Psychic, Spirit, & Mentalism Effects

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Entertaining Magic with a difference. Amaze your audience with reported Psychic skills - just remember it's only a trick! In the halls of this department you'll find beginners tricks like Tel-a-vision Box to the new versatile effect Card Swami and the classics such as Di-Cipher II and Transmental. Currently only a small section of this department will be on-line, but keep checking back because eventually this will be one of our largest departments!!!
13 Steps To Mentalism [Corinda]
13 Steps to Mentalism has become the standard by which all other mentalism books have been judged. In thirteen chapters, it details the workings of nearly every catetory and device useful to the working mentalist. Nail writers, predictions, card tricks, blindfold tricks, muscle reading, billets, publicity stunts, patter and presentation and more are covered within This hardbound 424 pages!

alloutsthinkofacard202.jpg All-Outs Think of a Card
From the man who always succeeds, though not by playing with a full deck! In addition to being a delightfully direct discovery of a thought of card, this is the ideal way to learn to understand and master the basic principles of “outs” without the usual hazards. Milt Kort invariably used this stunt to secretly reveal the sophistication (if any) of strangers before trying riskier stuff. With All-Outs Think of a Card you can use any deck; any time!

andthenumberis437s.jpg And the Number Is? [Rob Kasparavich]
The magician has misplaced the phone number of her old highschool boyfriend. She asks a spectator to help her locate his number by using their psychic abilities. She gives them a phone directory of the town he lives in. The spectator is free to choose any page and stop on any phone number and then write it down. The magician then shows the spectator a photo of her old boyfriend that has been sitting on her stand in a manila envelope the whole time. As she is about to lay the photo back down she notices a slip of folded paper stuck to the back of the photo. Why it's the phone number of her boyfriend that she was looking for, and guess what? It matches the number the spectator selected from the phone directory. But that's not all. Sealed in an envelope that has been sitting on the magician's stand the whole time is a prediction she made before the show. In the envelope is her prediction of the page number the spectator would turn to. The envelope is cut open and handed to the spectator, they then remove the prediction and read it, it matches the page number the spectator turned to in the phone directory. And the Number Is? Truly unbelievable!!

archangel644s.jpg Archangel [The Enchantment]
A Complete Performance in your Pocket! From The Enchantment, the creator of the highly successful Dreamweaver, comes another Anytime, Anywhere, multi-phase routine that is destined to be a classic. Archangel is the culmination of three highly commercial effects seamlessly implemented into one finely-tuned routine that is as amazing as it is memorable. 3 Keys - One Door: A member of the audience becomes faced with a difficult decision when they must choose between three keys. With a completely free choice, there decision proves to be the very key the performer predicted days before the routine began. A three-out effect so easy and convenient to carry. Unlock the door and enter the next phase. Arching Key: Under test conditions, an ordinary key is signed/initialed by an audience member. This marked key is then held by the spectator and performer at each end of the key. Without any moves, the key begins to melt and bend in their hands. The signed key is then released and left in the spectator’s hand clearly bent down the middle. There has never been a key bend as pure and straightforward as this, and held by the spectator no less. Angel Flight: End your performance with a real crowd pleaser, and one of the most impossible flight effects ever devised. In a blink of the eye, the signed bent key completely vanishes only to be found hanging on the key ring of the performer’s keychain. Not a ring flight, but a key flight - which makes sense! The key is 100% on the keychain and is removed by the spectator! This is truly high caliber material that has bewildered some of the keenest minds in the business. Whether you are a magician or a mentalist, this is a hard-hitting affair that will raise your craft to a higher level. Requires you to supply your own keys, as after each performance you will be giving away a truly memorable souvenir in an impossible condition. Included in the book is a surplus of extra advice and additional performances. Including, a key flight where the signed bent key is found on the performer’s keychain that has been in full view on the table the entire routine! Don’t forget the best part. The entire routine is self-contained on the special keychain and is always ready to perform without even a moments notice. So the next time someone asks you to show them something, don’t just do a trick, put on an entire show! Archangel is self contained, resets in seconds, no jacket or sleeves required, totally examinable, anytime, anywhere worker. Mentalism, metal bending and a flight all on one keychain! Archangel is a real world routine you will have with you the rest of your life.

AstorMentalEpic014.png Astor Epic [No Force Mental Epic]
$319.95 $299.95 Special Price!
The Astor Epic [No Force Mental Epic] is actually the newest improved version of the Mental Epic. Similarly to the Mental Epic, you can predict 3 different things with Astor Epic too 100%. The difference between this two trick is that there is no need to force in any way. Summarizing the Astor Epic is a very easily handling trick where the performer is able to predict 3 different things with 100% confidence without applying any method normally used in mental magic. So there is no forcing, no built in audience member, no pre show, no double writing, no nail writing, no nothing you ever heard or even known before. Without all of these there is a new and genius but very simple method.

Dimensions Approximately 12 3/8" x 17 7/8" (31.43cm x 45.40cm)

astrologicalsign707b.jpg Astrological Sign [Eduardo Kozuch]
Know Your Spectator's Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth! The performer hands a spectator a small notebook which contains all the signs of the Zodiac. The spectator secretly finds his astrological sign and writes down his name. Despite the fact that the performer never sees the spectator's sign, and without any "fishing" or moves, the performer instantly names the spectator's sign of the Zodiac! Next, the spectator looks through the book and finds the page numbered with the year of his birth. Again, without any questions or moves, the performer instantly knows the day and month in which the spectator was born! No questions, easy to do, fits in your pocket and the spectator freely handles all of the props! Astrological Sign comes complete with full-color, spiral bound booklet, "crib sheets" and detailed instructions!

Bat, The

Becker, Larry - Volume 2 - Mental Masterpieces [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!

Block, The

blueboy112sm.jpg Blue Boy [Frank Zak]
Frank Zak has created a charming and entertaining routine around the famed Thomas Gainsborough Blue Boy painting. The routine begins with a discussion of how playing cards were originally hand painted and considered pieces of art. A card is selected and returned to the deck. You then display four postcards, each depicting Gainsborough's The Blue Boy painting. You explain that one of them is a forgery - as the spectators immediately spot the obvious and amusing fake. The postcards are turned over to show Gainsborough painted a back to Blue Boy but no one ever noticed because it was always kept framed. For the finale a postcard that was placed aside on an impromptu easel is revealed with The Blue Boy now holding the selected card! Blue Boy can be repeated four times with different cards. Comes complete with the necessary postcards and a photo-illustrated booklet. Very easy to do and fun to perform!

EugeneSpiritDVD707112.jpg Burger's Spirit Magic [The Greater Magic Series][DVD]
Buger’s Spirit Magic [DVD] adds an element of mystery to any ghoulish gathering or macabre meeting. Audiences remember the demoniacally different good-natured fun. Eugene is the perfect teacher guiding you through seances, mediums, and close-up and stand-up spirit magic. Super Natural Sorcery comes alive as he demonstrates items from a rare collection of medium devices, such as rapping hands, spirit bells, and the Fechner/Proust Spirit Table. Performance Only: Seance in Progress.

Performance and Explanations: Spirit Candle in the Bottle. Acrobatic Matchbox. Rising Bill. Rising Card. Spirit Messages. Seance (Glorpy and Out to Lunch)

Explanations: Comments on performing spirit magic. Thoughts on controlling a seance. Ideas on presenting luminous materials. Suggestions on using antique magic.

"The spirits are an age-old theme, a story from darkest history, and therefore a presentational anchor that can be used with many different magic tricks." - Eugene Burger

cardsofcairobig.jpg Cards of Cairo [Docc Hilford]
An Amazing Journey Through Time, Revealing The Past, Present and Future! Docc Hilford's Cards of Cairo is a piece of apparent fortune telling that's very easy to do and completely baffles any audience. Here's the effect: The faces of three over-sized cards are shown to the audience. You explain that everyone will now take a mystical journey from the past, through the present and into the future! You go on to explain that the journey began in the past when you wrote three predictions about a spectator and sealed them under plastic to the backs of each card. A spectator chooses a face-up card and when the card is turned over it reads, “You Will Choose This Card First” and it even goes on to say something about the spectator's future. Of course, everyone thinks it's just a joke and that all the cards say the same thing. But, when the second card chosen is turned over it reads, “This Card Will Be Picked Second!” The final card's prediction prognosticates that it will be the last of the spectator's selections, three for three! Completely self-contained. Nothing is switched. Predictions really are sealed to the cards. Predictions were written before the show! No forcing-every choice is completely free! Easy to do! Includes three cards, gimmicks, pen and detailed instructions!

carpentersnightmare.jpg Carpenter's Nightmare [Menny Lindenfeld]
Forget Everything You Know About the Laws of Nature with Carpenter‘s Nightmare! The performer displays a large, solid nail at their fingertips. They concentrate on the nail and it begins to visibly bend in the middle! Ever so slowly it continues to move as the performer concentrates until the nail is bent at a 45-degree angle! The nail is then immediately handed out for examination! Carpenter's Nightmare is a highly visual and very easy to perform effect that looks just impossible. Quick Set Up and Reset. No Switches - the same nail stays visible throughout the entire performance. Doesn‘t require a Pull or Sleeves. Instantly Examinable!

