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No performer should have to rely on the venue to supply them with Sound of Lighting Equipment and "NO" performance would be complete without great Sound, Lighting and Special Effects - many times these extras create the difference from an "O.K. Show" to a "Great Show"!!! We carry everything from "Fog Machines", to P.A. Equipment, to Wireless Microphones. Due to the volume of products available, these items are on Special Order basis with a 2-4 delay prior to Shipping.
ae22.jpg Magic 'Streamer' Wand
The Magic 'Streamer' Wand has a 16" barrel painted like a glittery silver Magician's Magic Wand [photo shows earlier plain style no longer available]. It is designed to shoot 18' Aerostreamers (included) up to 30'. Also includes a sample pack of several types of confetti and CO2 Cylinders. Extra CO2 Cylinders and Aerostreamers are available in our Xtra!!Xtra!! Department. Aerotechnic Products are becoming more and more popular with professional entertainers. When you're not able to use 'FIRE' you can almost always use an 'Aerotechnic'!!!
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pocketscan.jpg Pocket Scan
The Pocket Scan is an incredibly small DMX intelligent scanner. In the mid 80’s I bought 2 large Intelligent Scanners for over $6,000 each for performances. They not only weighed about 10 times more than the Pocket Scan, but they were about 10 times larger as well! What back breakers they were to set up and transport!! But what’s even more incredible is they didn’t have all the advanced features of the Pocket Scan!!! The Pocket Scan won’t fit in your pocket, but it only weighs 10 pounds and is a super compact 11.5” long x 6” wide x 4.5” deep. Not only do you get 15 colors plus white (I always forget “white” is not a color), but you have a Built-in 5mW laser as well! Includes 14 different Built-in gobo designs like stars, circles, and so much more! Outstanding separate color and gobo wheels! Sound activated (microphone Built-in) with Built-in programs, or use a DMX Controller (sold separately) for even greater versatility. Digital Program Display. Easily Replaceable Lamp (12v/100w JCR) has a 1500 hour lamp life. Enhance your performances today!!!
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portablewirelesspa770s.jpg Portable Wireless PA System
Small, Compact, Lightweight, and Powerful! Theis Portable Wireless PA system is the number one choice of performers, educators and speakers. The unit is small (8"x9"x6.5") and weighs only five pounds. It will fit under an airplane seat for you world travelers, or will easily stow in the corner of your prop case! As many as 500 kids have been packed into school cafeterias and auditoriums and gymnasiums to see shows and this little PA system allowed them all to hear the show. When working outdoors, expect the unit to cover about half the size of an indoor audience, as the sound disperses in the great open spaces - but you can still cover a couple hundred people. The unit comes with a wireless microphone system built right in. This is a high quality High Band system. That is to say it is Not like the cheap wireless microphones that pick up interference from garage door openers, TV remotes and car alarms! You receive two microphones in the box, a headset mic, which you can wear on your head, or around your neck, and, a clip-on lapel mic. As there is only one transmitter (the little belt pack) you can only use one of the mics at a time. Simply choose the one that suits you best, and keep the other one as a spare. The auxiliary jack on the unit allows you to hook up a tape deck, CD player or another microphone to your PA. The auxiliary jack has its own volume control (an important feature not found on most of the other small PA's on the market) so that the music can be set differently from your voice. The line out jack allows you to hook up the PA to a larger system, allowing you to use your wireless mic through the large system. Compare this system to those on the market costing twice as much (and more!). You will be happy you chose this one! The unit will work on 110V or 220V AC power. It will also run on a 12 Volt battery for those outdoor shows. Remember, don't fight to keep the audiences attention - command it! A good sound system is one of the most important, yet overlooked tools for any public speaker or performer.
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ropelightcontroller.jpg Rope Light Controller [Basic]
This Rope Light Controller [Basic] runs up to four of our Rope Lights - 16’ or an incredible six of the smaller 12’ Rope Lights. This medium duty Basic model will chase Rope Light in a 4 channel sequence! Front mounted Adjustable Speed Knob. 110V A/C Rated. For larger displays or more features contact us for deluxe versions of Rope Light Controllers.
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ropelightassorted.jpg Rope Lights - 16’
Don’t get those 12’ or shorter Rope Lights that are sold as decoration in department or novelty stores - you deserve the professional 16’ Heavy Duty Crush Resistant Rope Lights! Incredible 60 Lamps (1 watt each) per rope in a 5/8” diameter tubing that is made of a durable ridged crush resistant plastic. Fitted with weather resistant pin connectors (female/male). Ropes may interconnect for longer runs up to a maximum 160’ (10 pieces). A Rope Light Controller (sold separately) most be used to light and control these Rope Lights. Choose between Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Clear with Multi-Color Lights.
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speakerstand.jpg Speaker Stand
This Speaker Stand is the last one you’ll ever have to buy! Quality and pricing that truly "stands" alone!!! Sturdy Aluminum Speaker Stand with a tripod base has an 80 pound capacity with a socket mounting bracket to attach your speaker or specialized lighting. Recommended maximum height is 6’, but only weighs 6 pounds. Pipe diameter: 1 3/8”. brings to you the most affordable and durable stand on the market. This Speaker Stand will surprisingly keep money in your pocket and your speakers off of the floor. Special collar secures the telescoping tube without slipping, and a safety pin is also included for extra security. Sold Individually. For heavier speakers or for larger specialized lighting stands please contact us for availability and pricing.
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Strobe - RCS1 Remote Controller
This unit is designed for the synchronronous operation of between one through five Strobe - SL450 and Strobe - SL750. .25" Output Jack. Variable Speed Control. Power Voltage 120V. 2" x 2" x 6" (51 x 51 x 152mm). 1 lb.
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Strobe - SL450
If you're looking for a professional quality strobe at a slightly lower price, than this is the unit for you. Powerful 45 Watt. Variable Speed Control (1-12 flashes per second). Dual .25" jacks for synchronronous operation by using our Strobe - RCS1 Remote Controller. Power Voltage 120V. Long Lasting Bulb LQ450R (included). 7.87" x 11.81" x 5.11" (200 x 300 x 130mm). 5.28 lbs.
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Strobe - SL750
This is the professional strobe you've been looking for, and it's available at a great price. Really Powerful 75 Watt. Variable Speed Control (1-12 flashes per second). Dual .25" jacks for synchronous operation by using our Strobe - RCS1 Remote Controller. Power Voltage 120V. Long Lasting Bulb LQ750R (included). 8.66" x 11.81" x 5.11" (220 x 300 x 130mm). 7 lbs.
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