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The Party Magic Department is dedicated to those magicians who specialize in Birthday Party Magic. Here you'll find classic party magic efffects such as Strat-O-Shere and the Crystal Silk Cylinder. Due to the vast selection of products available we've split this department into two separate sections: All effects [N-Z Listings] are in this section, while [A-M Listings] are listed in the previous department. Don't forget to look in one of the Stage Magic Departments for more great Party Magic...
needballon.gif Needle Thru Balloon
The magician introduces a long steel needle with a piece of yarn at the end of it. The magician pushes the needle thru an inflated balloon both needle and yarn come out the other end. Amazingly the balloon did not pop! Needle Thru Balloon Can be used with any color balloons clear balloons make it more incredible, becouse you actually see the needle and yarn go thru the balloon. Includes: clear balloons, long steel needle and yarn. For extra clear balloons they are available in our Magical Accessories Department.
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mmlubricatedwandsm.jpg Needle Thru Balloon Wand [Lubricated] [Ickle Pickle]
For use with the Super Needle Balloon effect, the Needle Thru Balloon Wand [Lubricated] is the perfect holder. Not only can you use this special wand for your show, it also serves as a carrying case to transport the needle and, better yet, it lubricates the needle every time you remove it from the wand. If you own a Super Needle Balloon, the Needle Thru Balloon Wand [Lubricated] is a must! Note: Needle is not included!
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Nested Wands [Deluxe Color]
The Nested Wands [Deluxe Color] are a great utility comedy prop! The spectator ends up with a wand in each hand, one under each arm, and one under his chin. This Deluxe Color set of Nested Wands are 15" long! Five different colors to attract maximum attention and tips covered in reflective mylar silver iridescent foil! Another great effect from Ickle Pickle!
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newspaperpredsm.jpg Newspaper Prediction [Eduardo Kozuch]
With the Newspaper Prediction five envelopes are presented - each one containing a different sheet of newspaper which are clearly displayed. A spectator selects one of the envelopes and the sheet inside. The magician tears the selected sheet into dozens of tiny squares. Then the magician asks the spectator to choose one of the pieces at random (there's no force!), and to read the news item they have randomly arrived at in a loud, clear voice. At the same time, the magician reveals a prediction they wrote before the show. It is the same as the wording in the randomly selected piece of newsprint! Remember these points: With the Newspaper Prediction there is no complicated memory work or technique required. No switches of paper or torn pieces. The spectator has a completely free choice of the torn pieces. Newspaper Prediction comes with material for 50 performances!
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One Hand Dove Bag [Bazar de Magia]
Bazar de Magia dove bags have been specially designed to be opened with just one hand. One Hand Dove Bag Comes with one bag and instructions!
Please Select Color:

Pancho the Pickin' Duck [Vernet Magic]
A delightfully and updated version of the classic Card Duck, or Gwendolyn, this specially made puppet in brightly colored quality card can reveal any number of chosen cards. Pancho the Pickin' Duck is perfect for children's shows! Use with alphabet cards to spell out a birthday child's name, or use with number cards to find the correct sum, etc. Sure to get a smile in your show Suitable for stage or close-up. Completely self-contained a good tool for the M.C.
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peanutbutter606.gif Peanut Butter and Jelly Trick
Peanut Butter and Jelly Trick is an “Audience Tested Routine”! What Starts Out As A "Sucker Effect" Ends With Audience Participation, A Magical Climax and A Happy Ending. The Trick That Kids Instinctively Love...And With Good Reason! Original routine conceived by Timothy Wenk!

The magician displays a large jar of Peanut Butter on one side of the stage (or living room) and a jar of Jelly on the other side. He covers both jars, and after the magic words, he explains that the Peanut Butter and Jelly have changed places! The kids are skeptical, but they're ready to believe. Before he lifts the covers to verify his claim, he offers to repeat the , miracle "magically" returning the jars to where they first started. The kids are even less convinced than before, in fact they're ready to boo him off the stage. Negotiating for one last chance to prove himself, a child from the audience is invited up to examine two pieces of real bread, which are placed into an ordinary brown paper bag. The child is asked to hold the bag and stand precisely between the two jars. This time, at the magician's command, the Peanut Butter and Jelly change places! He lifts the covers and shows that the change has happened! As further proof of the invisible flight across the stage, the Peanut Butter and Jelly left some evidence behind! The child reaches into the bag to remove the bread and instead finds a complete Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, which is his or hers to keep!