CellularMitosis2DoccHilford482.jpg CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 [Docc Hilford]

mmcolortelepathysmall.jpg Color Telepathy [Magic Effex]
Color Telepathy Is A True Mental Masterpiece! After a deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator, the magician displays three different colored rectangle plates which are placed onto a stand. Sets of three cards are removed from the shuffled deck and placed in front of each colored plate. A spectator then chooses any of the three colored plates and displays their values to the spectator. The spectator is asked to simply choose one of the cards, and the other two are eliminated. There is no force of the chosen card, no process of elimination, just a totally free choice. Any set of three cards and color can be chosen. Next, an envelope which has been in full view of the audience the entire time is opened. A prediction is removed and it has the correct card in bold letters! Only one envelope and prediction card are used. No switches of any kind. Totally free choice of card. No carbons or secret writers are used. Comes complete with colored plates, envelope, gimmick and stand. Uses any deck of playing cards.

crazycubebig.jpg Crazy Cube
The Crazy Cube makes you appear to be a psychic in no time! A small plastic canister is first examined by a spectator. A number is secretly selected by the spectator, and the die is placed into the sealed container. This container is then placed inside a larger one, closed, and handed to the magician who immediately reveals the number. Your second sight gives you the right number every time. This fools them all! Young children can perform this effect with ease, but will fool even the most astute adults...

mmdeeprisingsmall.jpg Deep Rising [Aldo Colombini]
Three cards are freely selected and the spectator places them into three different pockets of his own suit. In the magician's corresponding pockets he has the same cards! Works Great for Close-Up and Parlor!!!

dejavoodo905s.jpg Deja Voodoo Trick [Booklet] [Bob Farmer]
Mentalism that is direct and dynamic is scarce! New plots are even rarer. Maximum effect with the minimum of trouble for both the performer and the spectator are seldom seen. Deja Voodoo offers all of these features and more. It requires no re-setting. The spectator has nothing more to do than name a card. Deja Voodoo can be done under any conditions. There are only two small props that can be easily carried. Deja Voodoo is an effect that you can perform almost immediately - an effect that is impressive the first time you perform it. It requires no sleight of hand, no resetting, no replacements and, once you've made the props, no preparation.

mmdejazoo.jpg Deja Zoo [Samuel Patrick Smith]
With Deja Zoo you show the audience a set of various zoo animals on flash cards. Two spectators stand up in the audience and think of any one of the animals as you show them all of the cards. Picking up a blank card and a felt-tip marker, you attempt to read the minds of the spectators and draw a quick sketch. You place your predictions on a card stand, and for the first time, the spectators call out the animals they selected. You place their selections on the stand next to your sketches, and when the stand is turned around, you have correctly guessed their choices!
  • Great for Kids and Adults
  • Works Every Time
  • You Never Have to Actually Draw Anything
  • Comes Complete with Cards, Stand and Marker


hrdesertbrain.jpg Desert Brainstorm Series! Volume # 1 [Multiple Performers] [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!

Desert Brainstorm Series! Volume # 2 [Multiple Performers] [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!

Desert Brainstorm Series! Volume # 3 [Multiple Performers] [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!

diecypher2.gif Die-Cipher 2

Die-tective [Chazpro]

Digitalfeedback608b.jpg Digital Feedback [Richard Osterlind]
Richard Osterlind's Digital Feedback takes the traditional add-a-number routine into the 21st century. Imagine two groups of spectators, each multiplying two 2-digit numbers on a pocket calculator to arrive at a totally random 4-digit number. The performer writes a prediction and sets it aside. He then begins to slowly reveal the numbers that make up the 4-digit products arrived at by the spectators. The multiplications are then done by longhand to show that the calculator's products were correct. For the mind-numbing finish, the two products are added together and found to match the performer's prediction! This routine, originally was featured in Osterlind's Dynamic Mysteries, and has not been widely performed due to the difficulties in obtaining the proper apparatus. Now, with Digital Feedback, you'll be able to add this powerful routine to your own show! You receive the very special scientific calculator, hand-modified by Richard Osterlind, plus a manuscript which describes this powerful routine, in addition to other possible effects. Please don't confuse this with other calculators that have been on the market. The Digital Feedback, calculator is totally examinable and will function normally, yet its secret will allow you to do very extraordinary things!

mmdoggystylesmall.jpg Doggy Style [Chris Dugdale]
The spectator is asked to name a breed of dog. It might be the name of a dog they particularly like or dislike, a neighbor's dog, whatever. A deck of "doggy" cards is then removed. Each card in the deck has a different breed of dog on the face. The magician spreads the deck between his hands and one card is seen to be face-down in the face-up deck. The spectator may remove this card from the deck and turn it over to reveal the breed of dog that they freely named! Doggy Stlye comes with special deck and complete instructions.

Duel Match [Alakazam Magic]
The magician places an envelope on the table explaining that it contains a prediction card. Next a deck of cards is freely shown to have different faces and back designs. With the cards spread face down, a spectator freely selects one which is then placed face down on the table. Next the deck is spread face up and a second card is selected and placed face up next to the first chosen card. The prediction card is removed from the envelope and shown back and front. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to match either of the selections – perhaps the trick has gone wrong! The magician explains that since they were able to see the cards being selected, he was really trying to predict the other side of each card. The two selected cards are then turned over to show a “perfect match” !

espfun.jpg E.S.P. Marked Deck [Bridge Size]
Do you have E.S.P.? This E.S.P. Card Deck is a specialty bridge size deck consisting of five each of the five E.S.P. symbols. Everything you need to perform psychic miracles. This E.S.P. deck is also secretly marked for additional amazing effects.

eyecandy626s.jpg Eye Candy [Larry Becker/Lee Earle]
With Eye Candy the performer tears a few pages from a current copy of Time, Business Week, or Newsweek magazine, giving the pages to people in the audience. They pass them on to others, ensuring a random selection of helpers. The Mentalist, with two of the helpers, illustrates how our eyes are attracted by the clever placement of text or graphics in almost all magazine editorials and ads. One participant's page is torn into more than a dozen pieces to guarantee a random outcome by eliminating any bias resulting from the page layout. Obviously, every scrap has totally different printed content on both sides. While the mindreader's back is turned, the participant freely discards all but one piece which he holds between his forefinger and thumb for everyone (except the Mentalist) to see.After verbally ensuring that the helper can read numerous words and phrases on the scrap of paper, and while the performer's back remains turned toward the participant, he says, "I am visualizing part of a word but it's somewhat obscured by your thumb. Move your thumb over, please. That's better. Would you please read for the first time that which Business Week printed on the piece of magazine page you chose. I believe the word “soared” was under your thumb. Is that correct?" He exclaims, “YES!” No stooges, No assistants, No pre-show work, No sleights, No switches, No writing, No mirrors, Nothing added or taken away, Helper can stand across the room, No electronics, Unbreakable, Not the same words every time, Fully examinable, even the discarded scraps! Eye Candy “gaffs” are sufficient for up to 100 performances!!!

Forcing Pad
The Forcing Pad is a wonderful utility prop that looks like a normal leather note pad. You receive a hand made black leather note pad with brass corner pieces, embossed, containing a pad of plain papers. A pencil is attached and also fits inside. With this innocent-looking pad, you can perform different and amazing effects, for example: You show an envelope and say that inside is a prediction. You ask different spectators to write numbers on the pad, one under the other. You don't even have to see the numbers; someone else totals them together and you ask a member of the audience to open the envelope to show that it matches the total! Made of genuine leather by master craftsmen. Designed to fit easily in your jacket pocket!

Tenyo2008FortuneDonut Fortune Donut [Tenyo 2008 /T-231]
$37.95 $34.95 Special Price!
New for 2008 - Professional Magic from Tenyo! - Be the 1st to perform this New Trick!
Fortune Donut is an incredible new trick for 2008 from Tenyo! Show your audience a circular-shaped card that contains the pictures of many playing cards. Allow your spectator to make a completely free choice of one card. Using a pair of scissors cut out the chosen card. When you turn everything over, the freely chosen card is the only one with a red back. However, all of the other non-chosen cards have blue backs! The spectators will think you transferred your thoughts to their mind!!! You are supplied with enough Fortune Donut cards for 20 performances – just because they are “Donuts” we wanted to give you more than a dozen or even a baker’s dozen!

Fortune Telling Swami
The Fortune Telling Swami is ‘Mental Magic' at it's best! The ‘Swami's' prediction magically appears on a card while held by a spectator. This fortune telling / mind reading effect will baffle and delight! Also works great with card tricks like the Svengali Deck available in our Card Magic Department.

mmghostcard.jpg Ghost Card [Samuel Patrick Smith]
You show a spectator six different jumbo cards and ask him to just think of any one of them. The cards are then counted into his hand one by one and the card he was merely thinking of has vanished!
  • Clean and Baffling Effect
  • The Spectators Apparently See the Fronts and Backs of All the Cards
  • Doesn't Use Rough and Smooth
  • No Pocket Card or Flap
  • You Can Repeat the Trick As Many Times As You Wish
  • Ghost Card is also very easy to perform and the jumbo-size (4.25" by 6.75") make this a winner on stage.


Ghost Disc
Here's a spooky gimmick that you'll always have handy. A spectator selects a card from any deck. A clear glass disc (about the size of a half dollar) is displayed. When the spectator breathes on the glass, an image of the selected card or cards will briefly materialize! Works great with seance-type presentations. Comes with a handy carrying case.

TenyoGhostLampT-245Tenyo2011.jpg Ghost Lamp [Tenyo 2011 / T-245]
$80.95 $75.95 Special Price!
Ghost Lamp [T-245] is a true Professional Effect from Tenyo for 2011!!! This mysterious Light Bulb reads Minds!!! Wrap a Light Bulb inside of a handkerchief, and allow a spectator to wave it over several piles of cards. When the Light Bulb comes close to one pile, it mysteriously Lights Up! Sure enough, the top card of that pile is the spectator’s selected card. To turn the Light Bulb off, you cut an “invisible” wire with a scissor. At the instant you snip the invisible wire, the Light Bulb goes out! Included in this set are: a Ghost Lamp Light Bulb, a Special Deck of Playing Cards and a Secret Special Gimmick! With the Tenyo Ghost Lamp [T-245], audiences will believe you are a real miracle worker...

mmgivemeahandsm.jpg Give Me A Hand
The magician/mentalist states that he has to give himself a hand...and sometimes he deserves more than one. With that, he removes four small plastic hands along with a prediction inside an envelope. The spectator is then allowed to freely select any one of the hands, possibly changing their minds if they wish. Once the spectator has selected which color hand they like, the magician removes his prediction card from the envelope that's been in full view the entire time. There's a blank card inside with a sticker of a hand on it the exact same color as the spectator's selected hand!
  • Works Every Time
  • Instantly Resets
  • Easy to Perform


mindbogglerv1big266.jpg Harlan, Dan - Mindbogglers - V1 [DVD]
Now on DVD! On the Mindbogglers DVD, Harlan will teach you to drink a shot without touching it, know how much change is in someone's pocket, flip a drink 360 degrees without spilling it, perform trick shots like a pool shark, toss cards like an experienced operator, take money from the bar's cash register without ever touching it, make a dime land on its edge when dropped, sell money at a profit, and more! Don't believe it's possible? Seeing is believing!

