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In this department you'll discover the classics of Stage Magic like the beautiful mysterious floating Zombie Effect Spirit Ball and the dramatic Appearing & Vanishing Cane Effects. You'll find the Livestock Effects such as the Magic Pans - Chick Pan, Dove Pan, and Duck Pan. Due to the custom nature and/or larger sizes of most "Stage Magic" effects, they are Special Orders with a 2-4 week delay in shipping. Due to the vast selection of products available we've split this department into two separate sections: All effects [A - M] are in this section, while [N - Z] are listed in the following department.
airchamp.gif Airborne - Champagne Bottle[Mak]
Lance Burton performed this effect on national television. First you pick up a real Champagne Bottle off the table. Pick up a goblet and start pouring. What?? You forgot something! Just let go of the goblet and get it. The goblet remains suspended in midair with the liquide still running from it!! When the goblet is full, put everything down. You can even drink the 'champagne' from the goblet. Great as an emcee bit, while pretending nothing is wrong. Takes just a few minutes to learn, but will amaze your audience for years to come... Champagne Bottle and goblet included - supply your own 'champagne'!
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aircoke.gif Airborne - Soda Can [Mak]
The same great effect as our Airborne - Champagne Bottle, but with a soda can! Perfect for children's shows. Lance Burton performed this effect on national television with a champagne bottle! With this version, you first pick up a real Soda Can off the table. Pick up a glass and start pouring. What?? You forgot something! Just let go of the glass and get it. The glass remains suspended in midair with the liquid still running from it!! When the glass is full, put everything down. You can even drink the 'soda' from the glass. Great as an emcee bit, while pretending nothing is wrong. Takes just a few minutes to learn, but will amaze your audience for years to come... Soda Can and glass included - supply your own 'soda'!
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Aldini Bowl Production
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Appearing8FootWoodPole084.jpg Appearing 8 Foot Pole [Deluxe]
This is the classic Appearing 8 Foot Pole, but unlike other Appearing Poles on the market, looks like a real wood pole! Imagine the look on the audience face when you look inside a very small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!

This looks real even close-up! When the first sample was shipped to us, I couldn't figure out how it could possibly collapse. It just didn't make any sense. Your mind will boggle when you find out how it works! Seriously, if you aren't absolutely impressed with this concept, we will refund every penny!

The visual on this is incredible, your audience will not believe their eyes. Even close-up you can't figure it out! Put it in their hands and they still can't figure it out! This is visual high-powered magic at it's best, at an extremely reasonable price. Imagine anytime during your act you reach into your pocket, a hat or a little paper sack and pull out this pole! I know it sounds impossible, but once you have this thing in your hands, that's exactly what you will be able to do. It's simple, in fact so simple a child could easily do it!

Don't confuse this with the Appearing Canes and Candles on the market. We all know those have seams you can see. This pole is VISUALLY seamless no coils or springs of any kind. You can do this right out in the audience surrounded with no fear of being caught. The pole measures 8 feet in length and approximately 1.5" in diameter.
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Appearing8FtStraw_MarkMason_JBMagic_068.jpg Appearing 8 Foot Straw [Mark Mason / JB Magic]
Tricks don't get much more direct than this! The magician opens a box, briefcase or bag away from all tables or other suspicious devices - then from inside the container they remove an oversized 8 Foot long Straw! The Appearing 8 Foot Straw can easily be removed from a paper lunch sack, backpack, or production item like a Square Circle or an Illusion Box! The possibilities with this versatile prop are virtually limitless. The Appearing 8 Foot Straw does not telescope as some might suspect, but is actually produced from the container as a single, solid piece. There is nothing complicated about the production - just pull it out of any commonplace container and listen to your audience react! Guaranteed to get gasps and laughs! A great addition to your magic act. Quality made in England!
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armbusterbig.jpg Armbuster [Andrew Mayne]
Illusionist Andrew Mayne, creator of Bisection and the author of Touching Sky presents a brand new shocking magic effect - Armbuster!!! Place your arm into a "magic cast" that prevents you from being harmed. You then bring out the wickedest looking drill you've ever seen and proceed to drill a hole straight through your arm (blood is optional). Of course, when you remove your arm from the cast, it is unharmed. Thank goodness! Armbuster is an effect that can be built in under a half an hour using $10.00 worth of materials and a $20.00 cordless drill [available at your local discount chain]. A great illusion at such a low price - incredible!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

