Cups and Balls [Plastic]


The Cups and Balls is a true classic in magic - were solid Balls penetrate solid Cups. Balls mysteriously jump from Cup to Cup. Looks like difficult sleight-of-hand, but isn't! This famous effect is one of the oldest and best concepts in magic! Balls are caused to appear and disappear under the Cups. Finally, all the Balls gather under one Cup! Requires some skill, but our clearly printed and illustrated instructions show you a great beginning routine. This colorful plastic set of Cups, includes balls, and is an excellent set of Cups and Balls for the beginner, but does everything the professional sets can do. For even more fun and amazement with the Cups and Balls we highly recommend the following videos that are available in one of our Video Departments: Cups and Balls - Teach-In Sessions or the 25 Amazing Magic Tricks and Tips with Cups and Balls. Many excellent books on Cups and Balls Magic are available in our Library Departments.
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