Harlan, Dan - Mindbogglers - V2 [DVD]
Now on DVD! On the Mindbogglers DVD, Harlan will teach you to change a one dollar bill into a five, balance a dime on the edge of a dollar, write on someone's face without them knowing it, push a quarter through a dime-size hole, know the date on a hidden quarter, write any color with a pencil, break a pencil with a dollar bill, tie a cigarette in a knot, read a number on a die behind your back, and more! Don't believe it's possible? Seeing is believing!

Harlan, Dan - Mindbogglers - V3 [DVD]
Now on DVD! On the Mindbogglers DVD, Harlan will teach you to win at poker with all the cards face-up or face-down even when your opponent shuffles and deals, know your hand without looking, guarantee a win at a simple color matching game, pull a simple swindle with a classic card trick, thread a dozen strands through the eye of a single needle, remove a bra without moving any other clothing, and more! Don't believe it's possible? Seeing is believing!

Harlan, Dan - Mindbogglers - V4 [DVD]
Now on DVD! On the Mindbogglers DVD, Harlan will teach you to: drop a paper match so it lands on its edge, make a penny walk out from under a glass, add 3 to 11 and get 2, say 1000 words without using the letter "a," stay under water for 5 minutes, lift a cube of ice with a piece of thread, float steel on water, make an egg jump from one shot glass to another, control your own pulse, and more! Don't believe it's possible? Seeing is believing!

Himber Wallet [Small]
The Himber Wallet ranks as one of the greatest utility props ever devised for the close-up performer. It can be used to switch bills or playing cards, printing money, and for hundreds of different routines. The only problem in the past with the Himber Wallet was that it always looked like a 'Prop', not a 'Wallet'. This problem has been solved, and we have developed the ultimate Himber Wallet. It's designed exactly like one of the men's most popular wallets and credit card cases. You'll find a place to put your money, business cards, credit cards, and a couple extra pockets for your other stuff. It's made of the finest handcrafted leather, and is fully lined. Several routines and full instructions included. The Himber Notebook is the perfect matching accessory for the 'Wallet'. For even more great effects with your 'Wallet' see our 21 Himber Wallet Routines book in The Library Department.

insideoutsm211.jpg Inside Out [Christopher Taylor]
Inside Out is full of Taylor's take on many classic ideas and plots in the world of mentalism, suitable for the close-up performer. The effects in this book have been designed from the inside-out. Taylor began with a concept drawn from nature or metaphysics, and built on that nucleus with techniques, methods and devices gathered to develop the final effect.

Contents: Being there, a Special Pen and Billet Index - Getting there and the Double Writing Wallet - Three Minds, One Thought and the Thought Recorder Deck - Room 7 and the Pocket Printing Press - Mental Catalyst - Flash of Colour and the Pellet Index - A Marked Deck and Three Effects - Number in a Flash and a Pocket Writer - Pebble in the Storm - The Butterfly Effect with Cards - Mind Reading 101 and Equivoque - A Phony Liar: What does automatic writing look like? Inside Out 62 pages, saddle stitched!

isispredictiontomb.jpg Isis Prediction Tomb [Keith Arlen Lack]
With Isis Prediction tomb the performer begins by displaying a beautiful little (2" x 5 3/4" ) Egyptian Sarcophagus of gilded gold. the performer states that this treasure was taken from a tomb directly beneath the alter of Isis-the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. Isis symbolized, among other things, the perfect mother. Isis is said to have loved all children, once even granting the gift of Intuition and Knowledge to all mothers as a way to keep their beloved children safe. The performer explains "it has been said that the small sarcophagus contains the very essence of Isis herself". At this, the performer removes three colored tablets from the sarcophagus, each one with a different hieroglyphic symbol on it-an Ankh, two Plumbs and three Scarabs. The performer states that Isis, being the all knowing mother she is, has already predicted a chosen tablet. A spectator is then asked to name out loud any of the three tablets. Once named, the spectator is even given the option of changing their mind. After a tablet is settled on, the performer shows how Isis had already predicted their choice in a very astonishing way! The principal is simple and yet very deceptive. Your audience may think you are the dissident of one of the great Pharos of Egypt or even Isis herself. Comes complete with handcrafted sarcophagus and tablets.

I’ve Got Your Number [David Regal]
$15.95 $13.95 Special Price!
I've Got Your Number is a very commercial effect from the creative mind of David Regal. The method is simple - yet devious. In short, a pleasure to perform. A spectator has a free choice of several numbered claim checks (like those given by Hat Check Girls and Auto Valets). The claim check is stapled to the back of a freely selected playing card, and one half of the claim check is torn off and handed to the spectator. After a demonstration of “no risk magic”, the claim check is removed from the back of the card and destroyed! The spectator is now allowed to run through the deck. One card has a face down claim check stapled to it - it is “The Selected Card”! The spectator removes the claim check - it’s “The Selected Number”! The piece perfectly fits the check in the spectator’s hand. Easy to do! No forces!

“An absolute Fooler” - Harry Lorayne


skulldoggy644s.jpg Jermay, Luke - Skullduggery [DVD]
This is the first time Luke has allowed any of his work to appear on film, and we are sure it will prove to be a real treat for magic lovers. Skullduggery DVD features material from 7 Deceptions and brand new developments of effects from 7 Deceptions as well as some unpublished material.

Contents Include: For Andruzzi: Stop your own pulse...with no gimmicks! And-stop a spectator's pulse without even touching them! No stooges, confirmed by another audience member, this is the real work! A Twisted Palm: During a palm reading, the lines on the spectator's palm apparently move and twist on their own. A stunning combination of linguistics, psychology and neurology. The 7th Deception: A new version of an effect that saw print in 7 Deceptions. Mixing suggestion and magic to achieve a powerful and touching moment as well as a strong performance piece of mentalism. This is the way Luke uses this effect in every show. And If I fall: A coin disappears from the performers hand reappearing in the closed fist of a spectator. Synchronized: A spectator thinks of a time, another spectator amazingly set the hands of a face down watch to the very time thought of by the first spectator. A Darker Dai: A brand new version of an effect that first saw print in 7 Deceptions. Five objects are displayed a spectator is asked to simply cast a shadow over one of the five. While the performers back is turned. Upon turning back around the performer correctly senses which of the objects was selected. All wrapped in a neat story making a wonderful performance piece of strong mentalism. The Burst Bubble Suggestion: A versatile method of causing a spectator to actually feel their thought "pop" out of their mind and into the mind of the performer. All performed in a real world setting and then explained in detail!

mmkentonism.jpg Kentonism [Book][Kenton Knepper]
Kenton's renowned masterwork and his unique styling in the art of suggestion, influence, and apparent "telepathic hypnosis". Since eight years of age, hypnosis and what seemed to be actual magical, mental powers fascinated Kenton. Over the decades, Kenton has created and developed certain secret methods - known to but a very few of Kenton's closest friends. These are the exact methods used by Kenton to create absolute awe and fascination in the minds of Kenton's clients. Kenton has guarded these concepts most jealously. Finally, the full story can be told. What was once legend and myth is now within the grasp of anyone who cares to study and apply these ingenious concepts. So, what is "Kentonism" ? What can you do?

With Kentonism you may appear to: Have a spectator slip into an altered state - just by looking at your business card! Cause a spectator to choose thoughts and objects based on subliminal suggestion. Perform a full "hypnosis " type act, without having to learn or do hypnosis. Write thoughts down on a pad of paper, then stand back, and watch as audience members are compelled to do these things! Apply telepathic and subliminal influence close-up or on stage. Learn legitimate suggestion techniques, and innovative methods created by Kenton. Includes special "subliminal" art designs to copy for your own business cards.

We know what you usually get. This is not a work that uses "all stooges". Of course not - this is Kenton. Kenton has incorporated linguistic deception, dual-reality, and actual suggestion into these unusual principles and applications. Kentonism is a rare look into Mr. Knepper's most secret work. This material is not for the magic hobbyist. This material is not a way to get people to date you. This is the real secret work for thinkers and performers. Kenton wanted to be sure that this amazing work was well within the price range of most serious people. While he could have charged a great deal more for these methods, we are offering it for a real steal. Get this before Kenton snaps out of his trance! Kentonsim is over 60 full size pages in length.

killerelitepro095.jpg Killer Elite Pro [Andy Nyman]
The Killer Elite Pro from Andy Nyman is a "Killer" New Version of his classic effect!

Andy Nyman's "Killer Elite" was not only one of the most successful tricks of its time, but it was also voted "Trick of the Year". Unfortunately it ceased production in early 2005, however it is now back and has been totally redesigned for the working performer. A combination of Andy Nyman's thinking and desire for top quality professional products, we are now proud to bring you Killer Elite Pro.

Even if you own the fantastic original version, you will want to update with this all new pocket sized showpiece.

Complete with stylish custom designed leather wallet, manufactured in high quality leather, real poker chip and full colour movie cards specially printed on credit card stock. No expense has been spared in bringing you this award winning effect in a slick new form.

The performer takes out a small leather wallet and removes a poker-chip and four cards, each bearing the image of a well known movie-killer. These are set out on the table and the performer then asks the spectator to imagine the following scene: All four of the killers are in a room, when all of a sudden the inevitable happens and gun shots are fired.

When the smoke clears only one man is left standing! The survivor is the owner of the poker chip!

The spectator is asked to choose the killer he believes to be the owner of the chip, which is then placed onto the card bearing the image of the chosen survivor.

Amazingly the performer proves that the spectator's selection is the correct one! A Miracle you can carry in your pocket...

mmknockemdeadsmall.jpg Knock Em Dead [Peter Nardi]
A 100% Self Working Impossible Prediction! A spectator deals cards one at a time, face up onto the magician's hand. They may stop dealing any time they like and have a completely free choice of cards. To the amazement of the spectator the magician has predicted the outcome!

