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The Restaurant, Bar, & Walkaround Magic Department is dedicated to those magicians who specialize in performing at Restaurants and Bars (including Magical Bartenders). Here you'll find a great cross selection of popular effects, initial books and videos to get you started in this very lucrative field of magic. You'll also find many effects suitable for these performing conditions in our Close-up Magic, Card Magic, and Money & Coin Magic Departments. Many more products will be added to this department frequently, so please check back...
hrspongevid.jpg 25 Amazing Magic Tricks w/Sponge Balls [DVD]
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mkairborneanybottle.jpg Airborne Any Bottle [Mak]
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Balzerak, Frank - Magic For Humans [DVD]
We're proud to introduce long-time professional magician Frank Balzerak to the magic community at large. Although Frank will be unknown to most of you, his magic has been honed and tested for real world audiences for many, many years and you will not be disappointed. This 83-minute DVD Magic For Humans - Unwrapping The Secrets Of Performing In The Real World includes live performances-capturing Frank performing for real people in restaurants and bars. It's the best way to see the kinds of reactions that Frank gets from this commercial, real-world material. This DVD gives you the opportunity to watch and learn the material that has kept professional close-up magician Frank Balzerak in constant demand with companies like: Bank of America, IBM, Nabisco, Ford Motor Co., Charles Schwabb, Frito Lay, Dow Chemical, Hewlett-Packard, Pacific Bell and Fox Television along with many of todays top stars and celebrities. After each live performance, captured live in bar and restaurant situations, Frank lets you in on much more than just the handlings and sleights behind the effects. He also reveals the hard-earned insights and expertise that can only be gained from years of professional performing, showing you how to look at the fine points and polish you tricks into finished routines. What's Wrapped Inside? This is material that you will use. All of the routines areperfect for walk-around performances, are extremely visual, do not require the use of a table, and use normal-looking props which fit comfortably in your pockets. This material is also well within the skill-level of the average magician. Contains:

Sweet Flash A memorable, flashy production with a "sweet" giveaway. Gobefores A real-world handling of a classic audience favorite. The Puzzle A quick, visual and very magical ring and rope routine full of penetrations, cuts and restorations, Invisible Hand Pocket After apparently teaching your audience how to do a trick, you leave them more amazed than ever. A Sharp Color Change Use your trusty Sharpie for more than just having cards signed... watch as it visibly changes color at your whim! Ambitious A refreshing look at a card classic with an ending sure to leave them talking.
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Bill Tube - Standard Brass
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brasbiltub.gif Bill Tube [Peerless / Brema]
The performer borrows a dollar bill from a spectator. The bill is initialed by the spectator and the serial number is noted. Bill is now folded, secured with a rubber band, and placed within the folds of a handkerchief held by the spectator. Performer nows displays a small brass tube with a threaded lid, a brass bar running through the lid, and secured with a padlock. This is given to the spectator to hold in their free hand. Performer now snatches the hank from the spectator's hand - the bill has vanished! Spectator themselves remove the locking bar and unscrews the lid to the brass tube which they have been holding throughout the routine. Inside they find the missing, signed bill!! No amount of examination will reveal the secret to this mechanical masterpiece. The World's Finast Brema Bill Tube made to last a lifetime by Viking- Haenchen. Make your reputation with this effect! Bill Tube, lid, bar, lock, and several other routines included...
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Cap In Bottle [Daryl]
$17.95 $14.95 Special Price!
All Daryl Products on Sale!!!
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Card in Note Pad
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mkcardinpensmall.jpg Card In Pen
The Magician shows a spectator a pen with a top hat inside. After the spectator picks a card the pen is shown again, amazingly a small replica image of the spectators chosen card appears out of the hat in the pen. Card Pen is a great Pocket trick you can always carry with you resets in seconds!!
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Card in Wallet - Ultra Thin[Tony Curtis / Mark Mason]
The final word in 'card to wallet' is here. This ultra slim wallet fits in any pocket including jacket pockets, trouser pockets, and even jean pockets. You can immediately load any signed playing card, credit card, business card or more into the wallet. The wallet is opened, the zipper is pulled back, and you remove the signed card from the zippered compartment. This wallet made of pure leather from England measures approximately 3.25" x 5" and only 1/4 of an inch thick. A wallet you'll be proud to carry and always be ready to perform!! You'll use this everyday as your regular wallet...
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cardceling.gif Card on Ceiling
The Card on Ceiling trick is a classic that is popular in bars, clubs, and even in the hospital. The special "Secret Gimmick" used in this effect permits you to do the trick with any deck of cards...even a borrowed deck! You receive plenty of secret stuff to perform this effect hundreds of times. Also includes bonus instructions for "Coin on Ceiling".
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jkcardthatfallsup.jpg Card That Falls Up [John Kennedy]
$32.95 $26.95 Special Price!
With the Card That Falls Up a spectator's card defies gravity and falls upward into your hand! This is undoubtedly one of the most practical and amazing “Rising Card” effects in all of magic. Not only does the chosen card rise completely out of the deck and travel through the air into your hand, but any deck of cards can be used. No setup is required, and you're completely clean at the conclusion! Here's what happens: Fan a deck and ask a spectator to touch the back of any card. Show it, then close the fan so that the selected card is somewhere in the center of the deck. Hold your other hand about a foot above the deck. Suddenly the chosen card falls upwards out of the pack and into your hand! The card and deck can be handed out because they are completely unprepared!!! How does it work? You will receive a “supply kit” and a computer CD-Rom (for PC and Macintosh computers) with video clips of John's performance, explanation and handling. plus ten feet of Kevlex Filament. What a deal! Please Note: The Stealth Retractor [Available separately on the John Kennedy Magic page on our site] is required for performance.
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changebagm.gif Change Bag [Deluxe Mini]
One of the most versatile props in magic...many, many uses!!! The Change Bag is a classic utility device, dsigned to vanish, exchange or produce any item that can be obtained in the bag! The apparatus supplied consists of a beautiful velvet bag at the end of a finely finished wood handle. This is a small pocket sized version of the classic stage trick. You can carry this around in your pocket and use it for walk-around close-up magic... Instructions with many ideas included...
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Tenyo2010ChinaSurpriseT242HTMcu.jpg China Surprise [Tenyo 2010 / T-242]
$49.95 $44.95 Special Price!
New for 2010 - Professional Magic from Tenyo! - Be the 1st to perform this New Trick! NOW IN STOCK!!!
China Surprise [Tenyo 2010 / T-242] is one of the most unique effects we have ever seen from Tenyo Magic of Japan. This is one of the 5 New Amazing Effects that Tenyo is releasing in 2010.

