Maven, Max - VideoMind - Phase 1: Parlor Mentalism [DVD]


Phase 1: Parlor Mentalism covers the type of mentalism that has to be performed under what can be the most difficult conditions - performing for a medium sized audience with no formal stage setting to focus attention. Sight lines are often poor, and people must be drawn into the experience even if they can't see everything clearly. Too, you may be working surrounded, so you'd better be sure there are no angle problems. And, as it's likely to be a social occasion filled with potential distractions, your material needs to be compelling from the very first moment: intriguing presentations that build to powerful conclusions. This DVD features a range of commercial Parlor Mentalism. No pre-show work, no secret assistance; this is practical material for the solo performer, using subtle and unusual methods that are as fascinating as the effects they produce.

"I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him." - Dai Vernon "This man is dangerous." - Muhammad Ali "The most original mind in magic." - Orson Welles

DVD Special Feature: Includes exclusive bonus photo gallery not contained on video release

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