Includes Special Bicycle Deck


Lazzarini, Dr. James: Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed [VHS]
$29.95 $9.95 Special Price!

lolitasystembig.jpg Lolita System [Docc Hilford]
Lolita System is a new method for turning a orrowed deck of cards into an automatic killing machine! Docc Hilford has devised a simple yet highly effective system that can be applied to any borrowed deck of cards in minutes, making the free selection of any card or pair of cards instantly known! Here are just a few of the effects possible: Two cards and a word are chosen by three spectators. You hypnotize a woman who reveals the names of the cards and the chosen word! You write three different predictions, each with the spectator's initials on them. The spectators freely select cards and your predictions match the selections! A spectator secretly chooses two coins from their pocket. Another spectator freely chooses two cards. The values of the coins and cards are added together. You know the total, the values of the coins, the names of both cards and even the date on one of the coins! This system took years to develop along with the audience -tested routines. Now you can perform miracles without sleight-of-hand or memory techniques!

Lot O' Magic
The Ultimate Gambling Effect! You display a pen, just like you'd find at the local convenience store, which contains many different balls each having a printed number on it. With the pen you write six lottery numbers on a piece of paper. A spectator is given the pen to shake until six random numbers come down. On close examination the numbers match your prediction! To prove how committed you were to your prediction, you reach into your pocket and pull out a real lottery ticket that also contains the same numbers!! (Lottery Ticket not included, as you would want to purchase one in your own state or country). Your audience will be amazed when everything is handed out for examination!!! A brand new effect from Joe Rindfleisch (author of Elastrix - Volume 2)... NOTE: If you win millions in the Lottery with this effect, please send a small finder's fee to us!!! - Just Kidding!!!

Luckylotto.jpg Lucky Lotto [Danny Archer]
It's a winner! The spectator selects a card and shuffles it back into the pack. Announce you're so confident you'll find their card, you'll offer them $10,000 if you fail! Ops!...you can't find their card. Uh-oh! Of course, you're a tad short of that kind of money at the moment - you spent it all on magic lessons! Evidently by messing up the trick you must have ditched a few classes! Since you don't have scratch, you give them a scratch-off lottery ticket worth $10,000. They scratch off the ticket and, low and behold, find “The Name Of Their Card”! Whew! Some magicians have all the luck. Includes 25 colorful custom printed lottery tickets! Lucky Lotto makes a wonderful souvenir of your performance and a memorable effect!

52on1j.gif Marked Prediction [Rick Marotta]
The Marked Prediction by comedy magician Rick Marotta is a classic new improved version of the 52-on-1 comedy card! This version works great for platform and party performers! First, the magician asks the spectator to name any one of 52 cards from a deck of cards - in full view of the audience is an envelope with the word "PREDICTION" written on the front. For example, the spectator says, "Queen of Clubs" - the magician opens the envelope and pulls out the jumbo card and shows the audience that they were correct in their prediction - the "Queen of Clubs" can clearly be seen among the 52 cards illustrated on the card! Amazing - No, Not Really!! But Funny!!! This is where the similarity ends... Now the magician offers to repeat the effect - this will leave both spectators (and even fellow magicians) Howling!!! Magician takes out a dry erase marker (not supplied), and "Marks" the "Prediction" on the large plastic "dry erase type" PLAYING CARD! Spectator calls out any Card - for example, the "7 of Diamonds", and when the magician turns around the "Prediction Card" it is clearly "Marked" with the Correct "Prediction"!!! Now that is AMAZING!!!

hrmavenvidset.jpg Maven, Max - VideoMind - Phase 1: Parlor Mentalism [DVD]
Phase 1: Parlor Mentalism covers the type of mentalism that has to be performed under what can be the most difficult conditions - performing for a medium sized audience with no formal stage setting to focus attention. Sight lines are often poor, and people must be drawn into the experience even if they can't see everything clearly. Too, you may be working surrounded, so you'd better be sure there are no angle problems. And, as it's likely to be a social occasion filled with potential distractions, your material needs to be compelling from the very first moment: intriguing presentations that build to powerful conclusions. This DVD features a range of commercial Parlor Mentalism. No pre-show work, no secret assistance; this is practical material for the solo performer, using subtle and unusual methods that are as fascinating as the effects they produce.

"I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him." - Dai Vernon "This man is dangerous." - Muhammad Ali "The most original mind in magic." - Orson Welles

DVD Special Feature: Includes exclusive bonus photo gallery not contained on video release

    You'll learn:
  • The Mockingbird - A sampling from the fabled "Birds of Prey" series. At its core, an inexplicable demonstration of playing card telepathy - but you'll discover how audience participation and an unfolding plot structure can transform an already strong effect into a full - fledged routine.
  • Autome - An extraordinary book test using plain, ungimmicked props under the fairest conditions. This is a remarkable routine in and of itself, but it also introduces principles for which you'll find a host of other uses. Divine Write - (Previously Unrevealed): Mutual mentalism with built - in appeal. The performer tries an imposing experiment in clairvoyance, working simultaneously with a member of the audience. Despite the overwhelming odds, the outcome is successful for both!
  • Zenvelopes: - A test of intuition using several participants and a number of ESP symbol cards hidden inside opaque envelopes. These are thoroughly mixed by the spectators, who then pair them off by playing their hunches. When the contents are examined, all the symbols have matched perfectly.
  • Kurotsuke - (Previously Unrevealed) An ancient game from the imperial court of Japan is turned into a delightful routine of stand - up mentalism that lets several people get involved. And, best of all, it can be done entirely impromptu using only borrowed materials. The Mind's Eye Deck - A pack of some 40 design cards is used. Each one is different, and the deck is shuffled. While the performer's back is turned, a spectator removes a card. Without turning around, the mentalist starts describing the thought - of design, eventually drawing it on a pad of paper. It's as straightforward as that.
  • Running Time: 1 Hour 9 Minutes.


hrmavenvidset.jpg Maven, Max - VideoMind - Phase 2: Close-up Mentalism[DVD]
Phase 2: Close-Up Mentalism is perhaps the most intimate form of entertainment that can be presented in public. It requires a delicate interplay in order to achieve a balance between the charming and the disquieting. This is material designed for very small groups, or even working one - on - one. This DVD features a range of commercial Close - Up Mentalism. No pre - show work, no secret assistance; this is practical material for the solo performer, using subtle and unusual methods that are as fascinating as the effects they produce.

"I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him." - Dai Vernon "This man is dangerous." - Muhammad Ali "The most original mind in magic." - Orson Welles

DVD Special Feature: Includes exclusive bonus photo gallery not contained on video release

    You'll learn:
  • Shape - Up (Previously Unrevealed) - One card has been removed from as ESP deck. A person is invited to deal through the rest of the pack, turning cards face - up one by one and stopping at any time. The stopped - at symbol is the same as on the card that was previously set aside.
  • Changeling - A pleasingly simple routine using a handful of ordinary coins, in which the mentalist successfully predicts precisely how many coins will be selected by the spectator.
  • Isolation - The participant chooses which of several unprepared magazines will be used. That is opened to a random page, from which a random word is noted while the performer's head is turned away. In a convincing telepathic display, the mentalist extracts the word from the person's mind.
  • Key To The Future - An amiable variation on the classic "Seven Keys to Baldpate" effect using an ungimmicked padlock and several keys, only one of which can open the lock. This time it is the spectator whose psychic abilities are tested. Will the working key be located - and will the performer know the outcome in advance?
  • Symbalance (Previously Unrevealed) - A standard pack of ESP symbol cards is employed along with two participants. The mentalist divines the first person's thought - of design. He then discerns the second person's symbol with an offbeat demonstration of "tactile intuition.";
  • Positive Negative - A lesson in spectator management in the form of an engaging bit of prognostic pantomime with a baffling payoff. Better yet, it's completely impromptu - you an do it with a moment's notice,using borrowed items.
  • The Hawk - Another impossible card routine from the "Birds of Prey" series. Two spectators select and replace cards while the performer's back is turned. They also shuffle the deck. Nevertheless, the mentalist deals through the face - down pack and stops on one selection, then tops that by promptly naming the other.
  • Running Time: 57 min.


hrmavenvidset.jpg Maven, Max - VideoMind - Phase 3: Stage Mentalism [DVD]
Phase 3: Stage Mentalism Covers formal performance conditions: a stage, a schedule, and the obligation to entertain an audience of paying customers. What you need for this type of situation is material that will allow you to connect with a large group; routines that are efficiently structured for maximum impact so that they'll generate interest, maintain a robust energy level, and hold the spectators' attention from start to finish.

"I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him." - Dai Vernon "This man is dangerous." - Muhammad Ali "The most original mind in magic." - Orson Welles

DVD Special Feature: Includes exclusive bonus photo gallery not contained on video release

    You'll Learn:
  • Goal Mine (Previously Unrevealed) - This is an ideal opener: a routine of mental persuasion that serves to establish the performer's credentials, gets several audience members involved, has a climax that virtually guarantees laughter and applause - and all of the props can fit in your breast pocket.
  • Tossed - Out Tech (Previously Unrevealed) - One of the most valuable techniques of mentalism has also been one of the least understood - until now. This section covers an effect that has been a feature item in Max Maven's professional repertoire for over two decades. This is not a basic "bare bones" description; it is an in - depth analysis; knowledge developed through years of study, and honed during thousands of performances. The information that is disclosed here constitutes a virtual "post-graduate course" in mentalism.
  • Khan Artist (Previously Unrevealed) - The performer forecasts how members of the audience will rearrange a set of symbols. The props are so uncomplicated, so innocent in appearance....it's no wonder that this deceptively simple effect has hoodwinked some of the keenest minds in the business.
  • Contimental - Could there be more direct exhibition of mindreading? Consider this: A spectator thinks of an international location; the mentalist reveals it. The end. There's no advance work, nothing is written down, and there are no props required. You can even perform this over the telephone
  • Psign - A prediction, quick and to the point. A large board is displayed, back - out. A spectator selects one of eight different designs, which proves to be the very one printed on the front of the board. The participant can stay seated in the audience - leaving the performer alone on stage at the finish, to accept all of the applause.
  • Running Time: 55min.


MentalEpicLarge453.jpg Mental Epic [Large / Paint Finish]
This is certainly one of the best effects in Mentalism! This Mental Epic [Large / Paint Finish] makes performing this incredible effect a piece of cake! The is Straight Forward Classic Mentalism!

