Money Die Box


The Money Die Box is a modern contemporary version of the Classic Run Rabbit Run effect, with a touch of the Classic Die Box effect thrown in for good measure! The Money Die Box is a box 11" x 4", having two doors and a space between them. It is shown to the audience, and a large coin [2 1/2"] is produced from your pocket and placed into the Money Die Box. The Money Die Box is tilted and the coin vanishes from the side where the Coin was placed. The magician opens the door to show the audience that the Coin has vanished! However the audience actually sees the Coin travel from one side to the other. This is repeated over and over again while the audience shouts that the Coin is on the other side! Finally both doors are open, and the Coin actually has Magically Vanished! The Coin is then produced from your Pocket!

No sleights! All mechanical! Includes Money Die Box, Large Coin, Special Gimmick, and Full Routine! Quality made in the USA!

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