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Learn the Best in the field of Money & Coin Magic from easy tricks like Nickels to Dimes, to the famous betting trick Scotch & Soda, to the classic Brass Bill Tube. Due to the vast selection of products available we've split this department into two separate sections: All effects [N-Z Listings] are in this section, while [A-M Listings] are listed in the previous department. Don't forget to check in The Library and The Multimedia Room Departments for more great Money & Coin Magic in both Books & Videos... Due to the demand of this products which are mostly manufactured by individuals, it may take 2-4 weeks to ship.
Nickel to Half
An incredible trick invented by Joe Berg. Magician displays a nickel in their otherwise empty hands. The nickel visually and mysteriously transforms into a half dollar. No sleight-of-hand is required - the coin does the magic! Very easy to do - even for beginners.
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nicklstodime.gif Nickels to Dimes
A great trick at a great price! This effect was invented by a very good friend of mine, the late Walter Gibson (Magician, Creator of the 'Shadow', ghostwriter for Houdini, Blackstone and Thurston, and one of the most creative minds in magic). A brass cover is placed over four nickels. A spectator is asked to remove the cover - and four dimes are discovered! What an easy way to 'double' your money. The nickels have appartantly vanished into thin air! The brass cover may be examined! Many other startling effects can be performed with this precision made effect. No skill required - easy to do for beginners. Made to last a lifetime in brass. Several different routines are possible - use your imagination...
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mmbuddhamagneticsmall.jpg Okito Box - Magnetic [Buddha / Chuck Leach]
If you're looking for a coin box that's more attractive than the standard "pill box" type, the Buddha line of boxes should fit the bill. The curved sides and other design features also make most of the standard turnover moves much easier and more deceptive. The Okito Box - Magnetic allows you to perform an amazing array of effects not possible with other boxes when used with a steel core coin (half dollar size, not included). Included is a routine by world-famous coin magician David Neighbors, that can easily be performed by those with even a limited knowledge of coin sleights. Just One of the Effects Possible: Three half dollars placed inside of a small brass box penetrate through the box and the performer's hand, one at a time in a very clean and fair manner.

Includes Box, Drawstring Bag and Detailed Instructions with Routine by Coin Magician David Neighbors. The other Buddha boxes now available are Okito, Boston, Slot, Sucker and Plug (sold separately).

AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

locking.gif One Dollar Thirty-Five Trick
A 'Classic of Magic'. One of the oldest and most famous coin sets ever made. A set of four coins totaling $1.35 are placed on the table. Remove coins one by one from the table, and place them in your hand. When you ask the spectators "How much do I have in my hand?" they'll answer $1.35! To their amazement, when you open your hand only 1 U.S. Half Dollar remains - just 50 cents!! A trick for the more experienced, but easy to learn for beginners. For precision coin workmanship, there is no finer. This version allows you to use as the more popular "Unlocked" or "Locked"...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mkpayoff.jpg Pay Off
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Polaroid Money Outdone [Mike Bornstein]
Polaroid Money Outdone from the creative mind of Mike Bornstein begins with four $1 bills that are shown both front and back. One of the $1 bills is replaced with a $5 bill. Suddenly all the bills change to $5 bills. Now one of the five dollar bills is exchanged for a $10 bill, a moment later all the bills are $10 bills. The amazed spectators are immediately told that what they’ve just seen is not only impossible, but probably illegal. With that in mind the magician changes the bills back to $1 bills that are once again shown on both sides. Magic with paper money is perhaps the most appealing of all intimate close-up routines and Mike Bornstein has contributed more to that subject than anyone. Polaroid Money Outdone is a startling packet trick type routine using real bills. This is visual magic that gets everyone's attention as the impossible happens at your fingertips. Polaroid Money Outdone includes practice bills and a photo illustrated booklet.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

