Cardiograph [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic][Red Back]


Cardiograph is an incredible REAL WORLD trick that makes layman shout out loud! 2 cards are signed - one Blank Faced Card and one Joker. Magician signs the Blank Card, the spectator signs the Joker. The spectator is asked to keep his finger on the back of the Joker they signed. The 2 cards magically change places! But wait, your signature also travels across and is now on the card they are holding!

Comes complete with specially printed gimmicks, extra cards and an instructional DVD. Easy to do, no reset.

Here's what Wayne Kawamoto of Magic & Illusion said, "There's lots to like about Cardiographic...this one is easy to learn and perform and has quite an impact."! John Teo of the Magic Boutique in Singapore stated, "A simple effect with a great impact on the spectators...5 of 5 Stars!"

Please Note: This is the "RED" Back version of the effect - if you want "BLUE" Back it is sold separately!

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