moves of ANY KIND! The photocopy VISUALLY turns into a REAL $20 bill. Unfold the $20 -show it on BOTH SIDES amd HAND OUT the same $20 for EXAMINATION.

Two brilliant handlings are taught step by step on the instructional DVD.

Once you watch the DVD, you can make this up in any currency in the world in 5 minutes. You will love Copy Cash!

Comes with DVD, Blank Paper, and specially printed copy "Bills" in Pounds, Dollars and Euros!
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DVD_Flick_MarkMason_JBMagic_554.jpg Flick [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Flick is the Animation Sensation!

Mark Mason and JB Magic presents Wayne Dobson's Comedy Card to Pocket Routine - Flick!

Your hands are empty - no deck of cards and no palming!

A spectator is asked to think of any Card! The pages of a small 6 x 4 inch Book are Flicked through, and a story unfolds as the pages pass! Spectators see a small cartoon Boy reach into his Pocket, and remove one Bicycle Playing Card. The Magician states that this is the card the spectator is thinking of, and to prove this, the spectator is asked to reach inside the Magicians Jacket Pocket. They do this, and there is one card and one card only in the Pocket! When the Playing Card removed from the pocket, it is the Spectators Thought of Card!


Comes complete with specially printed Flick Book and DVD with Step by Step Instructions and Bonus Handlings!
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DVD_FutureZone_MarkMason_JBMagic_626.jpg Future Zone Wallet [includes DVD ][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Future Zone Wallet is Wallet for the working Magician!

A Small Leather Wallet is opened, and inside there is a small brown Envelope! This Envelope contains ONE Playing Card. The Wallet is placed to one side, while the Magician shows a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards. The Magician or the Spectator deal the Playing Cards one at a time FACE UP onto the table. They stop on ANY Card they wish. The Envelope is removed and the Playing card is removed - it matches the card they stopped on! This looks excellent!

No guiding, and they can stop on any CARD! Do not forget that the Playing Cards are dealt FACE UP, and your Spectators see every card!

The Future Zone Wallet comes with a Step by Step Instructional DVD with the personal handling of Mark Mason!

Also includes Bonus Material including Mark Mason's Incredible Wallet Move. You receive: Leather Wallet, Special Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards, Predictions and Instructional DVD!
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Heartbeat_MarkMason_JBMagic_194.jpg Heartbeat [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Heartbeat is a Brilliant ending for any Ambitious Card effect. After a Signed Card jumps from the Center of the Deck to the Top several times, a "Heart Sticker" is placed onto the back of the Signed Card.

The Signed Card with the "Heart Sticker" is lost somewhere in the Deck and the Deck is shown all around. Visually the Card jumps to the Top of the Deck!

Your audience will not believe their eyes as the Bright Red "Heart Sticker" just appears on the Top of the Deck. The Card is handed back to the Spectator as a souvenir with the Signature and "Heart Sticker" intact.

Comes complete with specially made Bicycle gimmick and "Heart Stickers"!
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Himber Wallet [Large]
True European high quality leather! The Himber Wallet is a device for secretly switching one item for another. A spectator's selected card vanishes from the deck, and appears in the wallet. Easy to perform Torn & Restored Cards, change a $1 dollar bill to a $100 bill in a flash, change playing cards, and Perform mental predictions! There are 100's of Uses!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Himber Wallet [Small]
The Himber Wallet ranks as one of the greatest utility props ever devised for the close-up performer. It can be used to switch bills or playing cards, printing money, and for hundreds of different routines. The only problem in the past with the Himber Wallet was that it always looked like a 'Prop', not a 'Wallet'. This problem has been solved, and we have developed the ultimate Himber Wallet. It's designed exactly like one of the men's most popular wallets and credit card cases. You'll find a place to put your money, business cards, credit cards, and a couple extra pockets for your other stuff. It's made of the finest handcrafted leather, and is fully lined. Several routines and full instructions included. The Himber Notebook is the perfect matching accessory for the 'Wallet'. For even more great effects with your 'Wallet' see our 21 Himber Wallet Routines book in The Library Department.
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DVD_HoleSensation_MarkMason_JBMagic_563.jpg Hole Sensation [includes DVD][Iain Moran / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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HoleSensation705.jpg Hole Sensation [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
With Hole Sensation a signed, selected card is placed between two fully examined jokers. Each joker has a large hole cut through the center. The selected card is placed between the jokers, it’s clearly seen through the holes on both sides. A snap of the fingers and the trapped signed card visually vanishes! It reappears face up in the center of the deck. You really need to see this effect to believe it!. Seeing is believing this mechanical masterpiece!
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JustThink_MarkMason_JBMagic_419.jpg Just Think [Adrian Sullivan / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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LiftOff_MarkMason_JBMagic_491.jpg Lift Off [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
A regular Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards are freely shown and shuffled. Any Card is Selected, signed, and returned to the center of a regular Deck. The Magician now states that they will find the Card in an unusual manner. The Spectator is asked to concentrate on the Deck, but nothing seems to be happening. Slowly and Mysteriously the top Card of the Deck starts to Float in mid air - higher and higher it mysteriously rises! The Spectator is asked to place their fingers on the back of the Card, yet it still remains Suspended even though you are not touching the Card.