astrologicalsign707b.jpg Astrological Sign [Eduardo Kozuch]
Know Your Spectator's Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth! The performer hands a spectator a small notebook which contains all the signs of the Zodiac. The spectator secretly finds his astrological sign and writes down his name. Despite the fact that the performer never sees the spectator's sign, and without any "fishing" or moves, the performer instantly names the spectator's sign of the Zodiac! Next, the spectator looks through the book and finds the page numbered with the year of his birth. Again, without any questions or moves, the performer instantly knows the day and month in which the spectator was born! No questions, easy to do, fits in your pocket and the spectator freely handles all of the props! Astrological Sign comes complete with full-color, spiral bound booklet, "crib sheets" and detailed instructions!
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bottleproduction.jpg Bottle Production [Juan Pablo]
The magician enters the stage holding two silk handkerchiefs, one in each hand. They display each of the silks, showing they conceal nothing...or so it seems. In a flash, a full bottle of wine or champagne appears between the silks! The performers hands are empty and everything may be immediately handed out for complete examination. Bottle Production comes with the ingenious new gimmick, silk handkerchiefs and instructions.
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mmbowloramasm.jpg Bowl-O-Rama [Kevin James]
A dynamic and surprising production of a real bowling ball, straight from Kevin's professional stage show! The magician displays a large pad of paper and sketches a picture of a bowling ball. He closes the pad, turns it sideways and a real bowling ball drops out from inside the pad! Bowl-O-Rama has been a featured effect of Kevin's stage and television shows for over 15 years in over 18 countries around the world. The elegant simplicity and attention-getting impact of this stunning routine make it the perfect opening effect, and it's method is totally practical and self contained!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Candle Through Arm [Morrissey Magic]
The magician displays a decorated metal tube to the audience along with a candle. He lights the candle and places his arm through the tube, pointing out the small holes through the sides of the tube. In fact, the hole looks just big enough for the candle to fit through, if it weren't for the magician's arm in the way, that is...but, that doesn't stop the magician–he picks up the candle and passes it straight through the hole in the tube! The candle may be freely moved back and forth and at the conclusion of the routine it may be completely examined. Candle Through Arm is very easy to perform and completely safe. Comes complete with special candle, tube and detailed instructions.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Candle Thru Arm [MAK]
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mkcardsword.jpg Card Sword
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Cardiographic [Martin Lewis]
Cardiographic is a classic effect from the great Martin Lewis! A reputation maker! Has been featured on TV! Selected card is partially drawn on a sketchpad by magician. A few quick lines are added, and the selected card magically rises from the sketch of the deck drawn on pad! Classic routine updated with high quality gimmick. Visible enough to perform on large stages, yet flat and lightweight - makes it easy to transport!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Celebration Bottle
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ceoproductionbriefcase444.jpg CEO Production Briefcase [Improved]
The CEO Production Briefcase allows the magician to magically produce Bowling Balls, Basketballs, Soccer Balls, etc... After the production, you can show the Briefcase front and back! Show both the inside and outside of the Briefcase! Walk onstage carrying an ordinary briefcase and set it down on the table. When you open it up the magician can then produce a basketball or other large item that cannot possibly fit in the briefcase. The case can be shown all around! Carry your other magic effects, and important documents in the case. Top quality briefcase and professional construction make this new version of this classic effect a winner! Better made than previous versions that cost $500 - $700!!! NOTE: Production props such as Bowling Ball, Basketball, or Soccer Ball not included, as you can use any standard ball!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Chinese Linking Rings [5"]
The Mystery of the Chinese Linking Rings. Eight separate and solid metal rings are linked together to form a chain and separate just as easily. Method is easy when you know the secret. Extra heavy. This 5" diameter set of Chinese Linking Rings is the ideal size for Close-up magic performances for small audiences. A trick that has puzzled audiences down through the ages and will continue to be one of the most popular and beloved tricks. Steel rings shown to be solid, are linked and unlinked under the very eyes of the spectators. Various designs may be formed, all linked together and all finally released. A real mystery presentation. Easy instructions included. The real magic in this effect is learning a presentation, and for that we recommend Dai Vernon's "Symphony of the Rings" book (available in "The Library [N - Z Listings]" Department) or this great DVD "25 Amazing Magic Tricks and Tips with Linking Rings".
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Chinese Linking Rings [8"]
The Mystery of the Chinese Linking Rings! Eight separate and solid metal rings are linked together to form a chain and separate just as easily. Method is easy when you know the secret. This set of ‘Rings' is extra heavy and beautifully chromed. This 8" diameter set of Chinese Linking Rings is the ideal size for everything from Birthday Party shows, to platform magic, to stage. A trick that has puzzled audiences down through the ages and will continue to be one of the most popular and beloved tricks. Steel rings shown to be solid, are linked and unlinked under the very eyes of the spectators. Various designs may be formed, all linked together and all finally released. A real mystery presentation. Easy instructions included. The real magic in this effect is learning a presentation, and for that we recommend Dai Vernon's "Symphony of the Rings" book (available in "The Library [N - Z Listings]" Department) or these great DVD: "25 Amazing Magic Tricks and Tips with Linking Rings".
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Circus Wagon
A large circus wagon is used a produce a large rabbit or another animal. This beautifully decorated cabinet looks like the it came from center ring at the circus. Appearance is extremely visual, as the front of the Circus Wagon is never covered! Animal just appears behind the bars of the Circus Wagon!! A prop you'll be proud to display and perform...
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Clatter Box [Deluxe Wood Version]
Comedy and Magic go hand-in-hand with this effect! First you show a decorative wood box to your spectators. Next, you make a silk vanish (Silk or Silk Vanish Not Included)! Hand the box to the spectator, asking them to be very careful with it, as it is a valuable antique. As the spectator opens the door to the box, it flies apart leaving them holding only the top with the vanished silk attached! Boy, will they be surprised! Although this Deluxe Version is similar in appearance to our Standard Version, the wood construction is superior, and the hardware is more decorative. This Clatter Box really looks the part of an valuable antique. Easy to set up and perform...

