MOVES Manuscript


Nigel Harrison's MOVES Manuscript is a compilation of practical card "moves" that can be discretely implemented into just about any card routine you do. His approach to technique and the method to his madness is simplicity. Therefore, the moves have an appearance of naturalness and innocence that effectively allows them to fall under the radar in real world performing situations.

Nigel has made every effort to break the moves down step by step, in great detail to ensure that you understand the techniques, and the influence that these moves can have within your professional card routines.

The final chapter of this manuscript details "Nigel's Own" ambitious card routine which has become one of his favorite, and more successful, routines to perform in professional close-up situations.

Content Includes: • The Nion Cut - A flashy false cut that retains the order of the whole deck • SL Color Change - A visual transformation of any chosen card • Quarter-back Cut - Extremely innocent in appearance. this false cut retains the order of the top 1(4 of the deck • Single Litt -A unique "move" that changes a single card into a double. Very useful in ambitious and transposition routines •Optical Spin Cut - A visually appealing and technically simple false cut that retains the order of the entire deck • Reverse Top Change - A quick technique for exchanging the top two cards of the deck • 1 Hand Drop Turn-over - A flashy method of revealing the top card of the deck • Gullible - An obvious (to magicians). yet often overlooked. convincer • Spread Cull Exchange - A super clean method of exchanging any freely selected card for another • Double-back Flip - Instantly turns a double-lift into a single card • "Nigels Own" AC Routine- Nigel's ambitious routine that incorporates many of the "moves" explained in this booklet

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