The Playing Card then slowly floats back down onto the top of the Deck. This Card is turned face up and it is indeed the Spectators Signed, Selected Card! They can keep this Card as a souvenir. No Wires, No Threads, No Magnets, No Hydraulic Lifts under the Stage - No Connections to the Magician at all! This looks incredible and it is so easy to do! Supplied with Bicycle Poker Size Gimmick and detailed Instructions (Bicycle Playing Card Deck not included - use any normal Deck)! One of Mark Mason's most popular effects!!!

AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DVD_RealWorldMagic_MarkMason_JBMagic_068.jpg Mason, Mark: Real World Magic [2 DVD Set][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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MindController_MarkMason_JBMagic_770.jpg Mind Controller [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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Miracle Chip Mark Mason Miracle Chip [U.S. Quarter & Poker Chip][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
$119.95 $99.95 Special Price!
The best bet in magic... from J.B. Magic's elite line comes the Miracle Chip.

A precision made magnetic locking poker chip. Made in house by JB's coin specialist. You will love both the quality and the mechanics of the MIRACLE CHIP. With this single piece of apparatus you will look like a sleight of hand master. Perform vanishes, transformations, penetrations, find selected signed cards & achieve incredible mentalism.

Along with the gimmicked chip comes an instructional DVD with 9, yes, 9 knockout effects. Each routine is fully performed and taught using the miracle chip.

We are also proud to have had the permission to include Wayne Dobson's brilliant mentalism effect UNIQUE PREDICTION

Featured effects: Bare Hand Vanish, In the Deck, Coin thru Glass, Swirl Away, In the Box, Coin thru Table, Chip "N" Change, In the Glass & Unique Prediction.

Made from genuine (high grade) poker chips, each deluxe set comes with: 1 Miracle Chip 1 Matching Chip 1 Half Dollar or Quarter 1 Custom Printed Screen 1 DVD Featuring 9 Effects

"Mark, Many thanks for the miracle chip, it arrived today. I decided on the quarter version. I have to say it is GREAT. I would highly recommend this to anyone at the club." - Carter Macmillan, LA

"Mark, Thanks for sending me the Miracle Chip. I thought you had sent me 2 regular chips, The gimmick is incredible, Cannot wait to use this." - Andy K, Scotland

"Hi JB, I picked up Miracle chip set at the IBM, I had to write and tell you this is the best thing I bought there. IN THE DECK is the best trick ever. WOW. Keep up the good work." - Chuck Terry