lippbox.gif Quarter Go [a.k.a. Lippencott Box]
A quarter is borrowed and marked. This is placed under a handkerchief and given to a spectator is hold. Next a small, padlocked chest is shown, then placed on a spectator's palm. Now a glass is shown and placed on top of the small chest. First spectator is requested to hold a normal pocket hankerchief (not included) containing quarter over the glass and at a magic command to drop the coin into it. A clink is heard and when the hank is removed, coin is seen to have vanished! Chest is now opened by spectator and unbelievable as it may seem, the MARKED coin is found inside! No slides, fumbling, or awkward moves. Made in the U.S. of select walnut with Brass Hardware and Lock. Complete routine included!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Quarter Penetration
The Quarter Penetration is a true ‘Solid Thru Solid' effect! A clear box with a lid is shown. A quarter and a penny are placed on the top of the lid. One of the coins is selected and it penetrates right through the remaining coin and the lid! The coin actually ends up in the box!! Everything can be examined. Wonderful wizardry that is mystifying, and easy to perform. Sorry, but coins aren't included...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Rainbow Coins [includes Instructional DVD][Alex Lourido]
It’s easy... It’s fun... It’s shocking... It’s Rainbow Coins!!! No longer is beautiful coin magic reserved for the expert coin magician thanks to Alex Lourido’s revolutionary, Rainbow Coins! This ingenious, high quality utility prop will have you performing expert-level illusions that once required years of study and practice! Immediately, out-of-the-box, you will amaze everyone around you with this versatile and easy-to-use device. Imagine showing your hands completely empty and then instantly producing a coin from thin air followed by performing an entire slew of mind twisting vanishes, changes, and transpositions that simply defy physics! To top it all off, you end your display of artistic skill by instantly changing the borrowed coin into six identical coins, beautifully displayed at your fingertips - and you do all this without any difficult loads, steals or sleeving techniques, because everything you need is contained in one simple-to-use device! You can show your hands empty before, during, and after your performance, and yet you are still able to instantly snatch a fan of six coins from thin air! The power of this gaff lies in it’s unique ability to simplify the process inherently associated with difficult coin manipulation, thus providing the performer the ability to focus more on his creativity and performance, and less on the sleight-of-hand, itself. Also, unlike many devices used in magic, Rainbow Coins will grow with your skill level. The more you use this high quality gaff, the more incredible your coin magic will become! Though incredible tricks can easily be achieved with this gaff, it is with practice that entire routines can be built. Rainbow Coins was designed for both the beginner and the professional magician. Alex Lourido is also the creator of the world famous ButterCoin effect and the Osmosis Bottle! His products are of the highest quality and his effects are highly commercial. Magicians around the globe have come to know Lourido’s products as reliable, shocking, and entertaining, and they trust that when they order one of his effects, they are simply buying the best! So what are you waiting for? Buy Rainbow Coins today... and blow away your audience tomorrow!!! Not only do you receive the incredible Gimmick, but a high quality Instructional DVD taught by Alex Lourido!!!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Reflectomatic Money
Borrow a spectator's U.S. Dollar Bill. Remove your pocket knife and show it has a mirror surface on both sides. Set the knife on the dollar bill - the reflection of the dollar bill magically jumps to the knife on both sides! Remove the knife from the bill and show the image of the money is still trapped in the mirror surface! Slap the knife with the borrowed bill, and the money reflection flies out of the mirror! Show both sides of the knife, there's only the mirrored surface!! Unfold the dollar bill 'reflection' to reveal a complete dollar bill! (Dollar Bill not included)
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Scotch & Soda [Half & 20 Centavo]
The best quality Scotch & Soda available on the market - the 'classic make-a-bet trick'. A Half Dollar and a Mexican 20 Centavo coin are given to a spectator to hold behind their back. Magician asks spectator to hand them the 20 Centavo coin. The spectator hands magician back a totally different coin (for example - a quarter). Next you ask for the half dollar. When the spectator opens their hand they find that half dollar is still there, but the Mexican Coin had changed into a quarter. The Mexican coin is then reproduced from somewhere else in the room. Spectator can examine all the coins to their heart's content. Note: This New version is made with a genuine Kennedy Half Dollar [some others on market now have fake Kennedy Half] and a Copia Mexican 20 Centavo Coin. We now include Extra Copia Mexican 20 Centavo Coin, so you can start performing immediately.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mkself-foldbill.jpg Self Folding Bill
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Shamrock Sucker Cup
The 'Leprechaun Cups' are made by the people who brought you the Raven, the Bat, the Deck Shell, and Die-Cipher II. Three are three Cups in the series: The Shamrock Cup, Lots-A-Coin Cup, and the Leprechaun Sucker Cup. Each cup in the series does something different. They are all 1.5 inches tall, precision machined in aluminum for use with U.S. Half Dollars, as well as foreign coins, and even many gimmicked coins. The Shamrock Sucker Cup is the perfect addition to our Shamrock Cup or the Lots-A-Coins Cup! If you like to hand items out for examination, or if you like a strong 'sucker' finish, then this cup is for you! It looks just like the others 'Cups', but it's ungimmicked. When a spectator tries to put one of the half dollars in the cup, it won't even fit! Your 'Leprechaun Coin Cup Set' won't be complete without the Shamrock Sucker Cup!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