Magician pushes a Sheet of Tissue Paper into their closed fist. On top of the Tissue, Magician places a small Green Ball [looks like a small Pea]. After making a Magical gesture - the Tissue has Transformed Magically into a delicious looking Shumai Dumpling!!! Although it looks good enough to eat, we recommend saving it for your next Magical Performance!!! Perfect for Restaurant Magicians or for an evening out to a Chinese or Japanese Restaurant...

Originally released by MadMagic under the title “Kore de oshuumai desu!” Created by Shinpei Ogawa. Such a clever company like Tenyo to come up with such an incredible feat [or should we say "mouth"] of magic!!! No sleight of hand [or "mouth"] required!!! Sorry for the Puns, but we couldn't resist!!! Now is the time to add China Surprise [Tenyo 2010 / T-242] into your performance arsenal...

Please Note: Important News regarding this effect and all of the Tenyo Line. As of November 12, 2009, we received the following information regarding Tenyo. We will have 5 New Items for 2010 in limited quantities, and they will be available mid December 2009 - mid January 2010 depending on arrival time. Place orders online now to reserve the effects you want, and they will ship to you as soon as they are available. For our International Customers outside the United States, we will hold your shipment until your order is complete unless you want to pay for split shipments. Additional Tenyo Inventory will probably not be available until February 2010. The first run will probably be available with Japanese Packaging and English Instructions, although we are hoping some of these will have English Packaging. A sticker on front of packaging will say "English Instructions Included". This applies to all other Tenyo products as well - English Packaging/Instructions available until sold out, then only available as Japanese Packaging/English instructions. These Watermarked Copyrighted Photographs represent the current Japanese Packaging, and are subject to change - product descriptions and photos copyrighted by 2009.

Please Note: As of January 1, 2010, we have all of the Tenyo 2010 effects in stock with English Packaging and English Instructions. We can not guarantee these will always be available this way, as they may eventually be with the Japanese Packaging/English Instructions Combo as we mentioned above. If you would like to see a photo of eventual Japanese Packaging, you can click on the "photo" or "blue-highlighted" trick name.
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Coin In Bottle - Half Dollar
Recently featured by David Blaine on national television as 'Bitting a Coin'! Many magicians have built their reputations on this trick alone. One of the most talked about effects in magic has always been the Coin In Bottle. Magician borrows a coin and an empty bottle. With the spectator holding onto the bottle himself, you apparently knock the borrowed coin through the bottom of the bottle. After all has been examined, you proceed to shake it out through the neck of the bottle! The items are returned and the audience is speechless!! This effect is made out of genuine U.S. half dollars that are currently in circulation.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Coin In Bottle - Quarter
Recently featured by David Blaine on national television as 'Bitting a Coin'! Many magicians have built their reputations on this trick alone. One of the most talked about effects in magic has always been the Coin In Bottle. Magician borrows a coin and an empty bottle. With the spectator holding onto the bottle himself, you apparently knock the borrowed coin through the bottom of the bottle! After all has been examined, you proceed to shake it out through the neck of the bottle! The items are returned and the audience is speechless!! This effect is made out of genuine U.S. quarters that are currently in circulation.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmdejavudecksmall.jpg Deja Vu Deck [David Regal]
Any Named Card Appears Under A Spectator's Hand! The spectator simply names any card that they like. The magician removes a deck of cards, and claims he will make the named selection vanish from the deck. Spreading out the deck, however all of the cards are seen to be missing the faces. Offering to try to make their card come back, one of the blank-faced cards is very cleanly shown and placed under a spectator's hand. When they lift their hand and turn over the card, they are amazed to see it is their named selection!
  • The Magic Happens In The Spectator's Hand
  • Instantly Resets and No Table Is Required, Perfect For Walk-Around

