Vanishing Bandana [Includes CD]


Warm Up the Audience with the Great Vanising Bandana trick! Fantastic Word-Play Routine on CD! Explain part-time magicians receive magic lessons by mail on a CD, and you happen to have the just released trick. You don't really know this trick, but they sent you all you need for the trick packed in the shipping box. You will have to include the audience in on the secret as it is scheduled to be performed in your show and the trick arrived later than normal this month.

Inside the shipping box is all the props needed for the effect. As you start the effect you notice that they packed the box incorrectly, they shipped a banana in place of the bandanna.

The Routine Is Very Easy To Perform! The Professionally Produced CD Guides You Through the Entire Trick! Package includes 3 Minute CD, Devil's Napkin and Written Instructions with All the necessary “Bits” of Business”! This trick was recently given to Natalie Reid to perform as “Paris Hilton” on “America’s Got Talent”, and she did great!

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