Lift Off [Mark Mason / JB Magic]


A regular Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards are freely shown and shuffled. Any Card is Selected, signed, and returned to the center of a regular Deck. The Magician now states that they will find the Card in an unusual manner. The Spectator is asked to concentrate on the Deck, but nothing seems to be happening. Slowly and Mysteriously the top Card of the Deck starts to Float in mid air - higher and higher it mysteriously rises! The Spectator is asked to place their fingers on the back of the Card, yet it still remains Suspended even though you are not touching the Card.

The Playing Card then slowly floats back down onto the top of the Deck. This Card is turned face up and it is indeed the Spectators Signed, Selected Card! They can keep this Card as a souvenir. No Wires, No Threads, No Magnets, No Hydraulic Lifts under the Stage - No Connections to the Magician at all! This looks incredible and it is so easy to do! Supplied with Bicycle Poker Size Gimmick and detailed Instructions (Bicycle Playing Card Deck not included - use any normal Deck)! One of Mark Mason's most popular effects!!!

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