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mkfloatingbill.jpg Floating Bill & More Kit
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Floating Credit Card [Magicians]
The Floating Credit Card is an impromptu floating card that is performed without the use of thread. Time to pay the dinner bill out on the town, no problem you say! Pull out your magicians credit card, here put it on this card"..... The magicians credit card floats 2 inches in mid-air! above your hand! You explain “You're sorry this card just expired”, as it floats back down to your hand! The Floating Credit Card comes with a duplicate magicians credit card for the switch-out.
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fortunetellingfish.gif Fortune Teller Miracle Fish [Fortune Telling Fish] [1 Gross]
Get Your Own Fortune Teller Miracle Fish, HERE! The Fortune Teller Miracle Fish [Fortune Telling Fish] is a classic novelty that makes a little plastic fish the “Mindreader”. Fun! Place the mystical little “fish” on your palm or your spectators palm and watch it begin to move, wiggle, curl up or flip off the hand all by itself! It moves differently with different people, and children love them! It's movement will “for tell” the future! Different movements of the “fish” indicate readings of “Jealousy”, “Indifference”, “Love”, “Fickle”, “False”, “Passion”, and unfortunately as well the comic “Dead One”! Are you independent? Are you fickle? Are you in love? See what the Fortune Telling Fish has to say about you! They make the perfect hand out at shows and for promotional events. All you have to do is stick on little address labels on the special envelope packaging of the “fish” - your spectators have to keep the special envelope as it contains the “Fortune” chart. Sold in packs of 1 Gross only - if you require more than 1 Gross, increase the quantity on the order form accordingly [for example: a “quantity of 2" would give you “2 Gross”]. At this price, there’s no point selling them individually!!! Makes a great Party Favor! Works right out of the package... “fish” can be used again and again!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

hrfusionloop.jpg Fushion Loops
Fusion Loops is a new and improved origami-magic effect that is perfect for close-up, parlor or stage performances! Take two sheets of paper with identical dimensions, one black and one white, and fold them in an identical fashion. Loop the two paper strips together like linked rings. As you entertain your audience with the humorous patter included with the effect, the two paper loops magically fuse. When the sheets are open the audience will see that they have joined together as one!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

jumbohalfdollar077sm.jpg Half Dollar [Chrome Jumbo 10"]
This coin is massive! The Jumbo Half Dollar measures 10" in diameter, yet it is still light enough to carry on your body. This coin is perfect for any coin routine and so authentic looking your audience will think it is solid silver!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

hophalf.gif Hopping Half Plus
An excellent set of coins for the beginner as well as the more advanced. Two coins are shown. An English Penny and a U.S. half dollar. One coin is placed in your pocket and immediately reappears in your hand! This is repeated again and again!! Then for the finale, your hand is opened and shown empty!!! This trick will amaze everyone. No skill is required, as the coins do all the work. This "Hopping Half" set also includes "illusion" expanded shells for both Kennedy Half Dollar and English Penny - the reason we state "illusion", is that the actual real coins have reduced in size so that the "shells" do not have to be "expanded". A very popular trick and one of our best sellers.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

ImMAKulate Ring Flight
Vanishing a borrowed ring is a very stunning effect! With ImMAKulate Ring Flight, you have an exceptionally strong 'Ring Flight' that is more powerful than ever. After the spectator's ring is vanished, you explain they can have your 'brand new car' parked just outside, if the ring doesn't reappear! Take out your leather key case from your back pocket, explaining "You know the key to making their ring reappear. The key to bringing the ring back is right here". You open the key case to find their ring hanging inside clipped next to your car keys. A super-strong and smooth reel does all the magic. Absolutely silent and locks in three positions. A effect that you'll carry with you all the time - ready to perform at a moment's notice!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

