Vanishing Point [Tenyo 2009 / T-236]

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Tenyo has released 5 brilliant effects in 2009, and the Vanishing Point is just one of those amazing tricks!!! Truly Astonishing! A Completely Astounding Vanish! This Magic Effect baffles everyone, including experienced Magicians. Place a Solid Ball on the Center of the Small Performing Platform - call it your STAGE"! Cover the Ball with a Card, and then immediately Lower the Card - the Solid Ball has Completely Vansihed! The Solid Ball then just as Magically will Reappear from Below the Tabletop. When you learn the Secret, you'll be just as impressed as your audiences! A simple gimmick used in a diabolically clever way has enabled us to develop this brand-new effect! We'll get to the POINT - make this VANISH from our Magic Store shelves, and APPEAR in your performing Collection!!! Vanishing Point includes the Solid Ball, your Performance "Stage", Cards, Cardboard, and Fully Illustrated Instructions!
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