Sponge Magic GiftPack


With this GiftPack you'll appear to be a sleight-of-hand artist with very little practice. The Sponge Magic GiftPack is great for both children over 10 and adults. With the Sponge Magic GiftPack not only will you be able to mysteriously appear and disappear sponges, but also do amazing things like multiply the sponges from 2 to 3 then 4. Make them magically jump from hand to hand, change color, and make them appear out of an clearly empty change purse! This GiftPack comes with all the necessary Sponges and props shown on the included Video. The Sponge Magic GiftPack includes the following props and effects... Our great value of $38.75 for only $30.95!! Save 20%!!! Makes the perfect Gift... U.S. Priority Mail will have the gift in their hands in only 3 business days. If they need it sooner or for delivery outside the U.S., all of our other shipping options are available.
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