CapInBottle039.gif Impossible Cap In Bottle [Gerald Kirshner]
Amateurs will look pros, and pros will look awesome! Finally, Impossible Cap in Bottle, the legendary Sealed cap in bottle routine is available! A sealed bottle is opened and its contents removed. The magician is able to push the cap through any part of the bottle! And he does, three times! First with a gentle rub, then with a violent shove! At one point during this funny routine, the cap actually disappears and is found screwed to the top of the bottle! How in the world did it get there? It's magic folks! This is a killer routine, complete with the special gimmick, booklet, and props!
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hrinvisdeck.jpg Invisible Deck [Bridge Size]
An excellent card routine from the mind of Don Alan. One of the favorite routines of the late Harry Blackstone Jr. First you remove an 'Invisble Deck' of cards from your pocket. Magician then has a spectator shuffle the deck, cut the cards, and select one of the 'Invisible' cards from the deck! The spectator shows the card to the rest of the audience, and places it back into the deck 'upside down'. Now the magician takes a 'Visble' deck from their pocket and you have spectator announce their chosen card. When you spread through the deck, you notice one card is reversed! Amazing - it's the spectator's card! A card trick that can be performed on the largest stage! Easy to do with no sleight-of-hand. Printed on high quality, Bridge Size Card Stock.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

hrinvisdeck.jpg Invisible Deck - Bicycle Poker
The Invisible Deck - Bicycle Poker is an excellent card routine from the mind of Don Alan. One of the favorite routines of the late Harry Blackstone Jr. First you remove an 'Invisble Deck' of cards from your pocket. Magician then has a spectator shuffle the deck, cut the cards, and select one of the 'Invisible' cards from the deck! The spectator shows the card to the rest of the audience, and places it back into the deck 'upside down'. Now the magician takes a 'Visble' deck from their pocket and you have spectator announce their chosen card. When you spread through the deck, you notice one card is reversed! Amazing - it's the spectator's card! A card trick that can be performed on the largest stage! Easy to do with no sleight-of-hand. Printed on high quality, name brand Bicycle Poker card stock.
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killerelitepro095.jpg Killer Elite Pro [Andy Nyman]
The Killer Elite Pro from Andy Nyman is a "Killer" New Version of his classic effect!

Andy Nyman's "Killer Elite" was not only one of the most successful tricks of its time, but it was also voted "Trick of the Year". Unfortunately it ceased production in early 2005, however it is now back and has been totally redesigned for the working performer. A combination of Andy Nyman's thinking and desire for top quality professional products, we are now proud to bring you Killer Elite Pro.

Even if you own the fantastic original version, you will want to update with this all new pocket sized showpiece.

Complete with stylish custom designed leather wallet, manufactured in high quality leather, real poker chip and full colour movie cards specially printed on credit card stock. No expense has been spared in bringing you this award winning effect in a slick new form.

The performer takes out a small leather wallet and removes a poker-chip and four cards, each bearing the image of a well known movie-killer. These are set out on the table and the performer then asks the spectator to imagine the following scene: All four of the killers are in a room, when all of a sudden the inevitable happens and gun shots are fired.

When the smoke clears only one man is left standing! The survivor is the owner of the poker chip!

The spectator is asked to choose the killer he believes to be the owner of the chip, which is then placed onto the card bearing the image of the chosen survivor.

Amazingly the performer proves that the spectator's selection is the correct one! A Miracle you can carry in your pocket...
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Knife Thru Napkin [Daryl]
$17.95 $14.95 Special Price!
All Daryl Products on Sale!!!
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loliteflite.jpg Lite-Flite [Perry Maynard]
Created by Perry Maynard. The effect is beautiful - can be performed close-up or on stage. The magician reaches into their pocket and produces a small illuminated ball. On the magician's command, the ball starts to float in mid-air. As the ball is floating, the magician gives the ball a spin - now the spinning ball suddenly floats from one hand to the other. The magician's hands circle around the floating ball dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might be done. Finally, the floating ball rises up to the magician's pocket. The pocket is opened and the ball floats into the magician's pocket!!! For even more great routines see our Lite-Flite video in our Multimedia Room Department.
    Lite-Flite - Words From The Pros
  • "Perry's Lite-Flite is beautiful. You'll have a ball with it. It made me quit smoking." Steve Fearson
  • "It lights up, it revolves, it could be the greatest close-up levitation ever!" Gary Darwin
  • "The Lite-Flite, looks like it's right out of the X-Files. This is a great one." Kevin James
  • "The Amazing Lite-Flite, I got my eye out for this one." Karrell Fox.

