Criss Angel Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit Set [550+ Tricks]

$99.95 $89.95 Special Price!

Amaze your friends and family with mind-blowing illusions compiled by TV's talented MINDFREAK Magician, Criss Angel. This Kit includes props for performing more than 550 Magic Tricks, like the Money Printer, the Classic Cups and Balls, along with Detailed, Step-by-Step Directions. The included Instructional DVDs makes learning fun and easy! Plus, you'll also receive Props and a Bonus DVD that teaches you how to levitate anywhere, anytime with no props! 

What You Get 

Over 550 MINDFREAKS you can perform!

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Ultimate Magic Kit includes all of the neccassary Magic Props, plus "
3" Criss Angel Step-By-Step Instructional DVDs
!!! The Instruction Manual packed full of tips and tricks from Criss Angel!!!
Bonus DVD teaching you how to Levitate Anywhere - Anytime!!!

Includes the 
MINDFREAK Bestselling Teach-A-Tricks 
Secret Floating and Utility Devices!!! Criss Angel MINDFREAK Ultimate Magic Kit is the feature 
"Winner - The Best Magic Kit" - International Magicians Society
!!! Props and Directions for performing over 550 magic tricks
. Detailed Instructions for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Magicians! Magic and Illusions
 for aspiring magicians ages 8 to 108!
 Quality Made of Plastic, Metal, Paper and Fabric! 
Made in China!

Contains of all the following Great Magic Props: 
2 MINDFREAK Card Decks, 
8 Spikes for Spikes Through Coin
, 1 Spikes Through Coin Case
, 1 Secret Floating Device, 1 Card Case
, 1 Deck of Playing Cards, 
1 Coin Base,
1 Coin Nested Trap, 
1 Penetration Glass, 
1 Secret Utility Device
, 2 Silk Cloths, 
3 Silvertone cups [for the Classic Cups & Balls Trick - 1 is also a "Chop Cup"], 
2 Red Balls for the Chop Cup
 Effect, 4 Yellow Pom Pom Balls, 
1 Black Vision Box, 
1 Multi-Colored Cube, 
4 Red Sponge Balls, 
1 Sponge Ball to Cube, 
6 Mental Freak Number Cards, 
1 Money Printer, 
1 Ball and Vase, 
2 Flying Coins Cups, 
1 Penetration Pen, and 
3 Pieces of Rope for Christopher's Nightmare!!!

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