Elmsley, Alex - Magic of Alex Elmsley - Tahoe Sessions - V3 [DVD]


Volume 3 of the Magic of Alex Elmsley brings to the viewer nine more astounding Elmsley miracles with playing cards. He begins with his Fan Prediction, a totally baffling forecasting of a chosen card, with a method so clever it is guaranteed to delight. He then teaches a trick in which two decks change back color - all without sleights. Next comes a wild and funny story of card cheats, gun play and magic. Also taught on this tape is the elegant and pretty Multiplying Aces, which will find a home in the acts of both close-up magicians and stage manipulators. These and five other extraordinary card tircks are performed and taught with all the charm, cunning and brilliance that are expected in a trick by this twentieth century master. Running Time: 72 Minutes.
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