The Magician makes three Predictions on a Large Brilliant Color Painted Slate of either Words, Numbers, Symbols, etc., selected by three random members of the audience.

Amazingly, all of these Predictions made earlier by the Magician are found to be absolutely correct!

This is one of the finest Mentalism effects ever conceived. It is suitable for presentation under all conditions, including Party and Cabaret, and can be performed completely surrounded!

The Large Size of the Slate permits you to use this for Stage Performances as well. Included beautiful Mental Epic and full routine!

MentalEpicPine408.jpg Mental Epic [Large / Pine Finish]
Our Mental Epic [Large/ Pine Finish] is one of the nicest made Mental Epic effects we have seen in years at a lower cost. The effect is a Class - a Large Slate is displayed that is marked off into 6 equal squares, as pictured. The "psychic" Magician makes a Prediction regarding the future thoughts of a spectator. It is written in one of the top squares and covered so as not to influence the audience.

A spectator is then asked for any random thought, such as a Name, Color, Number, etc. This is written below the Magicians Prediction and remains in full view. Twice more the Magician makes Predictions, and their random thoughts are recorded on the Slate in a like manner.

When the Magician Reveals their 3 Separate Predictions, they Match Exactly the Spectators Random Thoughts!!! Incredible!!! No Re-Setting! Mechanical Magic at it's Best! Predictions Different Each Time! Includes Deluxe Pine Finish Mental Epic proudly Manufactured in the United States, and Full Routine.

Mental Prediction Board
The Mental Prediction Board gives you the ability to perform professional mentalism at an amateur price! Three separate predictions are revealed and all match the spectator's thoughts. This one effect can be a reputation maker for the amateur magician. The Mental Prediction Board can even be examined by your spectators. This trick works especially well with the Svengali Deck available in the Card Magic Department.

predictionboardmke.gif Mental Prediction Board [Dry Erase] [Mikame]
$279.95 $259.95 Special Price!
Manufactured in Japanese Oak hand screened pristine finish. The Mental Prediction Board [Dry Erase] by Mikame is a beautiful piece of magic apparatus, with a Dry Erase Board built in for maximum deception. NO Resetting! Completely Mechanical! Size 11 1/4" ht. & 16 1/4" width. Prediction magic has been well established as a genre of the mental tricks. Their techniques are really quite diversified. Some kind of preparatory operation is always required to perform a prediction magic. This MC PREDICTION BOARD, on the contrary, requires almost NO preparation. You can simply start performance any time and any where. Furthermore, there is no need of applying " magicians choice". Conventional device of this kind is generally impossible to be examined. MC PREDICTION BOARD can be handed over to a spectator and examined. A spectator is asked for any random thought, such as a name, color, number, etc. This is written below the magicians prediction and remains in full view. Twice more predictions are made and random thoughts recorded in a like manner. When the magicians predictions are revealed, they match exactly the spectators random thought.

Please Note: As Mikame has passed away, we will not be able to stock this item any longer. Once they are sold, these highly collectible effects will only increase in price.

mentalyarnsm.jpg Mental Yarn [Bill Goldman]
Mental Yarn from Bill Goldman is a diabolical, do anywhere mind reading miracle! The magician asks a spectator to think of an object from a printed list. The selection process is extremely fair. Yet, even before the spectator makes their selection, the magician knows what object they are destined to pick! This is thought reading the way it was meant to be. This is the basic effect of Mental Yarn. Direct, stunning mind reading. However, there are many different ways to present the effect. For an example, two spectators can assist the magician, each one selecting a different object. Of course, the magician reads both of their thoughts. The trick is suitable for use on stage, close-up or even over the phone or on the radio! In fact, Bill Goldman has closed many a contract by performing Mental Yarn on the phone with prospective clients. Mental Yarn has even been performed on the BBC and stunned millions of viewers! Keep in mind these points: The Mental Yarn trick can be repeated with different results, No set-up or re sets, fits in your pocket, yet large enough to play on stage! Extremely easy to do. Numerous presentation ideas supplied, and arrives complete with booklet of routines, tips and ideas, plus three different versions of Mental Yarn.

mindcon.gif Mind Control

mindreaders.jpg Mind Readers [William V. Rauscher]
William V. Rauscher presents an array of past and present unusual personalities in the field of psychic entertainment and private readings. Like a vaudeville show, the performers appear in a series of acts that confuse, confound and perplex their followers, and create ethical issues for laymen, researchers, and magicians. This assemblage is a potpourri of remarkable characters whose talents, skills, performance styles, personalities and approaches vary greatly. For want of a better term, they are The Mind Readers, and they are "Masters of Deception". The players presented want their audiences to believe they possess strange powers. Their language capabilities, knowledge of psychology, and sheer nerve combine to accomplish their purpose, and offer a lesson in the dynamics of mind control. You will enjoy this book as a performance-a tour-through a labyrinth of colorful, perplexing and enigmatic people who are committed to making you believe.

Contents: Act One - Behind the Scenes. Act Two - Five Mentalist Pacesetters. Act Three - Personalities-Talented But Confusing. Act Four - Prominent Tricksters. Act Five - Mentalism-On the Stage and On the Page. Act Six - They Amaze the World! Intermission. Act Seven - More Mind Manipulators. Act Eight - A Potpourri of Puzzlers. Act Nine - Charming Performers With Clever Minds. Act Ten - Bizarre and Benign Image Makers. Act Eleven - Cold Readers-Psychic Entertainers. Act Twelve - Mentalists and Ethical Conduct. Finale Cast of Characters. Hardbound with dustjacket, 172 pages.

Mind, Myth & Magick [T.A. Waters]

mmmindsinfocussmall.jpg Minds in Focus [Trevor Duffy]
A thought of card is cleverly located by a spectator! The magician casually spreads a deck of cards face-up, showing that they are well shuffled. He then squares them up and turns the deck face-down. After pointing out the fact that each card in the deck has been numbered, in order from 1 to 52 he announces that he will think of a card and states what it is, for example the Two of Hearts. After he has committed to this card, he asks a spectator to just think of any number between 1 and 52 and then call it out loud. The magician deals down to that position in the deck to find the Two of Hearts!
  • Completely Self-Working
  • No Sleight of Hand
  • Instantly Resets
  • Includes Special Printed Deck
  • Available in Two Versions-Two of Hearts and Five of Spades


mmmissingthemarksmall.jpg Missing the Mark
This will fast become one of your favorite blow-them-away tricks. The spectator will never guess how the magician could have known the spectator's card they picked while his back was turned! That's right, the magician tells the spectator to cut to any card and place it behind their back. By simply putting the cards in the case he instantly knows the card they picked. You can even use Missing the mark to locate any card. This fooled them all at the winter Carnival of magic this year.
  • No Plastic Indexes
  • No Threads
  • No Rough and Smooth
  • Available in Red or Blue Bicycle


mummy.gif Mummy Mystery [Plastic Sarcophagus]
With Mummy Mystery the magician displays three Mummies of three different colors Red, Yelllow, and Green.The mummies are handed over to the spectator, along with a box (coffin), and the spectator is invited to place any mummy he fancies into the coffin, close it, and place the coffin on the table. The other mummies are concealed by the spectator so that there is no clue to the magician of the color mummy that was placed in the coffin. The performer reveals the color, without touching the coffin or even going near it. Mummy Mystery is perfect for all ages!! A trick your Mummy will love!!!

mkmummymystery.jpg Mummy Mystery [Wood Sarcophagus]
With Mummy Mystery the magician displays three Mummies of three different colors Red, Yelllow, and blue.The mummies are handed over to the spectator, along with a box (coffin), and the spectator is invited to place any mummy he fancies into the coffin, close it, and place the coffin on the table. The other mummies are concealed by the spectator so that there is no clue to the magician of the color mummy that was placed in the coffin. The performer reveals the color, without touching the coffin or even going near it. Mummy Mystery is perfect for all ages!! A trick your Mummy will love!!!

Tenyo2008MysticScope Mystic Scope [Tenyo 2008 / T-230]
$46.95 $41.95 Special Price!
New for 2008 - Professional Magic from Tenyo! - Be the 1st to perform this New Trick!
Mystic Scope is one of the most intriguing mentalism effects that Tenyo has ever invented – brand new for 2008! Show four coins, and allow your spectator to secretly choose one. With your back turned, have the spectator insert the coins into four separate frames. When you peer through the Mystic Scope, you can instantly divine the chosen coin! But wait – there’s more! In another presentation, ask a spectator to secretly write down a friend's name on a slip of paper. Let other audience members peer through the Mystic Scope, and they'll be able to reveal the chosen name! This makes the perfect presentation for parties and family get-togethers. At the end of your performance, nobody else will be able to unlock the power of the Mystic Scope, due to its clever construction.

mknailsmall.jpg Nail
No sleight of hand. Not an optical illusion. Gimmick is undetectable. Quality made in Europe. Repeat instantly.

newspaperpredsm.jpg Newspaper Prediction [Eduardo Kozuch]
With the Newspaper Prediction five envelopes are presented - each one containing a different sheet of newspaper which are clearly displayed. A spectator selects one of the envelopes and the sheet inside. The magician tears the selected sheet into dozens of tiny squares. Then the magician asks the spectator to choose one of the pieces at random (there's no force!), and to read the news item they have randomly arrived at in a loud, clear voice. At the same time, the magician reveals a prediction they wrote before the show. It is the same as the wording in the randomly selected piece of newsprint! Remember these points: With the Newspaper Prediction there is no complicated memory work or technique required. No switches of paper or torn pieces. The spectator has a completely free choice of the torn pieces. Newspaper Prediction comes with material for 50 performances!

