Himber Wallet [Small]


The Himber Wallet ranks as one of the greatest utility props ever devised for the close-up performer. It can be used to switch bills or playing cards, printing money, and for hundreds of different routines. The only problem in the past with the Himber Wallet was that it always looked like a 'Prop', not a 'Wallet'. This problem has been solved, and we have developed the ultimate Himber Wallet. It's designed exactly like one of the men's most popular wallets and credit card cases. You'll find a place to put your money, business cards, credit cards, and a couple extra pockets for your other stuff. It's made of the finest handcrafted leather, and is fully lined. Several routines and full instructions included. The Himber Notebook is the perfect matching accessory for the 'Wallet'. For even more great effects with your 'Wallet' see our 21 Himber Wallet Routines book in The Library Department.
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