Maxwell, Mike - Self Levitation [DVD]


Self Levitation now on DVD making it even easier to get a rise out of your audience! Ever since man first saw a bird take flight across the sky he has dreamed of defying the law of gravity. For centuries magicians have sought to invent the perfect illusion of levitation. Many elegant and deceptive methods have been created and performed. As ingenious as all previous methods of levitation have been, they all have one thing in common they require some kind of gimmick - That is, until now! What has been called “The Balducci Levitation” requires no special gimmicks at all - just your body and your performing skills. That's right, no gimmicks, yet you give the perfect illusion that you are floating right off the ground. On this video tape, Michael Maxwell not only teaches you how to properly perform The “Balducci Levitation” but he also shares exclusive inside tips from David Roth. David has made the levitation one of his featured effects for lay audiences for many years and has never tipped the “real work” until now!
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