Lit Candle to Twinkling Xmas Tree

$89.95 $79.95 Special Price!

The Lit Candle to Twinkling Xmas Tree is an amazing new effect for your Holiday Shows!!! I'm sure the creative performer will find ways to use this unique effect year round!!!

The Performer displays a Candle on a Small Stand. They light the Candle, and pick it up with the Stand. The performer nicks to Flame to extinguish it, and the complete Candle Magically Vanishes!!! But wait, that's not all - it Beautifully Transforms into a Miniature Christmas Tree. A Magic gesture, and the Christmas Tree lights up with several Twinkling Lights - just like a real Christmas Tree!!! An ideal effect for the Christmas Season show, with Twinkling Lights. You can perform this under any conditions, and can be performed in the dark if you wish!!! Includes Special Vanishing Candle, Christmas Tree with Twinkling Lights, Small Stand, 9 Volt Battery, and Full Routine...

Please Note: The picture doesn't do full justice to this amazing Little Christmas Tree - it looks wonderful with the Twinkling Lights!!!

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