Traveling Egg [The Great Gorgonzola]


The Traveling Egg by the Great Gorgonzola is a brand new version of the Classic Party Magic Effect! There have been some variations of this effect during the past 125 years (although not all of them have been commercially available). In Professor Hoffrnann's day the feke was covered with Bran. Confetti and Sawdust have also been used. Confetti seems to have been the most favored material since it is the most colorful!!! I don’t know about you, but I prefer Bran in my diet, and not in my Magic!!!

The Magician shows an Egg and vanishes it. They then show a Glass, and hand to out for examination. After the audience has been satisfied that the Glass is an ordinary one, the performer now shows a brown Paper Bag. The Magician advises the audience that there is some Confetti in the Bag. He thrusts the Glass into the Bag and brings it out heaping full Glass of Confetti. Magician levels off the Confetti at top of the Glass, thereby dropping the excess Confetti back into the Bag. During Magician’s subsequent patter, they scoop some Confetti out of the Glass and if they choose, tosses some of theConfetti up into the air! Magician then picks up a Silk Handkerchief and drapes it over the Glass. After pronouncing the magic words, or other suitable hocus-pocus, Magician whips the Silk from the Glass, and by slowly raising it into the air Magically Reveals that the Confetti has disappeared - the Vanished Egg having taken its place! The raw Egg may now be broken into the Glass and thus proved genuine!!! You can not afford to Travel to your next Birthday Party Show without the Traveling Egg!!! Best of all, NO expensive “GAS” purchases for the Traveling Egg!!! Now, if we can only get our cars to operate on Confetti!!!

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