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lockeddeck.gif Locked Deck [Poker]
A great card trick! Spectator calls "stop" as Magician riffles though a deck having a large hole drilled in one end. The chosen card is noted by the spectator who is handed the deck and asked to lock it through the hole with a large padlock. Magician states that the chosen card has now traveled to his pocket. Deck is shown still locked, but their chosen card has vanished! The card is found in the magician's pocket!! Everything included - the deck, lock, keys, and bonus routines...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Magic For Bartenders [Senor Mardo]
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

matchboxJBsm066.jpg MatchBox [ Mark Mason / JB Magic]
You won't believe your own eyes! Any card is freely selected, signed and returned to your deck. A picture of a matchbox is drawn on the bottom card of the deck. The MatchBox is given a shake, the picture animates and the drawing of the matchbox magically opens! But that is not all, folded up in the picture in the MatchBox tray, is a playing card. Reach into the picture and visually remove the folded card leaving the tray empty. This looks fantastic! The card is unfolded, and it really is their signed card! You will love the gimmicks that make this effect that little bit different from the standard card trick. MatchBox Re-Sets in 2 Seconds! Strolling or Close-Up! Includes hand crafted gimmick and special cards!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmmcabeeringssm.jpg McAbee Rings [Martin Lewis] [with DVD]
In this classic routine three gleaming bracelets are linked and unlinked according to your will, even while being held by a spectator! At the end of the routine the rings are handed to the audience for close examination. Many hours of thought and preparation have gone into the routine plus hundreds of actual performances to test its solidity. The serious student of magic will, at once, appreciate the built-in psychology and misdirection incorporated in the routine. The McAbee Rings now comes with DVD Instructional Video, Practice Rings, Ring Storage Box, fully illustrated instruction booklet.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

newtonsnightmare446s.jpg Newton's Nightmare [William J. Schmeelk]
A brilliant synthesis of sorcery and science, Newton's Nightmare must be seen to be believed! From the mind of William J. Schmeelk comes this gravity-defying miracle. A brass weight is dropped through an aluminum tube. It rockets through, falling into the spectator's hand. So far, so good. But, at the magician's command, the weight drops through the tube in slow motion - like an astronaut bounding across the moon! The brass weight can be seen floating through the tube - even while the trick is in the package, making this a virtually self-performing miracle! Newton's Nightmare is a delight to perform, and easy enough for any aspiring sorcerer - or scientist - to master!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

osmosisbig.jpg Osmosis
“Osmosis” is an incredible illusion and one of our best-selling effects! Here are the details: Make the label on a beer bottle melt right through the glass! Effect #1: The performer displays a full bottle of beer and explains that by manipulating two of three characteristics that all bottles share, he can turn the bottle inside out! With amazing force and speed, he slaps the bottle, and upon turning it around, the bottle is indeed inside out. The labels, which have been in plain view are now on the Inside of the bottle! The performer pops the top of the bottle and pours them self a drink. And yes, inside is real beer! The bottle is then handed out for inspection. There is nothing to find.

Effect #2: The performer explains that they can alter the structural integrity of any beer bottle, thus allowing the process of Osmosis to occur! With the assistance of a coin, the performer uses it to tap against the bottle. They begin to rub the neck label, requesting that the audience pay close attention to the color of the label. To their amazement, they see the label darken in color by a few shades! Showing their hands empty, the performer begins rubbing the large label with their finger’s spread open, and once again, the label darkens before everyone's eyes! The performer then shows that the labels have seeped through the glass and are now on the inside of the bottle! The bottle can then be examined! Osmosis is a high quality prop that has been designed to last you many years. Each Osmosis bottle has been hand crafted. As each trick is hand made, availability is limited, so place your order now! Now Custom Made with the St. Pauli Girl Bottle...
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Powerpickpocket770.jpg Power Pickpocket [Tom Burgoon/Gosh]
This gimmick will allow you to instantly remove a spectators wallet and replace it again without detection! Your audience will believe you are a master pickpocket! Sold for Entertainment Purposes Only

"Tom's Power Pickpocket is just too cool!" - Mac King
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mmquickcopysmall.jpg Quick Copy [Jay Sankey]
One by one, three blank playing cards become "copies" of a freely selected card. The first an ordinary copy, the second a "reduced" copy and the last an "enlarged" copy! And at the end, all the cards may be closely examined! With its super visual moments and instant reset, Quick Copy is a powerful effect and is the ideal "anytime, anywhere" routine! Quick Copy comes complete with specially printed poker sized cards and fully illustrated instructions.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

mkrainbowdeck.jpg Rainbow Deck
With the Rainbow Deck every back has a different design, people, flowers, scenery, birds, animals, parties, buildings, and trains! The Spectators 2 freely selected cards match the magicians 2 cards back and front. Amazingly all the cards are shown different than the selected ones. The Rainbow Deck Resets instantly, and is a perfect openning for close up or walk around magic.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

danfleshmandvd077s.jpg Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman - Volume 1 [DVD]
Dan Fleshman has been a professional close-up entertainer for 20 years and performing magic in restaurants has always been at the core of his work. The magic presented here is all in Dan's active, working repertoire and all of it has been tempered in the white-hot fire of real-world performance. This is close-up magic that Dan kills lay audiences with night after night - and now it's yours! On these DVDs, Dan presents his showcase routines. For special tables, Dan reaches into his vast repertoire and performs one of these gems. All of them are closers and are capable of astounding even the most jaded audience.