Please Note: The Clatter Box is now available with an Ornate Paint Magical Design, which makes it appear to be an antique magic box!!!
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Cobra_in_the_Basket_Remote_Control_084.jpg Cobra in the Basket [Remote Control]
The Cobra in the Basket [Remote Control] is the World’s Most Dangerous Card Trick! A helper selects a card (no force) and signs their name on it. The card is returned to the deck & deck placed inside the basket. The magician tells the helper that he has the only card finding jumping cobra in the world. You tell the helper that they need to move a little closer to the basket so the snake can smell them. As they get closer, the SNAKE SHOOTS into the air startling the helper & finding the card stuck to the mouth of the Snake!

Release mechanism fully re-designed to eliminate misfires & accidental releases. Magician has complete control of when release occurs. Simple, single button Remote for release. Operates on 8 AAA batteries [not included]. Easy to load - can be set-up ready to use in less than 2 minutes. LED indicator to show on and ready. Securing latch solidly linked to the unit. Acrylic and aluminum construction.

Can be used to locate playing cards, business cards or Sea Pass card if working a cruise ship. Unit can be used in another container if you wish, and themed to your own act. The Cobra in the Basket is a big effect that can be performed in any type of show.

h2colorchangecd.jpg Color Changing CD's [European Version]
The Color Changing CD's is a beautiful update of the classic 'Color Changing Records' (Remember 'Records' - some small children 'Don't!!!'). Show the audience an empty CD sleeve with one side transparent. Freely show three CDs that are silver on both sides. Place the CDs one after another into this CD sleeve and wave a colored silk or ribbon at the combination. The CDs one after another change color to match the silk or the ribbon. The audience sees BOTH sides of the CD’s. This astounding effect is added to by having one side of the CD sleeve transparent. There is no way to exchange CDs. The "Do it in your Hand" method allows the Magician without any cover to show three silver CDs front and back, and changes them to three different colors one at a time right in their hand! At Beginning and End: Fold the CD Sleeve! Bend and even Show it EMPTY! One trick. Two distinct methods to cover any performance situation. All CDs and Sleeve are included and the 2 Routines with Full Instructions. Please Note: Different Color Silks or Ribbons are not included.
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crysbowlvan.gif Crystal Bowl
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Crystal Clear Magic Cube [Deluxe 6"]
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DaggerChest1 Dagger Chest
Performer displays a square wooden chest with front and back openings, which the audience can see completely through. The chest is put around a spectator's head, and panels used to close the back and front, effectively trapping the head in the chest. Several daggers are now pushed through slots on the sides of the chest. Apparently they penetrate right through the head!
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silkcabbyroyalbig.jpg Deluxe Silk Cabby [Royal Magic]
