Coin Flux 2 [includes DVD][Wayne Dobson / Mark Mason / JB Magic]


Coin Flux is a no sleight of hand Coin Matrix - with an all new principle for the classic “Matrix” effect! No moves required with the special gimmicks! 3 Quarters and 3 Bicycle cards are clearly set on your table, the coins jump from pile to pile and finally all together in a single pile! With no moves three coins assemble under one card. There are absolutely no moves or sleight of hand with this killer effect! You can now perform previously impossible “Matrix” moves without sleight of hand! Perform a Coin Flux on a table, no soft close up pad is needed. Coin Flux has a super gimmick coin value! No extra coins or shells! Coin Flux has fooled world’s leading magicians! Please Note: Now Includes Fantastic Instructional DVD!!!
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