Money Printer [Mikame]


With this Mikame Money Printer a wide tape moves between two rollers arranged on upper and lower axis. Two knobs are used for turning the rollers. The magician feeds a dollar bill sized slip of blank white paper into one side of the rollers, and amazingly a real dollar bill comes out the other side. You can borrow a dollar from a spectator, run it through the Money Printer and a blank piece of paper appears. Apologize, and hand the paper back to the spectator! Yes it will work with foreign money! Insert a blank piece of paper, turn the knob, and a dollar slips out the other side. Now borrow a dollar from the audience, insert it into the Money Printer and a five dollar bill falls out. You can put in the five, and a ten dollar bill comes out. This old world Craftsmanship from Mikame Craft says it all! Pure quality sets this apart from all other versions of this fantastic effect!