Future Zone Wallet [includes DVD ][Mark Mason / JB Magic]


Future Zone Wallet is Wallet for the working Magician!

A Small Leather Wallet is opened, and inside there is a small brown Envelope! This Envelope contains ONE Playing Card. The Wallet is placed to one side, while the Magician shows a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards. The Magician or the Spectator deal the Playing Cards one at a time FACE UP onto the table. They stop on ANY Card they wish. The Envelope is removed and the Playing card is removed - it matches the card they stopped on! This looks excellent!

No guiding, and they can stop on any CARD! Do not forget that the Playing Cards are dealt FACE UP, and your Spectators see every card!

The Future Zone Wallet comes with a Step by Step Instructional DVD with the personal handling of Mark Mason!

Also includes Bonus Material including Mark Mason's Incredible Wallet Move. You receive: Leather Wallet, Special Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards, Predictions and Instructional DVD!

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