Comes With Everything you need except for a lunch Paper Bag [or you can use your Change Bag], some Real Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Bread for Sandwiches! Very Easy to Perform...

Please Note: This trick now is supplied with "Fake" Peter Pan style Peanut Butter Jars called "Peter Pen". To see the picture of the "Jar", you can click on "blue" Trick Title above or the Photo at the left.
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Perspex Prediction
Perspex Prediction will fool the best of Magicians and Mentalists! A prediction made and sealed in an envelope - it is the name of a playing card yet to be selected by a member of the audience. The performer then displays a transparent plastic board with six playing cards attached to it horizontally. The board is permantly numbered 1 through 6 next to these individual cards. Five of the numbers are directly eliminated by the audiences spoken choices. The card next to the remaining number is removed from the board. Performer shows this last remaining card. It perfectly matches the performer's earlier prediction that was sealed in the envelope!!! There's no force of a card or number! The full face and back of the cards are seen throughout the effect! All cards are different, with no duplicate cards! Clean and direct! Could this be genuine mindreading?
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mmquintetsm.jpg Quintet [Jack Benett]
From France's Jack Benett comes Quintet, the original color-changing production foulard! Others have tried to copy this effect, but none match the original in impact or quality. The performer displays a large (32-inch) black cloth to the audience and magically, white spots suddenly appear on the cloth! Before they can even blink, the cloth again changes into a beautiful gold color and then changes again into stunning red! That's four color changes! As soon as the audience catches their breath, the magician can produce a full flower bouquet or even a live dove from within the folds of the cloth! With Quintet The cloth changes color four times. Quintet is extremely easy to perform. Hand-sewn high-quality satin material looks great and will stand up to the rigors of professional performing. Available with English or French Instructions.

Final production items not included.

AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmrabbidfinal.jpg Rabbid! [Large]
This outrageous rabbit is the perfect "toss away" bit for today's "hit-them-and-run" guerilla-style humor. Suprise your audience with something totally UNEXPECTED!!! The Rabbid! latex production rabbit will fit any hat, and has been designed to collapse small enough to fit a standard dove pan. You can also produce it from a square circle, production box, or in any manner that you would use a rubber chicken...but expect a wilder reaction! Rabbid turns the traditional "rabbit-from-hat" on its ear! Booklet of many fabulous routines included...
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mmrabbidfinal.jpg Rabbid! [Junior]
This outrageous junior rabbit is the perfect "toss away" bit for today's "hit-them-and-run" guerrilla-style humor! Surprise your audience with something totally UNEXPECTED!!! An exact replica of the larger Rabbid version, Rabbid Junior is smaller, and compact enough to fit in a Morrissey Chick Pan! Booklet of many fabulous routines included...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

RabbitWringerDeluxeFormicaCloseup011.jpg Rabitt Wringer [Deluxe Formica Rabbit Wringer w/Stand]
$499.95 $449.95 Special Price!
The Rabbit Wringer is A COMPLETE Laugh-Riot with a Live Rabbit and a Great Magic Routine! An all-Time Kids Favorite with a SHOCKER Climax! Our Rabbit Wringer [Deluxe Formica Rabbit Wringer w/Stand] is the most beautiful version of this effect that we have ever seen…

Show a real live Rabbit while on stage and explain to your audience that, "Mr. Rabbit is so hard to carry to each and every Magic Show." You then announce, "If Mr. Rabbit was easier to carry to shows he'd be a Hollywood Star".

Display the Rabbit Wringer Box that has a crank on the side and rollers on the front. You aren't exactly sure what this crank does? Lift the lid on the top and put Mr. Rabbit inside. You turn the crank on the side of the box, and Magically A FLAT RABBIT comes out of the rollers on the front! Mr. Rabbit is flat as a Pancake! Carry him in your pocket to the next Magic Show! You open the front of the box, and it's COMPLETELY EMPTY!