The Deluxe Silk Cabby is a classic piece of apparatus that you will be proud to use and display. The Deluxe Silk Cabby was built with both the performer and the collector in mind. It can be used for the production or vanish of silks, and is excellent for the Mis-Made Flag effect. Use it to perform 20th Century Silks using unprepared silks! Perfect for Silk Blendo effects! Silk dyeing! Cut and Restored! Repeat 20th Century effects! The Deluxe Silk Cabby is first shown empty with both doors open - can even be performed surrounded. The doors are closed and silks are pushed into the cabinet by way of the end holes. They then vanish, change color, are transformed, etc.! The Deluxe Silk Cabby is finished in select hardwoods, with walnut top and feet. Each door is attached with a beautiful brass piano- style hinge. There is a hole through the center of both ends of the cabinet, and the interior of the cabinet is finished in flat black. The Deluxe Silk Cabby comes complete with full instructions and routine. Use your own silks and production articles!
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Digitalfeedback608b.jpg Digital Feedback [Richard Osterlind]
Richard Osterlind's Digital Feedback takes the traditional add-a-number routine into the 21st century. Imagine two groups of spectators, each multiplying two 2-digit numbers on a pocket calculator to arrive at a totally random 4-digit number. The performer writes a prediction and sets it aside. He then begins to slowly reveal the numbers that make up the 4-digit products arrived at by the spectators. The multiplications are then done by longhand to show that the calculator's products were correct. For the mind-numbing finish, the two products are added together and found to match the performer's prediction! This routine, originally was featured in Osterlind's Dynamic Mysteries, and has not been widely performed due to the difficulties in obtaining the proper apparatus. Now, with Digital Feedback, you'll be able to add this powerful routine to your own show! You receive the very special scientific calculator, hand-modified by Richard Osterlind, plus a manuscript which describes this powerful routine, in addition to other possible effects. Please don't confuse this with other calculators that have been on the market. The Digital Feedback, calculator is totally examinable and will function normally, yet its secret will allow you to do very extraordinary things!
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Diminishing Cards [Jumbo]
These Diminishing Cards start off as Jumbo size playing cards that will get smaller and smaller until they only measure a fraction of an inch! Then poof!! They dissapear right before your eyes. This is not the Al Baker method, but a brand new method where the cards shrink 5 times before finally vanishing. Illustrated instructions included. Imported from Europe.
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disarm1.gif Disarmed
First you Zig-zagged your assistant, then you sawed her, impaled her and chopped off her head. Now it's your turn with DISARMED!! Disarmed is the one-magician illusion that can be done almost anywhere and without assistance. Placing your arm inside this box, you proceed to force two solid blades thru your arm. Open the box at the hinge that separates the box into two. Incredible, your arm is now in two pieces! WOW!! When the blades are removed, your arm is back in one piece!! This expertly crafted wooden box is designed with a strong piano hinge in the center. Not big and bulky, but lightweight and easy to handle. Aluminum blades with wooden handles make this a class act...
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DoveProductionDrawerBox101.jpg Drawer Box [Dove Production]
The Drawer Box is one of the oldest Magic Production props and will produce a load almost as large as the box, after being shown empty. This box in a natural wood finish is a handsome prop (approximate size 10" x 5" x 5"), specially designed for production of a small Magic Bunny or couple of Magical Doves. You could also use it for traditional Magician's Production items, and produce a very large load of Magic Silks, Spring Flowers, Silk Streamers, etc. Equally impressive to Magically Vanish all of these props as well!!!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