Newspaper Seance [Dave Powell]

occult.gif Occult Telepathic

Paramiracles [Ted Lesley]

mmpeekperformancessmall.jpg Peek Performances [Richard Busch]
The ultimate treatise on securing secret information: center tears, book tests, card peeks, billets and psychological forces; even an impromptu Mother Of All Book Tests. "Peek Performances is a must-have! The most creative and original look at billets and peeks in years! "Ted Karmilovich, Jr., Creator of the Mother Of All Book Tests "If you want the real work, take the time to carefully read what's inside." Ford Kross, Psychic Entertainer and Hypnotist, Author of Suggestive Mentalism "In a clear, concise and easy to read manner, Mr. Busch covers one of the most important subjects to our art...the secret gathering of information and, just as important, the revelation of this information to our audiences. No props, no convoluted plot line or long sequenced, boring tricks, just clear, direct, to the point effects that look as close to real mind reading as one can possibly get. This is a book designed to give you lesson after lesson to be read, digested and developed, year after year." Paul Alberstat, Canada's Leading Mentalist.

Hardbound, 209 Pages


mmpensationsm.jpg Pensation [Werry]
Secretly obtain written information from spectators! You hand a pen and notepad to a spectator, who is asked to think of any easy geometrical shape-a square, triangle, etc. The magician turns his back to prevent him from seeing anything and the spectator draws this figure on the notepad. While the magician still has his back turned the spectator is also instructed to draw a few other figures in different places on the pad to make knowing their thought-of figure impossible. Once the spectator is finished the magician turns back around and retrieves the pad and pen. After a few moments of concentration, he crosses out all but one of the drawings which turns out to be the spectator's selection! Pensation is and ingenious gimmick that does all the work for you. Use any pen! Pensation also works with words, colors, numbers, birthdays and more.

mmperfectguess.jpg Perfect Guess
With Perfect Guess the magician displays an ordinary small toy ball and gives it to a member of the audience to hold. The spectator is instructed to place both hands behind their back and hide the ball in either hand. Keeping both fists closed so the magician couldn't possibly know which hand the ball is in, they place both hands next to the performer's temples and stare straight into his eyes. Without a single question or any funny business whatsoever, the performer can instantly name which hand holds the ball-every single time without fail! Perfect Guess includes plastic ball and instructions, along with the ingenious secret gimmick

Perspex Prediction
Perspex Prediction will fool the best of Magicians and Mentalists! A prediction made and sealed in an envelope - it is the name of a playing card yet to be selected by a member of the audience. The performer then displays a transparent plastic board with six playing cards attached to it horizontally. The board is permantly numbered 1 through 6 next to these individual cards. Five of the numbers are directly eliminated by the audiences spoken choices. The card next to the remaining number is removed from the board. Performer shows this last remaining card. It perfectly matches the performer's earlier prediction that was sealed in the envelope!!! There's no force of a card or number! The full face and back of the cards are seen throughout the effect! All cards are different, with no duplicate cards! Clean and direct! Could this be genuine mindreading?

typhantoma.gif Phantoma [Tenyo T-177]
$37.95 $34.95 Special Price!
Phantoma is the new Haunted House Mystery! A mysterious spook seems to inhabit a small haunted house. Even though the house is obviously empty, suddenly, when you shake it, an object can be heard inside rattling around - it must be Phantoma the house ghost! Dump the ghost into an beautiful empty silk-like handkerchief and the form of the ghost can be seen trying to get out. The ghost vanishes from the hanky and comes back to the house where he can be heard again. Immediately hand the haunted house out to your audience, but they can find no trace of the spirit visitor. Whatever you do, don’t throw away the instructions to this magic trick before you read them, otherwise you will never figure out the secret of Phantoma! Routine and Ghost House design by Tomoyuki Shimomura. One of the most popular of the recent Tenyo effects. Now includes Japanese Packaging and Japanese Instructions, as well as English Instructions...

PowerBall60USFront077.jpg Power Ball 60 [US Version]

EFFECT: Have a spectator think of any number between 1 and 60 and to imagine that number as their secret winning lottery number. For fun, hand them your used scratch tickets and ask them to see how many winners they would have had.

By this simple action alone... YOU NOW KNOW THE EXACT NUMBER THEY ARE THINKING OF! * SIMPLE TO DO! * 100% ACCURATE EVERYTIME. * INSTANTLY REPEATABLE as many times as you want with DIFFERENT NUMBERS every time! * No sleight of hand. The tickets do all the work for you! * Completely EXAMINABLE. * Nothing to replace. Use this over and over.

Finally a magic prop THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A MAGIC PROP! POWERBALL 60 is the perfect covert tool to throw into your wallet. No need for peeks, impressions or special wallets. With Powerball 60, the tickets do all the work for you.

With the simple and natural action of asking the spectator to see how many winning tickets they would have had, your very special set of Powerball 60 tickets will openly reveal to you any number from 1 to 60 that the spectator is thinking of.

What's fantastic about the method is that it is so natural that even the most observant spectator will have no clue how it's done or that you have even done anything at all.

The possibilities are endless:

* READ one or several minds at once! * PREDICT their winning LOTTERY NUMBER in advance...in a sealed envelope! * Read Minds FROM 50 FEET AWAY. * Perform POWERBALL ON STAGE for hundreds of people. * All this and so much more...right out of your wallet!

Comes complete with Powerball Training DVD and custom designed REAL scratch lottery tickets.

PLUS: Upon purchase you will receive access to PowerGuide, A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. 30 pages jam packed with amazing ideas and the keys to unlocking the hidden secrets of your POWERBALL tickets.

Available in versions for: USA and Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom,

Please Note: If you would like to see a photo of the back of the packaging, click on Trick Photo or on "Blue Highlighted" Trick Name. If you would like one of the other versions, please write it in the comment section of your order, or US Version will ship.

mmpsychoballsmall.jpg Psycho Ball [Magic Effex]
Psycho Ball is a Truly Mind-Boggling Experiment Of Mind Over Matter. The magician sets a small ball onto a transparent base and walks completely away from the table. There are no strings attached. A spectator is invited to set a large glass over the ball and base to insure that there is no trickery or any attachements to the ball. As the magician sets his thoughts on the ball, it takes on a life of its own, falling off the base and rolling onto the table! Immediately the glass is removed and everything may be immediately examined! Very easy to do.

RevelationsShirt086a Revelations Shirt [Includes Instructional DVD][Jay Sankey]
The Revelations Shirt looks just like a very cool black t-shirt with a few hip, understated designs, but hidden in the graphics of the shirt are SEVEN incredible revelations including three different selected cards, the date on a borrowed coin, a classic mathematical force, and even two different ESP symbols! Perfect for both magicians and mentalists, the Revelations Shirt is the ultimate secret weapon!

FOLD #1: A card is selected and the spectator shows it to her friends. (It's the Ace of Diamonds! Shhh!) The magician draws attention to the intricate pattern on his hip black t-shirt and mentions that the pattern is "a combination of a Rorschach inkblot and a crystal ball." The audience is skeptical, but the magician asks everyone to stare at the pattern and concentrate on the image of the selected card. "Do you see it on my shirt?" he asks. When everyone admits they don't, the magician offers to "make it a little easier to see" and with a single fold of the shirt the image of A SINGLE LARGE DIAMOND suddenly appears!

FOLD #2: Everyone is still freaking out over the appearance of the Ace of Diamonds shape when the magician suggests, "Let's try it again." This time someone only PEEKS at a card (it’s the Two of Hearts) and holds the pack in their own hands. Once again the performer asks the spectator to concentrate on the card they have in mind and focus on the front of the black t-shirt. And again, with just a single quick fold of the shirt TWO LARGE HEARTS appear!

Now everyone REALLY loses it!

THE TAG: A card is selected and the magician says, "If I don't find your card, I'll give you the shirt off my back, okay? Don't get too excited ladies. And just so you know, the shirt is 100% cotton, not polyester, so it's quite a prize." But when the magician executes a fancy flourish and turns over the top card, it's NOT the selected card. He tries again, but again fails to find the card the spectator has in mind. "Well, I DID say if I failed to find your card I'd give you the shirt off my back. And like I said, it's 100% cotton. Just take a look at the label." The performer rolls back the collar of the shirt and pulls out the tag and everyone sees a large image of the selected card PRINTED ON THE LABEL!

THE DATE: The date of a borrowed coin magically appears on the front of the shirt! Or you can have four cards selected and they turn out to be an Ace, a 9, an 8 and a 6…all perfectly matching the 1986 date ON THE FRONT OF THE SHIRT!

THE NUMBER PREDICTION: The wonder worker admits to having "some psychic abilities" and suggests a test. He asks a spectator to think of ANY 3-digit number and write it down on a business card or cocktail napkin. (And it really is a free choice!) The performer turns his back on the audience to make sure he can't 'get a peek' and instructs the spectator to carry out a few simple calculations with the freely selected number. When the spectator arrives at a final total everybody suddenly notices that the exact same number is PRINTED ON THE BACK OF THE MAGICIAN’S T-SHIRT!

ESP FORCE #1: Using a collection of ESP symbol cards printed on the back of the Revelations Shirt, Max Maven's classic 'Finger Chart Force' is taken to a whole NEW LEVEL OF AMAZEMENT! Watch the video preview to see this mind-bender in action!

ESP FORCE #2: Jay experimented for a long time trying to figure out a way to REPEAT the "Finger Chart Force" and arrive at a DIFFERENT symbol - and Jay figured it out! This repeat demonstration is the ultimate psychic convincer!

THE SHIRT: Inspired by the Diesel™ brand of hip, high-end casual clothing, each Revelations Shirt is manufactured from 100% pure ultra cotton and the graphics are printed with a "soft white" ink to give the shirt a hip, pre-washed and 'worn-in' look. And the intricate design on the front of the shirt features a very subtle combination of arrows, snakes, stars and hieroglyphics for a very cool design that is both universal and timeless.

Instead of being a cheap-looking shirt that shouts, "Look at me, I'm a dorky magician!" the Revelations Shirt is the kind of cool, goes-with-anything t-shirt that will fit right in with your own casual style. The Revelations Shirt is also the perfect way to show off your 'guns!'

ORDER THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU: The Revelations Shirt is available only in Black [of course!] and in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. To make sure you have enough room to easily fold the front of the Revelations Shirt, please order a Size that is 1 size Larger than the Size you usually wear. For example, Jay is a small guy (5” 5’ and 155 lbs) and he usually wears a LARGE Revelations Shirt!

