Art Of Gospel Magic [3 DVD Set by Duane Laflin]


What Is The Ministry Of The Gospel Magician? The answer to this and many other questions are covered in Volume One Art of Gospel Magic. Become a minister of the Gospel using your Magic! Full-time professional Duane Laflin reveals how to use your magic in your Christian Ministry so that it will be an effective and God-glorifying teaching tool. Each and every subject Duane covers is illustrated with at least one complete gospel magic routine, with some subjects featuring several routines. Subjects you will learn about include: The Importance of Spiritual Power, Individual Uniqueness. Explaining What Magic Is and Is Not. The Possession and Perception of Skill. Spirituality of Entertainment. Handling Audience Helpers. Credibility of your Message. Length and Power of your Presentation. Putting Together A Gospel Magic Program! Volume One Running Time Approximately 1hr 20min.

You have the individual effects, but how do they fit together to make a whole presentation? Professional gospel magician Duane Laflin shows you how in Volume Two of Art of Gospel Magic. Subjects you will learn about include: Beginning A Gospel Magic Program. Pacing A Program To Increase Interest. Timing Of Audience Involvement. Balancing Your Message With Entertainment. Creating a Meaningful & Memorable Manner. Gospel Effect Selection. Effect Placement. Much, Much, More! Make Your Act Astonishing! Volume Two Running Time Approximately 56min.

If your act is to be viewed as credible, you must first be competent. Full-time professional gospel magician Duane Laflin shares the theories behind making your magic effects excel in Volume Three of Art of Gospel Magic. In this volume, you will learn how to improve your performances through proper prop management, stage setting, table usage and manipulation of magical gimmicks! Plus, you will learn how to perform all of the effects demonstrated in Volumes One and Two of this series! Some of the many Effects Explained include: Vanishing Candles. Patriotic Ropes. Priority Ball. Life Is A Puzzle.Silk Fountain. Sponge Ball Vanish. Ledger Of Life. Plus Much, Much, More! Volume Three Running Time Approximately 1hr 35min. If you desire to communicate God's word and become the best gospel magician you can be, then this video is for you!

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