Dots & Dashes [Al Schneider]


The new version of Hugs & Kisses by Al Schneider is magic so easy, it happens in your hands! 6 coins are shown to your audience. Three are English Pennies with a big "O" cut through the entire coin, and three are American Half Dollars with Dashes, also cut through the coins. The Pennies are placed beneath an ordinary sheet of paper marked with a large "O." The Half Dollars are hidden under a similar piece of paper marked with a Dash. When you remove the coins from underneath the papers, one of the Dashes have changed places with one of the "O's." It's startling because only the designs change, not the coins themselves! This happens three times until all three Dashes are cut through the English Pennies, and the "O's" through the Half Dollars! The coins don't move, but the holes and cuts do! Comes complete with specially machine crafted coins and detailed instructions! Be the first to wow'em with Dots & Dashes today!
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