Volume 1 - Appetizers: Dan's Rope Routine, Real-World Multiplying Rabbits, Ring and String Flight, Ring and String Flight, Ace Production, Ever Changing Aces, Bullet For a Cowboy, Four The Easy Way, Maxi Twist Twist, Three Card Trick, and Momma in My Wallet.
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danfleshmandvd077s.jpg Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman - Volume 2 [DVD]
Dan Fleshman has been a professional close-up entertainer for 20 years and performing magic in restaurants has always been at the core of his work. The magic presented here is all in Dan's active, working repertoire and all of it has been tempered in the white-hot fire of real-world performance. This is close-up magic that Dan kills lay audiences with night after night - and now it's yours! On these DVDs, Dan presents his showcase routines. For special tables, Dan reaches into his vast repertoire and performs one of these gems. All of them are closers and are capable of astounding even the most jaded audience.

Volume 2 - Entrees: Ace Production, Oil Slick, Chameleon Aces and Kings, Vanishing Aces, PDQ Aces, Some Prediction, Magic Cards, Twins, Flushed Out, Back and Forth Sandwich, Freeman Twist / Twilight Zone, and Jumbo Prediction.
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danfleshmandvd077s.jpg Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman - Volume 3 [DVD]
Dan Fleshman has been a professional close-up entertainer for 20 years and performing magic in restaurants has always been at the core of his work. The magic presented here is all in Dan's active, working repertoire and all of it has been tempered in the white-hot fire of real-world performance. This is close-up magic that Dan kills lay audiences with night after night - and now it's yours! On these DVDs, Dan presents his showcase routines. For special tables, Dan reaches into his vast repertoire and performs one of these gems. All of them are closers and are capable of astounding even the most jaded audience.

Volume 3 - Desserts: Close-Up Linking Rings, Rolllover Production, Matrix, Coins To Glass, Crayon Thru .25, Cups and Balls, and BONUS! The Chinese Linking Rings - A Close-Up Version
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restopener608.jpg Restaurant Opener
The waiter/waitress has just finished taking the order at a table and much to the surprise of the patrons; another waiter comes to take their order. With notepad drawn this second waiter [the magic waiter] awaits their orders and inspires mass confusion! The patrons are trying nicely to tell this second waiter that they have already ordered. The magic waiter then explains that the order that is being sought is not the food order but the magic order - The magician then transposes the note pad into a complete deck of cards right before their eyes! What the Professionals are saying:

Gregory Wilson - “The Perfect Restaurant Opener”

JC Wagner - “For the walk around magician, this is the perfect Ice breaker”.

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mmdjringandstringsmall.jpg Ring & String [Diamond Jim Tyler]
A borrowed ring penetrates a string, vanishes from sight and reappears at will for the magician! This is Diamond Jim's pet routine which has evolved since 1986 and helped him win the award for Best Close-Up Magic at the last T.A.O.M. convention. This packaged routine includes detailed instructions with a leather lace. You'll love Ring and String!
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Roth,David-Expert Coin Magic Made Easy!-Basic Coin Magic-V1[DVD]
Everything you need to know to start on the right road to Coin Magic! A complete 3 volume video course on coin magic, taught by the 'greatest coin magician in the world!' Volume 1 gives you a solid working knowledge of the basics of Expert Coin Magic. David Roth then teaches you some of the greatest classics of coin magic ever created. Running Time: Approximately 84 minutes.
    Basic Coin Magic - Volume 1
  • The Classic Palm
  • Classic Palm Vanish
  • Palm Finesses
  • The Utility Switch
  • Coin Switches
  • Copper & Silver
  • French Drop & Variations
  • The Power of the Magic Wand
  • The Finger Palm
  • Finger Palm Vanish
  • Palm Transfers
  • The Shuttle Pass
  • Vanish & Reproduction
  • Coin Change
  • The Vernon Load
  • L'Masque Load
  • Benzais Friction Palm
  • Coin Productions
  • The Thumb Palm
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Fingertip Rest
  • Loads & Productions
  • Winged Silver
  • Chink-A-Chink
  • Ramsay Subtlety
  • Kaps Subtlety
  • The Bobo Switch

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Roth,David-Expert Coin Magic Made Easy!-Basic to Intermediate Coin Magic-V2[DVD]
Now that you know the basics, Volume 2 furthers your schooling with intermediate sleights, moves, tips, subtleties, finesses, and more 'classics of coin magic'! David Roth strives to impact all of his knowledge on each and every item, giving you the special tips and insights that took him decades to learn and devise. Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes.
    Basic to Intermediate Coin Magic - Volume 2
  • The Retention Pass
  • David Roth's Hanging Coins
  • Coins to Cup
  • Spellbound
  • The Click Pass
  • Curl Palm
  • Coin Though Hand
  • Down's Palm
  • Multiple Coin Production
  • One-Handed Spellbound Change
  • Wild Coin
  • Coins Through Table
  • Spider Vanish

