Phantoma [Tenyo T-177]

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Phantoma is the new Haunted House Mystery! A mysterious spook seems to inhabit a small haunted house. Even though the house is obviously empty, suddenly, when you shake it, an object can be heard inside rattling around - it must be Phantoma the house ghost! Dump the ghost into an beautiful empty silk-like handkerchief and the form of the ghost can be seen trying to get out. The ghost vanishes from the hanky and comes back to the house where he can be heard again. Immediately hand the haunted house out to your audience, but they can find no trace of the spirit visitor. Whatever you do, donít throw away the instructions to this magic trick before you read them, otherwise you will never figure out the secret of Phantoma! Routine and Ghost House design by Tomoyuki Shimomura. One of the most popular of the recent Tenyo effects. Now includes Japanese Packaging and Japanese Instructions, as well as English Instructions...
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