High Quality Design, wonderful workmanship and beautiful Formica finishing make this classic trick one that you'll be proud to perform. Formica is so much nicer than painted wood! Place a live Bunny into the beautiful chest, turn the crank and a flat bunny comes out of the wringer! The Box is now shown empty! Reverse the actions to get your bunny back to normal! If you don't have a Rabbit, why not try one of our "Spring Animals" in our "XTRA!!XTRA!!" Department... Our Rabbit Wringer [Deluxe Formica Rabbit Wringer w/Stand] Now comes with a Stand, so you don’t need an extra Magic Table to perform this wonderful Illusion…

For a Close-up Photo of the interior of the Rabbit Wringer, please click on the BLUE Trick Name above...

bigredhand1.jpg Red Handed [aka "Big Red Hand" / Magic By Gosh]
Have you ever been caught “Red Handed” doing your magic? Have children yelled out, “I Know How You Did That!” or “I Saw It In Your Hand,” or even the old favorite, “Turn It Around!” Maybe you've performed close-up magic and have caught looks from the spectators when they spied you doing “the move” which was supposed to be secret. Well, here's your chance to turn the tables on the hecklers and the “know-it-alls” by letting them catch you Red Handed on purpose! Using the same modus operandi as the Miracle Rabbit, Big Bunny and Growing Ball, you can suddenly or subtlety change a Red 2" Sponge Ball into a Life-Size Big Red Hand! Manufactured by Magic by Gosh, the leader in magic sponge effects.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Run Rabbit Run [Wood Import]
Run Rabbit Run is one of the best classic effects in Kid Show Magic! Show 2 Rabbit Houses connected by a Brick Wall - each House has a front and back door - this will be very important later in the performance. You place a wood cut-out of a small Rabbit in one House, and incredibly the darn Rabbit runs to the other House! The kids see him run back & forth, they’ll scream and yell to let the magician know! The magician tells “Thumper” (the Rabbit) to “Stay”! “Thumper” peeks out from the side of the Brick Wall and then runs to the other House! So you open both doors front & back, but “Thumper” has Vanished! The kids are going crazy at this point! You turn around, and find “Thumper” hanging on your back, or you can produce him from your pocket! An extra “Thumper” is included! Made entirely of Wood & Metal - High Gloss Lacquered Finish! Perform in the stationary Base. Large enough to be seen by large audiences yet only 24 x 9 x 7 inches! [To view large picture click on Trick Name above]
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saynosaveplanetbig.jpg Say No Save our Planet
Are you looking for that perfect anti drug prop? Say No Save our Planet is the perfect answer! This fantastic hand made prop has all the messages you will need: “Don't Do Drugs”, “Don't Pollute”, and “How to Pick your Friends Wisely! More and more schools are asking performers if they perform this type of an effect...
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SelfLevitationSupreme444.jpg Self Levitation Supreme [aka Self-Levitation Supreme]
The Self Levitation Supreme [aka Self-Levitation Supreme] is one of the most incredible low-cost Illusions ever released to the magic community! The Performer holds a large Cloth above their Feet. The Spectators can clearly see the Magician's Feet in front of the draped Cloth. Visibly, the Magician begins to Levitate nearly a half foot above the Ground! The Magician Floats down to the Floor and the Cloth is whisked away showing no means of Support!!! The Self Levitation Supreme [aka Self-Levitation Supreme] includes 36-inch Cloth, Special Apparatus and Full Routine and Instructions.
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hrsilkprotube.jpg Silk Production Tube
The Silk Production Tube is a marvel of magic can be shown completely empty, yet at any time you can pull silks out of the empty tube! You can also use this prop to change silks from one color to another, or ‘mix' a red and yellow silk together making it orange! Open the metal latches on the box and show the audience the empty inside - then close the box and reach inside to produce colorful silks and streamers! This high quality wood prop is beautifully finished, and is one effect that you will use again and again for many years to come with fabulous results!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mksilksonhanger.jpg Silks Off Hanger [with Silks]
4 different colored silks are tied to a white metal clothes hanger. The spectator call out the color silk and that color silk visibly falls off the hanger! Enchanted Silks On Hanger is a unique and amazing Each Silk will Visibly Fall Off the Hanger at Command! 4 - 15" Silks included!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmsketchomagic2.jpg Sketch-O-Magic! II [Samuel Patrick Smith]
Spectators create their own drawing from a sketch pad containing several dozen segments of artwork. When the performer's prediction is removed from an envelope, he has correctly guessed which combination of artwork the spectators would select!