DrawerBoxWood110.jpg Drawer Box [Small / Wood]
This is a handy size Drawer Box, that is made of wood and painted in bright colors. It will enable you to Produce or Vanish a Dove, small chicken, Magic Silks, Sponge Props, or any other Magic Production item(s) that would fit into the box. Holds a large load, but is a compact size [approximately 8” x 5” x 4”] for easy transportation. Sides of this Drawer Box have holes, reinforcing the Illusion of an Empty Box!!!
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Flaming Torch Thru Arm
The performer displays a black tube and places his arm through it. A lit torch is then placed through the tube, and completely through his arm! To conclude the torch is removed and the performer then produces a live dove! The Torch through Arm with Dove Production comes with a large (9.5 inches long by 4.5 inches in diameter) tube, two-piece torch and instructions. Simply the best of these effects on the market today...
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Sultan Flying Carpet Sultan Flying Carpet [New Improved Illusion]
What magician hasn't been asked, "Can You Make Someone Float?" The Flying Carpet - Princess is the answer you've always been looking for! Although not considered a 'Levitation' - your audience will go away remembering the 'Magician' who 'Floated Someone from the Audience'! A solid hoop is then passed over the person and the 'Carpet', then taken away. The new gimmick weight is only 10 lbs. yet, it holds up to 140 lbs. The entire oufit packs flat for easy transporatation. Includes everything you need to perform, but the hoop. A rope tied into a circle can be used to pass over the person, or some performers use a 'Hula Hoop'. This is, without question, one of the most baffling illusions ever devised, and it is so compact. Sturdily constructed, and weighs just a few pounds. Now you can perform the 'Floating Lady'!!!

This is the best Flying Carpet illusion that we have ever seen. It is quality made in the United States from the finest materials. A small platform on casters is wheeled out anyplace. On it is a two-fold screen holding up a prop carpet. Anyone up to 120 pounds is placed on top with their legs crossed. You can also use this as a one man effect. Two chrome swords are shown and propped under the carpet. Then the screen is pulled out from under the carpet, off the platform onto the floor. Apparently the swords are holding up the carpet. Now, the swords are removed and waved around, as the subject and carpet remain suspended in mid air. A solid hoop is passed over the carpet and subject to show that no visible means of support is used. The screen is placed back under the carpet and the subject steps down.

This can be worked most anyplace! You can use it on the patio, beach, rumpus room, living room, floor, platform and stage. Packs flat and weighs only about 40 pounds in transit. Many other presentations are possible in addition to those mentioned above. This is quality from start to finish. Hula hoop not included. A lot of magic at an unusually low price!! This item has special shipping charges. Call and we will let you know how much to ship to your location.
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zombiemini.gif Fountain Silk Ball [Vernet]
One ball in your hand INSTANTLY changes into an 18" Silk! This effect also comes with an extra ball which can be used to vanish a silk!! This trick matches the other effects from Vernet Magic. For a complete routine we suggest these matching effects from Vernet Magic. Multiplying Balls, Multiplying Balls - Climax, and the Zombie - Mini. All of these great effects are listed in our Stage & Party Magic department...
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mmghostcard.jpg Ghost Card [Samuel Patrick Smith]
You show a spectator six different jumbo cards and ask him to just think of any one of them. The cards are then counted into his hand one by one and the card he was merely thinking of has vanished!
  • Clean and Baffling Effect
  • The Spectators Apparently See the Fronts and Backs of All the Cards
  • Doesn't Use Rough and Smooth
  • No Pocket Card or Flap
  • You Can Repeat the Trick As Many Times As You Wish
  • Ghost Card is also very easy to perform and the jumbo-size (4.25" by 6.75") make this a winner on stage.

