Elmsley, Alex - Magic of Alex Elmsley - Tahoe Sessions - V2 [DVD]


Alex Elmsley is unquestionably one of close-up magic's modern masters. In this rare appearance he teaches eight of his most diabolically clever card tricks, tricks that have baffled the top minds in the craft as well as the public. Beginning with one of the most amazing Ace Assemblies ever conceived, he entertains and leads the viewer through a variety of effects, from deep mental mysteries to close-up levitations. Included is his Rising Card, undoubtedly one of the most astonishing and practical methods for this classic ever invented. His tools range from wonderfully cunning mathematical principles (completely disguised) to sophisticated sleight-of-hand. First you will be fooled, then you will be inspired, by some of the finest close-up magic ever conceived! Running Time: 79 Minutes.
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