SilverCopperBrassTranspositionTango086.png Silver Copper Brass Transposition [Tango Magic]
$59.95 $57.95 Special Price!
The performer takes three Coins - one Copper [Mexico 20 Centavo], one Silver in color [Kennedy Half Dollar, and one Brass [Chinese coin] and places them in their left hand. Magician then retrieves one of the coins and places it in their right hand. The performer then opens their left hand to reveal only one Silver Coin! They then open their right hand to reveal the Chinese and Copper Coins!!!

In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic. Tango Magic produces one the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind their products to guarantee your success. As a bonus to thank you for your purchase, Tango has included in this package a link to Tangopedia, a four-hour instructional video. This video includes basic instructions for more than 50 gimmick coin routines using a variety of our specialty coins such as Expanded Shell-Coins, Copper/Silver/Brass, Scotch and Soda, Pen Through Coin, Folding Coins, Okito Boxes, and more. From this video you will learn the basics of using your new Tango Magic products as well as gaining insight into the amazing of possibilities the Tango line of coins provides.

Please Note: Unlike many versions of this trick on the market, Tango Magic is still manufacturing this set with real Mexico 20 Centavo Coins and real Kennedy Half Dollars.

silverdollars527b.jpg Silver Dollar [Morgan 3"]
The Silver Dollar [Morgan 5 inch] can be used for all your performance needs. These beautifully crafted coins are amazingly accurate in every detail. Impressive scale and color make this coin a must-have for all Coin Magicians and Coin Collectors as well!
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silverdollars527b.jpg Silver Dollar [Morgan 5"]
The Silver Dollar [Morgan 5 inch] can be used for all your performance needs. These beautifully crafted coins are amazingly accurate in every detail. Impressive scale and color make this coin a must-have for all Coin Magicians and Coin in Collectors as well!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Silver Extraction [Vernet]
Silver Extraction is a unique effect from Vernet Magic! An effect you'll always carry with you! You show a Kennedy Half Dollar to the audience and ask a spectator to hold it in their hand. You take a Lighter and move its flame in circles close to the spectator's fist. You tell them that the heat will melt the silver. You then extract a small "Silver Nugget" from the spectator's hand. Finally the spectator opens their hand revealing a "Transparent" Half Dollar!!! Includes Special Kennedy Half Dollar, Silver Nugget, and Full Instructions - supply your own Lighter and regular Kennedy Half Dollar.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmsplitonickel1sm.jpg Split-O 5˘ [Ickle Pickle]
Split-0 5 is a truly amazing trick. A green circular disc is used to cover a nickel. The disc is touched with a magic wand and the nickel is shown to have visibly changed into five miniature pennies! Comes complete with disc, special nickel and pennies. Easy to do!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Stack of Halves
An Amazing trick just like our Stack of Quarters! The spectator will swear that they actually saw each individual coin moving. It just doesn't seem possible that there could be anything "special" about a loose stack of coins. Please Note: No Instructions are included with this item.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Stack Of Quarters
A classic effect made to perfection. Quarters are stacked on the back of spectator's hand, and are made to penetrate through spectator's hand. Cone is lifted revealing a stack of Pennies! Each of our stacks is carefully assembled by hand. Please Note: No Instructions are included with this item.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Steel Core Coin - English Penny
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Sun & Moon Coin
A great utility coin that can be used with the Al Goshman Coin Routine.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Tenyo2012PsychicMoneyT-248Insert.jpg Tenyo Psychic Money [Tenyo 2012 / T-248]
$32.95 $29.95 Special Price!
Tenyo has done it again for 2012 with their new Tenyo Psychic Money T-248! Psychic Money is actually 2 Tricks in 1! In this Supernatural Effect, you show that you have the Power to Move a Bill with the Power of your Mind. Borrow a Bill from your Spectator, and Balance it on the Pencil Tip. Hold Your Hands Near the Bill, and it Will Start to Rotate! You can Control the Bill Without Touching It, Causing It to Stop, or Even Rotate in the Opposite Direction! In the Second Presentation, you can make the Bill Adhere to, and Drop Away from the Pencil Tip, Completely at your Command! The gimmick is cleverly hidden, making it appear as if you are using nothing more that ordinary household items. This effect is only available in Japanese Packaging, with both Japanese and English Instructions [for a photo of the Japanese Package, you can click on the “Blue” Trick Name above].

