Wheel Of Mind


The ultimate forcing tool. Wheel Of Mind is not just an effect, but a tool that encompasses unbelievable and unpredictable presentation options and effects. The innocent looking, wheel-of-fortune-like board enables mental effects that will surprise not only your audience, but also you, the mentalist. The Wheel Of Mind is an unusual innovation, unlike anything currently present in the world of magic and mentalism, it offers limitless surprising possibilities. This prop will surely bump up your mentalism performance a few notches. The advantage of Wheel Of Mind being a prop is that the performer can use it for various different routines, like the new ones presented in the instruction booklet, or as a winning combination with existing ones, providing great enhancement. To demonstrate the strength and versatility of Wheel Of Mind, the instructional booklet shares with you not only the basic main effect, but it also describes in detail a few successful effects and routines that the creators, Haim Goldenberg and Amir Lustig, use regularly in their shows. Comes complete with The Wheel Of Mind, 20-page instructional booklet, and CD with Flash presentation and video clip of performance. The Wheel Diameter Approximately 19" (48cm).
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