Bill Tube [Peerless / Brema]


The performer borrows a dollar bill from a spectator. The bill is initialed by the spectator and the serial number is noted. Bill is now folded, secured with a rubber band, and placed within the folds of a handkerchief held by the spectator. Performer nows displays a small brass tube with a threaded lid, a brass bar running through the lid, and secured with a padlock. This is given to the spectator to hold in their free hand. Performer now snatches the hank from the spectator's hand - the bill has vanished! Spectator themselves remove the locking bar and unscrews the lid to the brass tube which they have been holding throughout the routine. Inside they find the missing, signed bill!! No amount of examination will reveal the secret to this mechanical masterpiece. The World's Finast Brema Bill Tube made to last a lifetime by Viking- Haenchen. Make your reputation with this effect! Bill Tube, lid, bar, lock, and several other routines included...
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