Twenty-One Cent Trick
...Or Twenty-One Cents minus a nickel leaves nothing! A dime, penny, and nickel vanish from your hand without a trace!! A startling effect that is simple to do with this custom-made set of coins. Full routine and instructions included.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Twenty-One Cent Trick
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Two Copper & One Silver [aka Double Copper & Silver Transposition]
The Standard Copper/Silver Transpostion trick given a new face, making any explanation virtually impossible. This is exactly what the spectator sees: Three coins are shown - a Half Dollar, English Penny, and a Mexican 20 Centavo coin. Nothing else. The two copper coins are placed in one hand. There can be no suspicion because the spectator can see and hear the copper coins in your hand. Magician closes hand and immediately opens it to reveal the half dollar. Copper coins are tossed onto table, having appeared in other hand. The effect is repeated. The copper coins are picked up and placed into your pocket, as your other hand closes around the half dollar. Instantly your hand is opened revealing the two copper coins which are tossed onto the table as the half dollar is removed from your pocket. Everything can be examined with a magnifying glass at the finish. A truly remarkable transposition that will leave your audience utterly spellbound!
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mmultimatebillswitchsm.jpg Ultimate Bill Switch Kit [Jay Sankey]
The Bill Switch is a staple in the magic arsenal of magicians the world over. The transformation is beautiful, but many of the standard routines tend to be flawed. Typically, immediately following the magical transformation of a $1 to $100 or after turning a bill "inside out" you must change the bill back again, but why?....Jay Sankey has taken on the challenge and created the Ultimate Bill Switch Kit. You'll become a mental marvel as you visually bend the image of a spoon, openly transform a group of cards into a single selected card, and Superman will have nothing on you as you squeeze a lump of coal into a diamond! The Ultimate Bill Switch Kit contains generously illustrated instructions for all three amazing routines and six "bills" custom printed on super strong Tyvek paper-virtually impossible to rip or tear!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmvisualcoinassemblysm.jpg Visual Coin Assembly [Michael Gallo]
Visual Coin Assembly is an incredible coin assembly from one of the top coin magicians in the world. A visual routine where four borrowed quarters are placed at each corner of a close-up mat. One of the quarters is covered by a clear glass while another is covered by a business card. The coin under the business card vanishes and visually joins the first coin under the glass. This is repeated with the next coin. Now for the finale, only three quarters are placed in a spectator's hand as you vanish the fourth. When the spectator opens their hand they find that they now hold all four quarters. Everything is examinable. As a special bonus you also receive two of the cleanest and most direct Matrix routines you can imagine. Comes with a 7-page booklet with fully illustrated instructions, and a special coin gimmick unavailable until now. Basic sleight of hand required.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Wand Thru Coin [Telic Magic]
Wand Thru Coin is a beautiful wand, special designed quarter and complete instructions. Telic Close-Up Wand with a cigarette quarter 6" x 5/16". A “Genuine” U.S. Coin is shown to the spectator. The amazing novelty is that both sides of the coin can be shown! With a slide of the hand and fingers, the magic wand is thrust straight through the coin! Wand thru Coin can be used to replace the cigarette; cigarettes have been banned in many Restaurants, however you can use the wand for other tricks. Wand thru Coin can be carried with you at all times, very small and very nice looking!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmxraycoinboxsmall.jpg X-Ray Coinbox [Magic Effex]
Coin box magic has been taken to the next level and updated with this durable, precision-made transparent box. Now you can perform all of your favorite Okito Coin Box routines with the X-Ray Coinbox, while the coins are in full-view the entire time: vanishes, transpositions and other miracles.
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