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Roth,David-Expert Coin Magic Made Easy!-Intermediate to Adv. Coin Magic-V3[DVD]
After mastering the material David Roth teaches you on Volume 1 and 2, you will truly be able to call yourself a 'coinman'. You'll also be ready to learn still more advanced sleights and routines, including effects devised by some of the top coin magicians in the world. Together, all 3 volumes of David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Made Easy form a lifetime of valuable reference material to always be cherished. Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes.
    Intermediate to Advanced Coin Magic - Volume 3
  • The Cardini Steal
  • Milliken's Transposition
  • The Magical Filtration
  • Advance Coins Through the Table
  • The Metamorphosis Change
  • Tenkai Pennies
  • One-Coin Routine
  • T.V. Surprise
  • Silver & Copper Extraction
  • David Roth's Purse & Glass
  • Advanced Copper & Silver

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Scotch & Soda [Half & 20 Centavo]
The best quality Scotch & Soda available on the market - the 'classic make-a-bet trick'. A Half Dollar and a Mexican 20 Centavo coin are given to a spectator to hold behind their back. Magician asks spectator to hand them the 20 Centavo coin. The spectator hands magician back a totally different coin (for example - a quarter). Next you ask for the half dollar. When the spectator opens their hand they find that half dollar is still there, but the Mexican Coin had changed into a quarter. The Mexican coin is then reproduced from somewhere else in the room. Spectator can examine all the coins to their heart's content. Note: This New version is made with a genuine Kennedy Half Dollar [some others on market now have fake Kennedy Half] and a Copia Mexican 20 Centavo Coin. We now include Extra Copia Mexican 20 Centavo Coin, so you can start performing immediately.
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Sharpie thru Anything [JB Magic /Mark Mason]
The strongest ‘Pen Thru’ Ever! Penetrate a Selected Card with Ease! The Sharpie Pen is made to pass through a selected card or borrowed dollar bill. The audience clearly sees the complete penetration from the front and back of the card. Sharpie thru Anything comes complete with all everything you need! Easy to perform.
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Shoe't [JB Magic / Mark Mason]
The Professional Card to Shoe! Stunning Magic! Finally Revealed to the Magic World! Any card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. Any routine is performed such as an ambitious card, a transposition etc. The magician slowly removes there foot from any shoe and the complete signed card is in full view! The magician picks up there shoe and removes the card - it really is their signed card. Everyone’s reaction is beyond belief. their card inside your shoe! JB Magic's custom built gimmick allows you to perform “Card to Shoe” with ease. NO Fumbling! NO Loading!
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Silk to Egg [Vernet]
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spiderpensm004.jpg Spider Pen [Yigal Mesika]
A complete sell-out at every Magic Convention, nation-wide. This is truly the next generation of Invisible Thread Reels! Spider Pen is powered by a silent electric motor, it uses no springs or rubber bands. No more safety pins to worry about, and it takes only 10 seconds to refill the thread reel. Spider Pen writes like a real pen, and its ink is 100% refillable! Spider Pen includes 25 feet of Spider Thread, plus an extra spool of Spider Thread! You can walk up to 25 feet away from the object you are floating! Spider Pen is totally silent in operation! Battery included. Extra thread and batteries are also available! Note: Spider Pen does not allow you to jump from building to building!!!
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spiderpenrefill.jpg Spider Pen Thread Spool & Wax Pack [Yigal Mesika]
The Spider Pen Thread Spool & Wax Pack by Yigal Mesika is the perfect accessory to have available when you perform with his MasterPiece Spider Pen - the Next Generation of Invisible Thread Reel! The Spooler comes pre-loaded with thread/wax. It couldn't be easier!
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mkswingring.jpg Swing-A-Ring
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Two Copper & One Silver [aka Double Copper & Silver Transposition]
The Standard Copper/Silver Transpostion trick given a new face, making any explanation virtually impossible. This is exactly what the spectator sees: Three coins are shown - a Half Dollar, English Penny, and a Mexican 20 Centavo coin. Nothing else. The two copper coins are placed in one hand. There can be no suspicion because the spectator can see and hear the copper coins in your hand. Magician closes hand and immediately opens it to reveal the half dollar. Copper coins are tossed onto table, having appeared in other hand. The effect is repeated. The copper coins are picked up and placed into your pocket, as your other hand closes around the half dollar. Instantly your hand is opened revealing the two copper coins which are tossed onto the table as the half dollar is removed from your pocket. Everything can be examined with a magnifying glass at the finish. A truly remarkable transposition that will leave your audience utterly spellbound!
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VoodooDoll480.jpg Voodoo Doll [Okito]
Back and better than years ago. The magician shows a small straw Voodoo Doll, and lays it on the palm of there hand. The doll slowly begins to rise until its in a complete upright position. Then slowly the straw doll lays back down in your hand! Hand the Doll out! Perform anywhere! No threads or wires!. Simple to do! Great for children, you can call the doll a scarecrow, who rises to scare the crows away!
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Wand Thru Coin [Telic Magic]
Wand Thru Coin is a beautiful wand, special designed quarter and complete instructions. Telic Close-Up Wand with a cigarette quarter 6" x 5/16". A “Genuine” U.S. Coin is shown to the spectator. The amazing novelty is that both sides of the coin can be shown! With a slide of the hand and fingers, the magic wand is thrust straight through the coin! Wand thru Coin can be used to replace the cigarette; cigarettes have been banned in many Restaurants, however you can use the wand for other tricks. Wand thru Coin can be carried with you at all times, very small and very nice looking!
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mmwatchandwearsmall.jpg Watch And Wear [Bazar]
With Watch And Wear the magician set his watch to a certain time, the spectator chooses any time of the day, in hours and minutes, and the time set by the magician matches with the one named by the spectator! Watch May Be On The Table At All Times, The Magician Never Comes Near The Watch. Watch And Wear May Be Performed With the Watch On Your Wrist The Entire Time. You May Wear It As Your Normal Watch. No Magnets. Includes Watch, Case and Instructions. Better than previous versions at more than twice the price!!!
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mmwhatcompetitionsmall.jpg What Competition? [Dan Paulus]
Poke Fun At Your Competition While Magically Producing Your Business Card.The magician shows several of his competitor's business cards wrapped in a dollar bill and a rubber band. Removing the bill and band he proceeds to read some of the cards to his spectators. All are humorous and each competitor sounds less than appealing when compared to the performer himself (we assume). "That's why I keep a dollar wrapped around these cards. To remind people that you really do get what you pay for!" The dollar bill and the rubber band are again wrapped around the bottom portion of the stack of cards, leaving half the stack protruding from the bill. The magician then pushes the stack of business cards through the wrappings of the bill. When he does, the competitor's cards that was on top of the stack magically changes to one of the magician's own business cards as it comes through the other side. The stack is pushed back through the bill and the other half of the card changes to the magician's own card as well! "I highly recommend this guy!" says the magician as he removes his business card and gives it to the spectators to keep.
Includes Ten Fictitious Business Cards and Detailed Instructions

