China Surprise [Tenyo 2010 / T-242]

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New for 2010 - Professional Magic from Tenyo! - Be the 1st to perform this New Trick! NOW IN STOCK!!!

China Surprise [Tenyo 2010 / T-242] is one of the most unique effects we have ever seen from Tenyo Magic of Japan. This is one of the 5 New Amazing Effects that Tenyo is releasing in 2010.

Magician pushes a Sheet of Tissue Paper into their closed fist. On top of the Tissue, Magician places a small Green Ball [looks like a small Pea]. After making a Magical gesture - the Tissue has Transformed Magically into a delicious looking Shumai Dumpling!!! Although it looks good enough to eat, we recommend saving it for your next Magical Performance!!! Perfect for Restaurant Magicians or for an evening out to a Chinese or Japanese Restaurant...

Originally released by MadMagic under the title “Kore de oshuumai desu!” Created by Shinpei Ogawa. Such a clever company like Tenyo to come up with such an incredible feat [or should we say "mouth"] of magic!!! No sleight of hand [or "mouth"] required!!! Sorry for the Puns, but we couldn't resist!!! Now is the time to add China Surprise [Tenyo 2010 / T-242] into your performance arsenal...

Please Note: Important News regarding this effect and all of the Tenyo Line. As of November 12, 2009, we received the following information regarding Tenyo. We will have 5 New Items for 2010 in limited quantities, and they will be available mid December 2009 - mid January 2010 depending on arrival time. Place orders online now to reserve the effects you want, and they will ship to you as soon as they are available. For our International Customers outside the United States, we will hold your shipment until your order is complete unless you want to pay for split shipments. Additional Tenyo Inventory will probably not be available until February 2010. The first run will probably be available with Japanese Packaging and English Instructions, although we are hoping some of these will have English Packaging. A sticker on front of packaging will say "English Instructions Included". This applies to all other Tenyo products as well - English Packaging/Instructions available until sold out, then only available as Japanese Packaging/English instructions. These Watermarked Copyrighted Photographs represent the current Japanese Packaging, and are subject to change - product descriptions and photos copyrighted by MagicLegends.com 2009.

Please Note: As of January 1, 2010, we have all of the Tenyo 2010 effects in stock with English Packaging and English Instructions. We can not guarantee these will always be available this way, as they may eventually be with the Japanese Packaging/English Instructions Combo as we mentioned above.

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