Different art work than the original Sketch-O-Magic. Makes a great addition for those who already have Sketch-O-Magic.

  • Great for Kids Birthday Party’s
  • No Set Up Required
  • Easy to Learn
  • Visual and Very Magical

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Sly-Swatter [Terry LaGerould]
A “paddle trick” so ingenious, the paddle move becomes optional! Effect: The performer's card trick is interrupted by a troublesome (imaginary) fly. The performer introduces a flyswatter. After batting the fly, an image of the selected card mysteriously appears on the "fly swatter"! Great for children shows, MC’s etc.! Sly-Swatter is a great addition to your repertoire!
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mkspellingbeebig.jpg Spelling Bee
A board with seven letters in no particular order is shown to the audience. The board is turned around showing the audience that each space for a card has a number. The cards are removed and handed out to a spectator to shuffle. The cards are now handed back to the magician, one at a time, and placed into the board wherever the spectator chooses. When the board is turned around, A predetermined word is written on the board. This word can be a magic word, a birthday child's name, the name of the organization that you are doing a show for, etc. Spelling Bee is by far one of the best children's effect of the 20th century. The kids will love it! Beautifully made and silk screened.
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zombiemini.gif Spirit / Zombie Ball [Mini Vernet]
A close-up version of the beautiful stage effect "Zombie". A sparkling sphere is seen resting on the table. When a silk handkerchief is spread over the top, the sphere begins to slowly rise and move about under the silk at the will of the performer. The moves of the sphere are dictated by the skill and style of the magician, thus many variations can be performed. The ball is finally brought to rest on the table for the finale or vanished by the magician's favorite method! This ball exactly matches the Multiplying Balls (Vernet). It's highly chromed, and the surface is covered with thousands of facets to reflect the light. The gimmick is so small, you can carry it in your pocket. You can use your own pocket handkerchief as the foulard (means 'small cloth') with this effect... For a complete routine we suggest these matching effects from Vernet Magic...Multiplying Balls, Multiplying Balls - Climax, and the Fountain Silk Ball. All of these other great effects are listed in our Stage & Party Magic Department...
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Spring Animal [Raccoon]
Our Spring Animal [Raccoon] is a less expensive fake fur alternate to the real fur Rockey Raccoon, and it's half the price!
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Square Circle Production [ Top Hat]
A High Quality Square Circle with Top Hat cut out Front! Perform just 24 inches from the spectator's nose. Show the Chest and Tube empty, then pull out yards of Silks or Spring Animals! Limited by your imagination. This classy looking chest, 11 inches high by 6 1/2 inches is deceptive even under strong light or daylight.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mkstratosphere.jpg Strat-O-Sphere
This item tops the list as an alltime favorite party effect! The Strat-O-Sphere is one the most eye appealing effects we sell. We supply a tall clear plastic tube with metal ends. This rests on a thin wood base. A highly decorated metal tube and a wooden box are included. Three 3" diameter balls are used in the effect...Red, Yellow, and Green! The balls match the tube decoration, and because of their color make a perfect safety demonstration. Altough there is just room in the tube for the balls, one on top of the other, the ball placed on top of the three successively appears on the bottom of the stack of three, or in the center of the stack. One ball, the red one, always does the wandering. Finally, the magician takes this roaming ball and places it in the wooden box. Presto! - he grabs the box by the ends of both doors and flips it open! The Ball has Vanished!! The audience sees completely through the box. The ball has reappeared in the plastic tube!! This is just one quick sample routine of the several given in the instructions. This trick is self-contained and can be performed immediately by both children and adults as it contains no sleight-of-hand or difficult moves.
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52on1j.gif Super 52 on 1
The ultimate mind reading trick...well, not really! This is a great gag!! You hold up a large envelope containing a single giant card. You ask a person to think of any card in the deck, and tell them that their card is in the envelope. When you pull the card from the envelope you cann't miss, as all 52 cards are printed on it! Card is printed on high quality plastic designed to last a lifetime...
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SuperDrawerBox101.jpg Super Drawer Box [Large / Wood]
The Drawer Box is one of the oldest production props ever devised and has survived over the decades because of its simplicity and ease of operation. It is one of the very few production props capable of holding a load almost as large as the prop itself! This Super Drawer Box is certainly one of the largest we have ever carried in stock, and is excellent for both Stage or Platform use. It’s large load capacity is especially good for livestock. Sides of this Drawer Box have holes, reinforcing the Illusion of an Empty Box!!! This is the Illusion that our owners’ Magic Rabbit “Presto” loved performing!!! Colorful and well made, and an effect that will last you a lifetime of performances!!! Please Note: Sorry Photo has plastic wrapped on NEW Drawer Box – we can never keep these in stock long enough to take a better photo!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmsuperfrog.jpg Super Frog [Samuel Patrick Smith]
You slide a picture of Super Frog wearing his bright red cape into an envelope and hand it to your magic helper. A second helper holds onto an empty envelope. Say the magic words and Super Frog will jump from one envelope to the other  or will he? When the card is removed from the first envelope, Super Frog is gone a cut out area where he used to be is all that remains. Did he jump over to the other envelope? When you turn it over, there's no frog, but a little red cloth cape tumbles out! Realizing that Super Frog must always have his cape you make it disappear and the frog, wearing the cape, appears on the second helper's back!
  • Kids Roar, Adults Laugh
  • Super Frog is a Hero and You're A Super Hero