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mmwildmixsm.jpg Wild Mix [Aldo Colombini]
Wild Mix An In the Hands Card Routine. The performer displays, say, a four of clubs and six jack of diamonds. One at a time, the cards all visually change into the four of clubs! Wild Mix is excellent for walk-around and restaurant performances as you are instantly reset and the entire routine may be performed completely in the hands! Wild Mix comes complete with the necessary specially printed Bicycle cards.
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mmmwbusinesscardmagicsmall.jpg Wilson, Mark - Business Card Magic [VHS]
More than a dozen ways to hand out your business card magically, all easy to do! As a special bonus, Mark teaches you his hilarious Out to Lunch with Billy McComb, and what Mark modestly calls The World's Best Business Card Trick, easily worth the price of this tape alone.
  • Show the client three business cards, blank on both sides. Place one on his hand. When he turns it over, it’s printed!
  • The client initials the blank back of one of your business cards. You give him the card, and amazingly, right above his initials, have appeared the words, “I’m going to call”.
  • Give the client a free choice of one from about twenty of your business cards, which you’ve shown blank on the back. Imagine his surprise when he realizes he has freely chosen the only card that reads “You always win with (your name or business)” on the back!

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mmrestaurantactsmall.jpg Wilson, Paul R. - Restaurant Act [VHS]
Learn From Paul's Ten Years of Professional Performing Experience. The material contained on this video has been developed from Paul's real-world experience and features five classic effects, each woven and routined together to perfection.
  • Vanishing Silk-Quick, visual and startling, this routine immediately identifies you as a skilled, professional performer.
  • Sponge Balls-Paul's incredible routine developed "in the trenches."
  • Ambitious Card-A classic of card magic that's hard to beat!
  • Card to Wallet-One of the strongest, jaw-dropping effects ever created!
  • Chop Cup-Guaranteed to get an audience involved, the response generated by this routine is a perfect way to approach another table.

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mmwiregram3h.jpg Wiregrams
A New Classic In Card Magic. Imagine dipping a piece of ordinary wire into hot liquid, and it instantly changes into the shape of a previously selected card! Wiregrams comes complete with everything you need. Available with: 3 of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds, 7 of Hearts, 8 of Hearts, Jack of Spades, Ace of Spades, and for the Gospel Magician - "The Cross" (all Wiregrams are sold separately).
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York, Scotty: Volume #1 - Professional Tricky Bartender [VHS]
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York, Scotty: Volume #2 - The Silver Fox Himself [VHS]
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York, Scotty: Volume #3 - The Silver Fox Strikes Again [VHS]
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