Elmsley, Alex - Magic of Alex Elmsley - Tahoe Sessions - V4 [DVD]


On the fourth DVD of this series, Alex Elmsley presents and explains seven of his best card effects, including such classics as Between Your Palms, Diamond Cut Diamond and Fate's Datebook (one of the earliest of the Card Diary effects and still among the very best). Then nestled in with all this exceptional card magic are two non-card items of special brillance. The Elmsley Torn & Restored Newspaper was the inspiration for several methods that have gained popularity in recent years. When you seen the original you will wonder why any "improvement" was thought neccessary. Concluding this tape is the justly famous Elmsley Cups and Balls Routine, a sequence of surprises that climaxes with a huge production of salt that fills the cups to overflowing! All with no body loads. This is magic of the highest caliber from one of the greatest minds in close-up conjuring. Running Time: 77 Minutes.
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