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mkteakettle.jpg Tea kettle
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Tenyo2012FlyingCarpetT-251Insert.jpg Tenyo Flying Carpet [Tenyo 2012 / T-251]
$69.95 $64.95 Special Price!
The Tenyo Flying Carpet T-251 is an amazing new illusion for 2012! Float your own body in mid-air! You make the Flying Carpet float in mid-air, approximately 4 inches above the floor! There is absolutely nothing between the base and the Flying Carpet. While still standing on the Flying Carpet, you bend down to move the base forward and backward, left and right - there is clearly no connection! At this point, your spectators will likely shout out, "Impossible!" It is uncanny how amazing your spectator's experience of this illusion appears!!! We can not give the secret, but this illusion is designed for performing for a maximum of 2 spectators at a time!!! This effect is only available in Japanese Packaging, with both Japanese and English Instructions [for a photo of the Japanese Package, you can click on the “Blue” Trick Name above].

Tenyo2012MagicPop-UpT-249Insert.jpg Tenyo Magic Pop-Up [Tenyo 2012 / T-249 / Tenyo Magic Pop-Up Greeting Card]
$32.95 $29.95 Special Price!
A Magical “Greeting” from Tenyo for 2012! The Tenyo Magic Pop-Up T-249 is a Magical “Greeting” Card, unlike anything from Hallmark or American Greeting! Remove a Thin Pop-Up Greeting Card from a Flat Envelope, and immediately open the Greeting Card to Show that a 3-Dimensional Box has Magically Formed! Magically Produce a Solid Ball from Inside the Flat Greeting Card! Many variations are possible with the Unique Tenyo Magic Pop-Up! Explain that you've placed a Prediction inside the Envelope, and then Produce a Ball of the Same Color that has been Chosen Freely by your Audience. Use the Enclosed Capsule to Produce a Piece of Candy or a Finger Ring, and hand out the produced item as a Gift! You can also produce a written message that will delight your audience! What a Versatile Effect!!! This effect is only available in Japanese Packaging, with both Japanese and English Instructions [for a photo of the Japanese Package, you can click on the “Blue” Trick Name above].

junbo3card.jpg Three Card Monte [Jumbo]
Three jumbo cards are shown, and the spectator is to find the Queen. Each time the selected card is turned around it is the King! Spectator cann't follow the Queen. This card effect can also be performed just as effectively on stage with music. We can't tell you how this trick works, but when you see how this effect operates you will just fall in love with it. The cards are made out of lifetime plastic.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Top Hat [Black Collapsable]
Here's a great accessory that makes you look like a MAGICIAN! It opens magically with a flick of the wrist. Similiar looking Top Hats made in Silk cost over $200. Magic Rabbit not included... Please Note: Due to the Health Code - this item is not returnable.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

tophatsurp.gif Top Hat Surprise
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mktorchtorose.jpg Torch to Rose
The Torch to Rose is a beautiful effect by Steve Botamer. Light a simple torch in your favorite manner and change it to a lovely rose with a pass of your hand. Requires lighter fluid (not included, but readily available in any discount store). Great for both Stage and Party Magicians!!!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mktorchtorose.jpg Torch to Rose [Import]
A 10" Torch of Fire is shown, and in a split second the “Fire” magically becomes a beautiful long stemmed Rose! Torch to Rose is very easy to do and can be reset in seconds. Torch to Rose comes complete with specially gimmick torch and full instructions. Requires Lighter Fluid [not included, but readily available in any Drug Store].

