Encyclopedia of Silk Magic [Harold Rice] [CD-ROM / V1-4]


The best silk magic in the world is now yours - on CD-Rom! Over 1500 pages of Francis Martineau's hand-lettered text; thousands of beautiful Illustrations. If you are interested in Silk Magic at all (and what magician isn't?), the secrets of Silk Magic, past and present will be found covered in every detail in this wonderful four volume set. This is an absolute bargain! The four individual books in this set are no longer in print! This CD-Rom makes it easy to reference all 4 volumes at the same time!!!

Volume One- First published by Harold Rice in 1948, it took eight years to prepare. It contains ten large chapters including The Romantic Story of Silk; How to Dye Your Own Silks; Methods of Folding Silks; Production Methods (with and without apparatus; single silks and quantity productions); Vanishes; Changes; and Transpositions. The entire volume was hand lettered and illustrated by Francis Martineau. Over 1800 beautiful Illustrations! 520 pages. When first published, Volume One received both the Sphinx and Genii awards for Best Book of the Year.

Volume Two- Five years of dedicated work resulted in the publication of the second volume. It contains 7 chapters including Penetrations; Color Changes; Silk Dying; Reel Magic; Reel-Less Magic; and Twentieth Century Silks. Once again, hand lettered and illustrated by Francis Martineau with more than 2100 Illustrations. 387 effects! 533 pages.

Volume Three- Nearly ten years after the publication of Volume 1, Volume Three was ready! This volume contains 8 chapters of solid silk magic. Includes Sympathetic Silks; Blendo Effects; Naughty Silks; Silks and Eggs; Soup Plates and Silks; Silks and Candles; Openers; and the Jap Hank Box. As in the first two volumes, Volume 3 is hand lettered and illustrated by Francis Martineau. 513 pages.

Volume 4- Thirty years after the publication of Volume 3, Volume Four was published! this volume contains nine chapters of solid silk magic plus an extensive index of all four volumes. Chapters include The Harold Rice Story; Volume One Revisited; Volume Two Revisited; Volume Three Revisited; Silk Loads and Steals; Silk Magic for Children; Silk Magic of Warren Stephens; Romantic Story of Silk Revisited plus the index by Chapters, Contributors, Effects and Subjects! Written by Mark Trimble, The Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Volume 4 took more than two years to produce. Hundreds and hundreds of illustrations.

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