Solo [Mark Mason JB Magic / includes DVD]


Solo is a new Impossibel Magic Fantastic Jaw-Dropper Effect from Mark Mason and JB Magic! Includes a Step-by-Step Companion DVD.

A deck of cards are removed from its case. The case is handed out for examination, and seen to be empty. 2 JACKS with a hole in the centre are shown both back and front. Any card is then selected from the deck and signed. The signed card is placed in between the 2 JACKS. It can be seen through the holes, and as the cards are spread in a fan all 3 cards can be seen.

In a flash the SIGNED card VISUALLY vanishes from the fan! The card case is opened and the signed card is removed from inside the case!

Easy to Do! Resets in Seconds! Precision made gimmicks! The instructional DVD will teach you everything you need to know to perform this amazing effect!!!

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