TravelingEgg077.jpg Traveling Egg [The Great Gorgonzola]
The Traveling Egg by the Great Gorgonzola is a brand new version of the Classic Party Magic Effect! There have been some variations of this effect during the past 125 years (although not all of them have been commercially available). In Professor Hoffrnann's day the feke was covered with Bran. Confetti and Sawdust have also been used. Confetti seems to have been the most favored material since it is the most colorful!!! I don’t know about you, but I prefer Bran in my diet, and not in my Magic!!!

The Magician shows an Egg and vanishes it. They then show a Glass, and hand to out for examination. After the audience has been satisfied that the Glass is an ordinary one, the performer now shows a brown Paper Bag. The Magician advises the audience that there is some Confetti in the Bag. He thrusts the Glass into the Bag and brings it out heaping full Glass of Confetti. Magician levels off the Confetti at top of the Glass, thereby dropping the excess Confetti back into the Bag. During Magician’s subsequent patter, they scoop some Confetti out of the Glass and if they choose, tosses some of theConfetti up into the air! Magician then picks up a Silk Handkerchief and drapes it over the Glass. After pronouncing the magic words, or other suitable hocus-pocus, Magician whips the Silk from the Glass, and by slowly raising it into the air Magically Reveals that the Confetti has disappeared - the Vanished Egg having taken its place! The raw Egg may now be broken into the Glass and thus proved genuine!!! You can not afford to Travel to your next Birthday Party Show without the Traveling Egg!!! Best of all, NO expensive “GAS” purchases for the Traveling Egg!!! Now, if we can only get our cars to operate on Confetti!!!
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mktrickybottles.jpg Tricky Bottles - Stage [Mak]
Tricky Bottles - Stage is a sure fire laugh getter. Two soda bottles and two covers are used. A spectator uses one set, and you use the other. Both covers are shown empty and then placed over the bottles. Magician inverts bottles back and forth, the spectator following your every move. However, when the covers are raised, your bottle is always 'upright'! The spectator's is always 'upside down'! This may be repeated as often as desired!! As a climax, your bottle turns over in its cover, quicker than they can say the magic word!!! Supplied complete with real glass bottles, bright Red covers [old version is pictured] and routine. The Tricky Bottles - Stage is the ideal size for performing at Birthday Parties to the largest stage. If you should ever break a bottle, we carry replacements in our XTRA!!XTRA!! Department.
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Ultimate Visible Bag
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Vanishing + Appearing Magic Wand [with / Shells]
First devised over 100 years ago and still pleasing audiences. A magic wand and a silk both vanish and reappear in different places. Rap the wand on a table or hard surface casually, just to show it is solid. Vanish the wand by first rolling it in an unprepared newspaper single sheet. Twist the ends like a piece of wrapped candy. Vanish a silk by any means. Break open the newspaper, and inside is the vanished silk. Tear up the newspaper, toss it away. Reproduce the wand from anywhere. The full-sized wand is 13 inches long with chrome tips. Practically self-working. Enough material for 12 performances. Use your own silk.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Vanishing + Appearing Wand [Shells Only]
Enough refills for 12 performances. These wand shells fit the Vanishing & Appearing Magic Wand. Made in the P&L tradition of olden days. These are very convincing even in close quarters.
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VanishingBandana075.jpg Vanishing Bandana [Includes CD]
Warm Up the Audience with the Great Vanising Bandana trick! Fantastic Word-Play Routine on CD! Explain part-time magicians receive magic lessons by mail on a CD, and you happen to have the just released trick. You don't really know this trick, but they sent you all you need for the trick packed in the shipping box. You will have to include the audience in on the secret as it is scheduled to be performed in your show and the trick arrived later than normal this month.