THE DVD: Along with the complete details on all 7 mind-blowing revelations, the full-length DVD also explores such questions as, "Is it better to reveal the hidden symbols slowly or quickly?" And, "With mathematical forces is it better to involve a calculator or just use pen and paper?"

Jay also shares a ton of subtle psychological pointers learned over countless performances with the Revelations Shirt in the real world.

The DVD also includes valuable information on:

5 COIN SWITCHES including the Bobo Switch, Thumb Palm Switch, Palm-to-Palm Switch, Shuttle Pass Switch and Jay's own "Perfect Coin Switch."

5 MULIPLE CARD FORCES including the Crimped Pack force, Vernon Substitute Transfer, Riffle Force, Henry Christ Force plus Jay's clever work on the classic Criss Cross Force that makes it even more deceptive!

11 SINGLE CARD FORCES including the Second Deal Force, Wichita Slip, Spread Force, Buckle Force, Double Lift Force, Topper Peek Force, Topper Pull-Out Force, Classic Force, Dribble Force, Mentalist's Equivoque and Jay's handling tips with half a Forcing pack.

The Revelations Shirt! Perform just one or two of the revelations and completely freak people out or perform several of them together and START YOUR OWN RELIGION!

Wear your act on your back!!! Whether you perform Magic, Mentalism or both, the Revelations Shirt is a perfect addition to your act! Comes complete with specially printed Shirt, Tag, and exciting instructional DVD featuring a powerful collection of Jay's favorite single and multiple card forces! Running Time: Approximately 80minutes!

Please Note: To view some of the artwork on the Revelations Shirt click on “BLUE TRICK NAME” at top of Listing…

mmrightwritesm.jpg Right Write Trick [Andy Leviss]
An incredible utility device for mentalists and magicians, the Right Write is a clever tool for secretly obtaining information in the fairest possible manner. Best of all, it happens right in front of the spectators! Here are just a couple of the many possible routines: Three people are asked to concentrate on random objects of their own choosing. While your back is turned, they write the objects down and the selections are mixed together. One at a time, without any fishing or hesitation, you reveal each selection! Or... While your back is turned, three people draw little stick figures. The figures are mixed while you explain that people often reveal parts of their personality through the drawings they make. When you turn back you're able to instantly reveal who made which drawing.
  • No marks of any kind.
  • Use any paper, even your business cards.
  • No moves, no setup and no reset
  • The included special pens look completely normal and may be completely examined.
  • Comes complete with three special Bic pens and instructions for two routines, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


satanicbooktest059s.jpg Satanic Book Test [Brad Henderson]
Brad Henderson finally divulges one of his acclaimed feature performance pieces. This is without a doubt the most topical and hilarious booktest on the market today. Plus, the Satanic Booktest will fool even the most critical of audiences. How? Because Brad tips every last detail that has gone into making the Satanic Booktest the incredible, hilarious piece of magic that it is. the Satanic Booktest is a full 8 minute, tongue in cheek, comedy routine featuring the three most Evil books ever written, an amazing demonstration of mind reading, and a surprise magical happening which will have your audience’s holding their sides with laughter. With a handful of books available at any well stocked bookstore, a touch of preparation, and some thoughtful practice, you too can add this feature presentation to your show. Note: This routine is for the serious professional who wants to add 8 minutes of solid, killer material to their show or the dedicated student who wishes to learn how a truly creative and commercial magical routine is constructed. If you are a dabbler just looking for clever methods to play with, The Satanic Booktest is not for you. However, if you appreciate masterful scripting and methodological subtlety that borders on the devious, then you need the Satanic Book Test. What People Are Saying:

"I’ve seen this act performed in front of magicians and lay people, old and young, business conservatives to nightlife hipsters - one thing is constant - it always entertains! I can’t believe he is releasing this piece now when it is at the zenith of its value...The best parts for me are in learning how a worker thinks about the show and the audience. Brad obviously cares a lot for both." - Sam Haine

SecretsOfDrTaoDoccHilford770.jpg Secrets of Dr. Tao [Docc Hilford

Sense-ational Perception
Light, Power and Magic Imagine: Under the most scrupulous conditions, the mentalist is able to announce the correct words, numbers, or pictures created by the audience with amazing accuracy. Even after such testing of the most incredible feats of mental ability, the mentalist is still able to know precisely what is given! Imagine: The demonstrator introduces a psychic, who is seated blindfolded with their back to the audience. The demonstrator invites several people up from the audience, all of whom are asked to write a letter, number, or word on an un-gimmicked clipboard. They can even have a free selection of a card! The possibilities here are limitless! Each time, the psychic is able to correctly divine each individual's chosen thought or item! Sense-ational Perception is an electronic queuing device for a two-person mentalist act enabling you to perform all the above and so much more. The possibilities are endless for this wonderful state-of-the-art device, and once you perform with it onstage, you'll never be without it!

mmshortcircuitsmall.jpg Short Circuit [Christian Rodd]
The magician writes down a prediction on a piece of paper and hands it to a spectator for safe keeping. He then displays four cards which each contain a design similar to an electronic circuit board along with four different colored "fuses." A spectator is asked to set each of the different fuses in front of any card they like. The cards are then turned over, revealing four sets of 4 digit numbers. The four different sets of numbers are printed in the same colors as the four fuses. Whichever color fuse the spectator set in front of each card determines which number will be used from that card. These four selections are added together and it matches the magician's prediction exactly! Short Circuit is instantly repeatable with a different prediction and outcome!

somethingnothingsm102.jpg Something from Nothing [Angelo Stagnaro]
Something from Nothing represents the first and only mentalism/magic title simultaneously printed in two languages (German and English.) The 1st edition of the German version of this book was sold out in six-weeks. The book is currently on it’s second printing and the English version is finally available. It is has an excellent foreword by Germany's foremost mentalist, Ted Lesley. Something from Nothing explores the topic of cold reading on a very practical level. The title was chosen to express the idea that the mentalist should be able to come on stage unaided and, with nothing in hand, simply read a spectator's mind. Many topics are explored including: performance philosophy, precognition, telepathy, body language, voice inflection, developing one’s intuitive sense, deductive reasoning, cultural anthropology, muscle reading, equivoque, casual observations, contact mind reading, medical observations, the skillful use of personal charm and psychology forces. The book also contains horoscopy and tarot cards notes. Something from Nothing comes with a large glossary of mentalist terms, an extensive mentalism bibliography and a collection of cold reading one-liners. This 148-page, hard covered text has already been praised by Europe’s top mentalists!.

spiritnutbig.jpg Spirit Nut [Brass]
Spirit Nut is a classic magic trick! The magician threads a solid brass nut onto a length of cord. A classic magic effect in the style of brema. The only way off the cord is its ends - until the magician goes to work. With a spectator holding both ends of the cord tightly, the magician removes the nut from the cord with the greatest of ease!

Spirit Nut [Brema / Viking]
The Spirit Nut [Brema / Viking] is the best quality version of this classic effect. Were a solid brass nut magically escapes from a shoe lace held by a spectator on both ends.

Spirit Slates
With the Spirit Slates you can make ‘Spirit Messages' mystically appear! Two pocket size slates, made of colorful plastic, are shown on all sides, to prove they are blank. The slates are then 'rubberbanded' together, and a playing card is freely selected by a spectator. When opened, one of the slates has a mystery message written on it - "The Name of the Selected Card"! A real miracle! That's only one of the many tricks you can do with this set of Spirit Slates. We highly recommend the Svengali Deck (available in our Card Magic Department) for use with this trick. Instructions are included for many more startling effects... all easy to do!

The Tel-A-Vision is the ‘Color Vision' Outdone! Now you can demonstrate your E.S.P. ability through your magic color vision by revealing secretly selected colored symbols. A small plastic box and cube with a different ‘Color / Picture' spot on each side are examined. Spectator secretly places cube in box remembering topmost color and puts on the lid. The magician is handed the sealed box, then correctly names the chosen color! This is one great pocket trick! Everything may be passed for inspection. No skill is required! Seems impossible, but is easy to do - even for the youngest child! One of the most amazing effects recently performed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by Kelsey the Magnificent!

mktempusfugit.jpg Tempus Fugit [Mark Mason]

Tenyo2012PsychicMoneyT-248Insert.jpg Tenyo Psychic Money [Tenyo 2012 / T-248]
$32.95 $29.95 Special Price!
Tenyo has done it again for 2012 with their new Tenyo Psychic Money T-248! Psychic Money is actually 2 Tricks in 1! In this Supernatural Effect, you show that you have the Power to Move a Bill with the Power of your Mind. Borrow a Bill from your Spectator, and Balance it on the Pencil Tip. Hold Your Hands Near the Bill, and it Will Start to Rotate! You can Control the Bill Without Touching It, Causing It to Stop, or Even Rotate in the Opposite Direction! In the Second Presentation, you can make the Bill Adhere to, and Drop Away from the Pencil Tip, Completely at your Command! The gimmick is cleverly hidden, making it appear as if you are using nothing more that ordinary household items. This effect is only available in Japanese Packaging, with both Japanese and English Instructions [for a photo of the Japanese Package, you can click on the “Blue” Trick Name above].

