Double Bill Tube [Peerless]


The Double Bill Tube is without a doubt one of the most extraordinary magical props you will ever hope to use. When properly presented, no other close-up miracle can compare. This effect was invented by a very good friend of mine, the late Walter Gibson (Magician, Creator of the 'Shadow', ghostwriter for Houdini, Blackstone and Thurston, and one of the most creative minds in magic). A brass tube with a screw cap is shown empty, threaded closed, and sealed with a sticker affixed to the cap. The sealed tube is then left in Full View. The sealed container is now place within a second, larger tube, which is capped and also sealed with a sticker. This doubly sealed unit is held by a spectator. A previously borrowed dollar bill, with it's serial number noted and having been marked, is caused to vanish! The spectator holding the nested, sealed tubes is instructed to break the seals and remove the contents. The Identical Marked Bill is found within the second sealed tube!! Our deepest thanks to Walter Gibson and to Carl Brema, who made some of Walter's dreams into Magical realities. We hope that those purchasing this effect will agree that the Brema tradion is still alive...quality brass construction by Viking Mfg.
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