Inside the shipping box is all the props needed for the effect. As you start the effect you notice that they packed the box incorrectly, they shipped a banana in place of the bandanna.

The Routine Is Very Easy To Perform! The Professionally Produced CD Guides You Through the Entire Trick! Package includes 3 Minute CD, Devil's Napkin and Written Instructions with All the necessary “Bits” of Business”! This trick was recently given to Natalie Reid to perform as “Paris Hilton” on “America’s Got Talent”, and she did great!
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mmvanishingcdsm.jpg Vanishing CD [aka CD Gone]
Make a real CD completely vanish and reappear someplace else! The magician displays a small plastic holder along with a real Compact Disc. He places the CD into the holder and poof! It disappears! The audience can see right through the holes in the plastic holder. After showing his hands completely empty, the magician may reproduce the CD from anywhere. Vanishing CD comes complete with special holder, gimmick, CD and instructions. We were able to locate these on a trip outside the US, and decided to get them for our loyal customers looking for something different. Please Note: Case may be different color than as pictured.
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Wand to Diploma [Bazar de Magia]
As a special way of thanking your volunteer assistant, you display a magic wand which unrolls into a personalized certificate! Wand to Diploma comes with 50 durable, 8.25 by 11.75 inch diplomas. Wand to Diploma is a great addition to your children’s show, well as your MC Reperatorie.
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mmwhatsmyjobsm.jpg What's My Job? [Samuel Patrick Smith]
Another highly visual and easy to perform effect from children's entertainer Samuel Patrick Smith...The magician displays a picture book of people at their different jobs-a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, etc. A spectator freely selects one picture, let's say a firefighter. A prediction envelope-in full view the whole time-is now opened. "And here is my prediction, the fire fighter-when he was just a baby!" The performer removes a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet! (Groans and laughs from the audience.) "Well, he knew from the very beginning what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of course, he decided to become ..a fire fighter." The picture is turned around, it's a firefighter! Large, clear drawings make this great even for large audiences. Comes With, Gimmicked Book, Envelope, and Predictions.
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wonderboxlarge.gif Wonder Silk Box - New & Improved [Chrome]
The Most Amazing Production Box Ever Invented! Remember the little car (a Volkswagen Bug) that would pull into one of the circus rings and about twenty clowns would get out? How did they all fit into that tiny car? That's what your audience will think when they wonder how all these scarves came out of this tiny box! With this new version, all doors drop down and you can see clearly through the framework, proving the box is empty. Here is the effect: Show a beautiful, small chrome box, about 3 X 2 X 2. You let the front & back doors flop down, as well as opening the top door. It is unmistakably empty. All the doors are now closed. You now proceed to make an unbelievable production of up to twelve silks scarves of all different colors! What's so amazing about this little Wonder Silk Box is that each time you produce three or four scarves, you can immediately open all doors to show the box again empty, yet after closing it, you again proceed to produce an endless amount of scarves! This is the only production box that can be examined! And when you try to stuff all the scarves back into the box, they don't seem to fit back in! Made of brass, chrome plated.
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mmxtubessmall.jpg X-Tubes [Magic Effex]
Here are just two of the many effects possible with the X-Tubes: The magician borrows any bill and places it into the tube. Amazingly, the bill disappears and a thank-you note appears in its place, with the proper denomination written on it! The magician fills one tube with rice, covers it with the other tube and shakes it back and forth. To everyone's amazement, the rice seems to have doubled in quantity! A small amount of the poured out rice is put back into the tube and again covered with the other and given a shake. This time, water is then poured out and both tubes are shown empty! No Switching Of The Tubes. Everything May Be Examined Before And After. Precision-Crafted From Durable Plastic. Includes Six Routines And A Set Of Three Tubes.
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mmzigzagcdsm.jpg Zig Zag CD [aka Zig-Zig CD / Zig-Zag Compact Disc]
Magician takes a Compact Disc and places it inside a plastic case. Despite the fact that the audience never loses sight of the CD through the holes in the case, the magician impossibly splits the disc into three pieces and then puts it back together again. We were able to locate these on a trip outside the US, and decided to get them for our loyal customers looking for something different. The audience may completely examine the CD immediately before and after the routine. Zig Zag CD comes complete with Case, CD and detailed instructions. Please Note: Case may be different color than as pictured.
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