Tenyo2012ThirdEyeT-250Insert.jpg Tenyo Third Eye [Tenyo 2012 / T-250 / Luber Fiedler]
$37.95 $34.95 Special Price!
In 2012, Tenyo has teamed up again with Genius Creator Lubor Fiedler to create his New Masterpiece Tenyo Third Eye T-250! It’s hard to believe that this is Tenyo #250 – it seems like only yesterday when we were still in the Tenyo effect numbers below 50 or was it 25! Luber Fiedler has Unleashed his Latest Magical Creation for all of our Performing Enjoyment! Until now, it was Inconceivable that you could give any Random Person the Ability to Read Another Person's Mind! The Tenyo Third Eye allows you to do just that! Place the Third Eye in the Space between someone's Eyebrows, and that Person ONLY will be Able to Locate a Selected Card! Nobody else will have a clue how they did it! Perform this at a Party or other Gathering, and your Audience will all want to try! Whoever Wears the Third Eye Can Read the Minds of Others! This Magic Routine is as Amusing as it is Amazing! The Unique-looking Eye, Combined with the Fascinating Presentations, Will Make you the Talk of any Party or Social Gathering! We’re Reading Your Mind Right Now with the Third Eye, and we know that you want to Buy this Great New Effect! This effect is only available in Japanese Packaging, with both Japanese and English Instructions [for a photo of the Japanese Package, you can click on the “Blue” Trick Name above].

thinkbig.jpg Think! [Tony Parx]
The Princess Card Trick? Not quite! Five cards are removed from an envelope. A spectator is asked to think of any one. Instantly, the thought of card vanishes from the spread and is removed from the envelope - which has been in full view on the table throughout! As soon as they think of the card, it's gone! No sleights required, just Think! All necessary cards (quality printed on Bicycle stock) and complete detailed directions included.

mmthoughttransfersm.jpg Thought Transfer [Magiceffex]
The magician displays a small table with a black plastic card stand with five different ESP cards. A spectator is asked to simply think of any of the symbols, without naming it. Now, the magician takes all five cards off the stand and looks through them himself. He takes four of the cards away and places them into his pocket, placing the single remaining card back onto the stand without showing its face. The spectator is asked to name his thought-of card, the performer reveals the card on the stand and its a perfect match! Thought Transfer comes with card stand (which may be taken apart for portability), ESP cards and detailed instructions.

TopShelfDoccHilford509.jpg Top Shelf [Docc Hilford]

mmtotaldestinysmall.jpg Total Destiny [Meir Yedid]
Based on the work of Walter Gibson, Maurice Kraitchik, Mel Stover and Phil Goldstein, Total Destiny creates a high impact effect that seems totally impossible. First, you write a prediction on a card or piece of paper and the prediction remains in full-view. Next, a specially designed and finished plastic board is displayed with a large grid filled with numbers. A spectator names any of the numbers (free choice). It is circled and some of the numbers around it are erased. A second and third spectator each call out numbers (free choice) and they too are circled and the numbers around them erased. One uncircled number is now left on the board and it becomes your free selection. All four selected numbers are added up. You or a spectator can now pick up and show your prediction. It exactly matches the freely chosen number!

Total Destiny can be repeated with an unlimited number of totals. The prediction can be mailed to your audience weeks in advance. You can even customize the prediction to match just about any total. The effect is self-working, learned in minutes, suitable for close-up, stand-up and stage, you will love performing this routine.

Comes complete with the Total Destiny board, a dry erase marker and a 16-page, photo-illustrated booklet including Phil Goldstein's "Rainbow Matrix" and "Force Majeur."

tranmen.gif Trans-Mental
A slender brass case with a threaded lid and 5 brass rods, numbered from 1 through 5 are shown. A spectator is invited to join in an experiment of thought transferrance using these simple props. The object is for the spectator to hide one of the numbered rods within the brass case, sealing same and concealing the remainder of the rods from the magician's view. All this is done while the magician's back is turned or they are out of the room. Upon their return, the magician immediately names the hidden rod within the sealed case!! This may be repeated with equal success. Precision crafted in the U.S. by Viking Mfg. Remember, nothing is added or taken away, self-contained - no magnets, weights, or secret slides!

TripleImpact2_068.jpg Triple Impact [Version 2.0 with DVD]
Triple Impact from Matt Ellison will totally blow your spectators away with an impossible triple prediction that is soooo clean your spectators will question their own free will!

Imagine the following: A spectator cleanly selects 3 cards from a red deck and places them in to 3 separate pockets of their choice. With no fishing or funny moves the magician/mind reading guru reaches into their top pocket and removes a blue backed prediction card, while your spectator removes the red back card, which they freely placed in to their top pocket - and amazingly they match! (Same Card, Same Pocket). The Magician now removes a card from their right hand pocket, the spectator does the same and they match (Same Card, Same Pocket, and remember the Magician removes their Prediction first so it is in full view).

The tension is building as the Magician reaches in to their left hand pocket and removes a Card - the Card is shown and yes it matches the Spectator's Card (Once Again Same Card, Same Pocket). Your audience will truly believe that the future is in your control.

This is a Self-Working Masterpiece in Mental Magic. * No Sleight Of Hand. * Easy To Do. * Only one prediction card is in each pocket. Your pockets may be freely shown empty after each prediction card is removed. * Nothing added or taken away from the pockets or the deck at any time. * No Palming. * No Rough and Smooth. * The Predictions are in your pocket before you start. * Easily reset and extremely practical. This is one effect that you will be asked to perform time and time again! In the midst of the many card tricks available today, Triple Impact is something you will USE for many years to come.

Comes complete with Card Deck and Instructional DVD!!!

mmtriplevisionsmall.jpg Triple Vision [David Regal]
A Test-Condition Impossibility! When the magician notices that he's missing a few cards from his blue-backed deck, a few cards are randomly chosen by a spectator from a red-backed deck and added to the blue deck. When the magician discovers the missing blue-backed cards, they match the red-backed cards chosen by the spectator!
  • Different Cards Can Be Used Every Time The Effect Is Performed
  • A Self-Working Killer Effect from David's Magic Castle Act


Tenyo2008SpoonBend Ultimate Spoon Bend [Tenyo 2008 / T-229]
$46.95 $41.95 Special Price!
New for 2008 - Professional Magic from Tenyo! - Be the 1st to perform this New Trick!
Tenyo has developed one of the best Spoon Bend effects ever – one of their New 2008 Tricks! “Spoon Bending” has become very popular recently, with Uri Geller and Christ Angel recently having the Mentalist TV Series “Phenomenon” on NBC. Show your audience a solid metal Spoon. Focus your psychic energy on it, and watch the Spoon BEND at your fingertips! As a surprising finale, the Spoon BREAKS in half! You can hand out the two broken pieces of the Spoon to your audience for examination, and they will find nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. No cover or secret movements! Your audience will shriek when they seen the Ultimate Spoon Bend! The special “Spoons” supplied with Spoon Bend can be used over and over again…

verymodernmindreader.jpg Very Modern Mindreader and Other Miracles [Richard Osterlind]
The Triumphant Return of one of "Mentalism's Living Legends"! Richard Osterlind’s name has always been associated with strong and practical effects guaranteed to leave a powerful impression on an audience. In this new manuscript, The Very Modern Mindreader and Other Miracles, his first release of completely new material to the magic and mentalism fraternity in over ten years, he delivers three outstanding effects, ready to go right into your professional repertoire. The first, “Very Modern Mindreader,” takes Annemann and Hewitt’s classic routine into the 21st Century. With practical touches developed over thirty years and never before released, Osterlind gives you the power to divine information sealed in envelopes by audience members with no gimmicks whatsoever-in fact, all of the elements may be left with the audience. This is reputation-making material, suitable for all venues from close-up to platform. The second offering is the "Osterlind ESP Card System," a revolutionary new idea for ESP cards. Although there have been thousands of effects with these cards, there has never been a routine for the basic tests for which they were devised. Osterlind solves this problem with a stack for the ESP deck which looks random, has no exceptions to the rules and is cyclical so that the last card leads back to the first. In addition to allowing you to “test” your ESP powers according to the cards instructions, this new stack will open up realms of new effects with these wonderful cards. The third effect is really two in one. The three-phrase prediction effect has always been a favorite of Osterlind and he’s released a number of these ideas over the years. “Steno ESP” allows you to perform this classic “Mental Epic” type effect using nothing but a steno pad and grease pencil. The working is clean, easy and convincing. In addition, Osterlind offers an additional routine that uses slightly different apparatus and streamlines the effect for a quick stage presentation. Very Modern Mindreader and Other Miracles is fully illustrated and available in softbound only. Published by Jim Sisti.

mmbestofwakemansmall.jpg Wakeman, Randy - Best of Randy Wakeman [VHS]
Miracles With the Audience in Mind. "For over twenty years my good friend Randy Wakeman has been creating and publishing superlative close-up magic. Now, from a veritable treasure chest, he has selected ten of his all-time favorites. Each and every one is a powerhouse routine that will leave your audience breathless with amazement. I know, I use most of them myself." - Simon Lovell
  • Spectator on Stage
  • Randy Revelation
  • The Devil and Randy Wakeman
  • Randy Foolery
  • Backs to the Future
  • Emergency Card
  • Overclock
  • Maximum Penetration
  • Did You Get the Odd One?
  • Formula One Card Routine


mmwatchandwearsmall.jpg Watch And Wear [Bazar]
With Watch And Wear the magician set his watch to a certain time, the spectator chooses any time of the day, in hours and minutes, and the time set by the magician matches with the one named by the spectator! Watch May Be On The Table At All Times, The Magician Never Comes Near The Watch. Watch And Wear May Be Performed With the Watch On Your Wrist The Entire Time. You May Wear It As Your Normal Watch. No Magnets. Includes Watch, Case and Instructions. Better than previous versions at more than twice the price!!!

watchcrystal.jpg Watch Crystal [Eric Maurin]
Throughout the ages man has been fascinated with the concept of time. His quest to harness it has taken him from the ancient sundial to the atomic clock. But never before has time been told like this. The mystery begins with the magician displaying a small glass disc-“the crystal from an old pocket watch.” A spectator thinks of any time of a secret time. After blowing on the crystal, a vaporous watch dial appears on the glass, and the hands reveal the chosen hour! The misty apparition slowly fades, disappearing in time, and the crystal is once again transparent. This astonishing crystal comes in a velvet carrying bag, with customized polishing cloth and illustrated instructions to an intriguing and timeless presentation.

mmwhatsmyjobsm.jpg What's My Job? [Samuel Patrick Smith]
Another highly visual and easy to perform effect from children's entertainer Samuel Patrick Smith...The magician displays a picture book of people at their different jobs-a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, etc. A spectator freely selects one picture, let's say a firefighter. A prediction envelope-in full view the whole time-is now opened. "And here is my prediction, the fire fighter-when he was just a baby!" The performer removes a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet! (Groans and laughs from the audience.) "Well, he knew from the very beginning what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of course, he decided to become ..a fire fighter." The picture is turned around, it's a firefighter! Large, clear drawings make this great even for large audiences. Comes With, Gimmicked Book, Envelope, and Predictions.

World Of Super Mentalism - Volume 1 [Larry Becker]

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