DVD_MirageWallet_MarkMason_JBMagic_545.jpg Mirage Wallet [includes DVD ][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_NoEntry_MarkMason_JBMagic_770.jpg No Entry [includes DVD][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_NoTearNewspaper_MarkMason_JBMagic_635.jpg No Tear Newspaper [includes DVD][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Every magician should own a 'NO Tear Newspaper'! Tear a newspaper into 8 pieces & it VISIBLY restores itself! Perform Again & Again with this Powerful MAGNETIC original by Mark Mason. Remember the torn pieces VISIBLY restore to shock your crowd. Instant Re-Set! NO Wadding or Folding. NO Wire gimmick. Now Includes Instructional DVD!!!
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OnTheCase_MarkMason_JBMagic_419.jpg On the Case [Steven Gore / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_Outcased_MarkMason_JBMagic_464.jpg Outcased [includes DVD][Peter Eggink / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_Perfect_MarkMason_JBMagic_545.jpg Perfect [includes DVD ][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_Revelation_MarkMason_JBMagic_176.jpg Revelation [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_RoyalFlush_MarkMason_JBMagic_167.jpg Royal Flush [includes DVD][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_Sas_MarkMason_JBMagic_761.jpg SAS (Signed and SandWiched) [includes DVD][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_ShipDeck_MarkMason_JBMagic_761.jpg Ship Deck [includes DVD ][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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Shoe't [JB Magic / Mark Mason]
The Professional Card to Shoe! Stunning Magic! Finally Revealed to the Magic World! Any card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. Any routine is performed such as an ambitious card, a transposition etc. The magician slowly removes there foot from any shoe and the complete signed card is in full view! The magician picks up there shoe and removes the card - it really is their signed card. Everyone’s reaction is beyond belief. their card inside your shoe! JB Magic's custom built gimmick allows you to perform “Card to Shoe” with ease. NO Fumbling! NO Loading!
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Shoet_Blue_MarkMason_JBMagic_149.jpg Shoe't [Mark Southworth / Mark Mason / JB Magic][Blue Back]
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Shoet_Red_MarkMason_JBMagic_941.jpg Shoe't [Mark Southworth / Mark Mason / JB Magic][Red Back]
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DVD_Slither_MarkMason_JBMagic_716.jpg Slither [includes DVD][Rob Bromley / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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SoloMarkMason093.jpg Solo [Mark Mason JB Magic / includes DVD]
Solo is a new Impossibel Magic Fantastic Jaw-Dropper Effect from Mark Mason and JB Magic! Includes a Step-by-Step Companion DVD.

A deck of cards are removed from its case. The case is handed out for examination, and seen to be empty. 2 JACKS with a hole in the centre are shown both back and front. Any card is then selected from the deck and signed. The signed card is placed in between the 2 JACKS. It can be seen through the holes, and as the cards are spread in a fan all 3 cards can be seen.

In a flash the SIGNED card VISUALLY vanishes from the fan! The card case is opened and the signed card is removed from inside the case!

Easy to Do! Resets in Seconds! Precision made gimmicks! The instructional DVD will teach you everything you need to know to perform this amazing effect!!!
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mkstargazer.jpg Stargazer [Mark Mason]
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DVD_StickmanSam_MarkMason_JBMagic_617.jpg Stick Man Sam [includes DVD ][Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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hrswitcharoo.jpg Switch-A-Roo [Mark Mason]
Super easy to perform. Don't miss out on the hottest trick of the year! Comes complete with Routines & Ideas. Exchange a single card for another card. A single card into a multiple of cards. 5 cards for 5 different cards. Even 5 cards for one selected card. Switch prediction cards, envelopes, exchange regular cards for gimmicked cards right under the spectators nose. Imagine changing a single card into six selected cards, or four kings to four aces. Visually change blank business cards into printed business cards! We'll give you a clue, two cards are selected - One is signed and placed in the deck, the other is placed so that it extends from your shirt pocket. The card sticks well above the pocket. It never leaves the spectators sight. A snap of the fingers, and the two cards including the signature change places! Make your Twisted Sisters, B'Wave, Cigarette Thru Card, and more, examinable with Switch-A-Roo. The cards you are switching, Never Leave Sight! Switch cards in a split second without any sleight-of-hand. The revolutionary Switch-A-Roo device executes a visible card switch right in front of your spectators eyes.
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DVD_Tag_MarkMason_JBMagic_554.jpg Tag [includes DVD][Chastain Criswell /Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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mktempusfugit.jpg Tempus Fugit [Mark Mason]
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Tension_MarkMason_JBMagic_194.jpg Tension [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_Th1rte3n_MarkMason_JBMagic_149.jpg Th1rte3n (13) [includes DVD][Nicholas Paul / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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Touched by an Angel [JB Magic]
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DVD_Validate_MarkMason_JBMagic_914.jpg Validate [includes DVD][Val Le Val / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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WipeOut_MarkMason_JBMagic_419.jpg Wipe Out [Peter Duffy / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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DVD_WordInAMillion_MarkMason_JBMagic_149.jpg Word in a Million [includes DVD][Nicholas Einhorn / Mark Mason / JB Magic]
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