Card Shark [Jeff Case/ Mark Mason / JB Magic]


Card Shark is a real worker that you can slide right into your act.

A card is selected (say 5D) from a regular Red Deck, it is Signed an placed into the center of the Deck. They actually see the 5D going into the deck - no control, palming, etc. You remove a Blue Backed Card from your pocket that has a large Shark stuck on it [well, not a "real" Shark, but a "Shark Sticker". You claim that this is your Card Shark and he will find their selected card.

The Card Shark instantly vanishes from the Blue Card! The deck is spread and right in the middle there is one BLUE Backed Card with a "Shark" on it! This really is their card - no switch, etc. Now for the killer ending! They slide out the Signed Card, and it has a LARGE BITE OUT OF ONE CORNER! This really gets an unbelievable reaction! The spectators eyes nearly pop out! Resets in 2 seconds, a different card each time.

Very easy to do! Comes complete with two gimmicks and 24 Full Color Shark Stickers! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!

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