Diamond Cut Silk [18" / loads like 9-12"] [Jay Scott Berry]


A cut above a square! Produce an 18" silk from thin air! Cleverly designed to amaze and deceive. Create an illusion they'll never believe! This is not an effect in itself - it is the most ingenious method of cutting a silk to imitate a large size silk. A diamond cut silk occupies one-half the volume of it's matching square silk. An 18" Diamond Cut Silk can fit into a Vanishing Silk Gimmick! It really can! Why settle for a small 9" silk when you can apparently vanish or appear an 18" silk. Can be used with Appearing Canes, Dye Tubes, Handkerchief Pulls, Vanishing Candles, Sanada Gimmick and all production boxes. These 100% Italian Silk handkerchiefs are available in: Black, Red, White, Orange, Emerald, Fuchsia, Green, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, Violet, and Blue. As with all Silks and the constantly changing dye lots from various suppliers, we will try to match the colors as closely as we can. If you order 2 or more of the same color, we will make sure they are matched perfectly.
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