Elmsley, Alex - Magic of Alex Elmsley - Tahoe Sessions - V1 [DVD]


If you do any sleight-of-hand card magic, you probably know the Elsley count. It is arguably the most popular and widely used false display for a small packet in the craft. It is the invention of Alex Elmsley, the subject of this video tape. Alex Elmsley has long been recognized as one of the twentieth century's most brilliant innovators of card and close-up magic. Now, through this series of tapes you have an opportunity previously enjoyed by very few magicians - to meet this modern master and see him perform and teach some of his best magic, both classic and newly minted! This first DVD contains nine astonishing Elmsley card effects using his famous count and other original sleights and subterfuges, all seasoned with wit, charm and devastating cunning. Running Time: 65 Minutes.
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