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headtwister066.jpg Head Twister
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

IllusionBoxLarge066.JPG Illusion Box [Large]
The Illusion Box is an incredibly deceptive illusion! They see the secret but it is not there! Open the front and top doors clearly showing an empty box. NOW open the lid and pull out a giant amount of silks, flowers, a rabbit, or other solid objects! Very simple and direct magic, no moving parts to worry about. The “Secret Load” compartment is one-half the size of the Illusion Box. The Illusion Box is 12 x 9 x 9 inches. Handmade Wood Construction with a Shiny Lacquer Paint Finish.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

IllusionBoxRevolving804.jpg Illusion Box [Revolving]
The Illusion Box [Revolving] is the Ultimate REVOLVING Illusion! This Illusion Box “Revolves” to Show your Entire Audience that it is empty! This is a Super Deceptive Illusion Box attatched to a “Revolving” base, to show each angle that the box is empty! Just turn the Illusion Box and it spins freely to show each audience angle. Open both the Front and Top doors, and clearly show an empty box. NOW open the Lid, and pull out a giant amount of Silks, Flowers, Rabbit, or solid objects! Quality Wood Construction! Very Deceptive!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

jailhouse.gif Jail House Vanish
You receive a beautifully decorated box designed to look like a miniature prison cell. Place a dove or two into the jail behinds the bars. Magician briefly covers the Jail with a small panel, and then inserts a large jail key right through the center of the Jail. Upon removing the panel, the doves have vanished! Can be performed surrounded. Effect can also be done with a small rabbit.
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An old-time carnival classic! It must be seen to be feared. You've seen this same knife performed on international television. Casually show a butcher-style knife, gleaming chrome blade in full view. Magician then rolls up a shirt sleeve, and with one swift movement smashes the blade down on your forearm - all without any tricky moves at all! The blade has penetrated completely through your arm, living flesh sticking to it's greedy edge. The shock then begins: Blood squirts on the blade, forearm, table, and the floor!! This is super visual!!! It looks so real - people will ask "How can it be a magic trick?" It's automatic. Everything is self-contained. Perform without the blood if you wish - the gory blood sequence is purely optional (of course, blood is not included). Please Note: Knife looks slightly different, as small cosmetic changes have been made to make it look more realistic...
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lighttration077x022.jpg Light Tration
Magician introduces an industrial lamp with an 8ft electrical cord attached. The lamp is of the sort used to work on cars, in workshops, etc. The magician invites two people up casually examine the cord. The Spectators plug up the lamp and they turn it on! The magician need never touch the actual light switch. Spectators stretch the cord between them with the light still Burning the magician says "When I work on my car I always get tangled up in these cords. But, “not anymore!” The magician reaches behind him, grabs the cord and visibly pulls it thru his body.. The light remaining on at all times. Add a FunkenRing and sparks will fly as it goes thru your body. Professional magician John Moyer has used this for years to shock his audiences. This effect is now being used by professionals around the world. An effect that is different and Light Years ahead of rope thru body. No Magnets used. Doesn't have to be an opener. Do it any time during your show.. Perform it surrounded. Show your hands completely empty before the trick begins. After you magically pass thru the light, it is still burning! It never goes out during the whole trick. Baffling beyond words. You receive the special lamp, complete routine and Performance Rights. Each unit is handcrafted, and will work anywhere in the world (no current compatibility problems whatsoever)!
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lightstorm257s.jpg Lightstorm Trick [booklet][Andrew Mayne]
The lights in the theater darken. Strange music begins to fill the air as fog rolls on to the stage. The magician picks up a thin board. An assistant holding an eerie green work light walks on stage. The magician places the board in front of his body. The assistant walks behind the magician and raises the light. The assistant lowers the light behind the magician and begins to push. The green light begins to emerge from the center of the magician's chest. The assistant’s hand emerges holding the light. The assistant pushes the light to one side passing through the magician’s body as if it were made of fog. The magician remains motionless. The assistant pushes the light to other side passing through the magician’s spine. The assistant slowly retracts the light letting it pass through the magician’s body. The magician lowers the board and reveals that his body is completely intact. The green light fades out!
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loliteflite.jpg Lite-Flite [Perry Maynard]
Created by Perry Maynard. The effect is beautiful - can be performed close-up or on stage. The magician reaches into their pocket and produces a small illuminated ball. On the magician's command, the ball starts to float in mid-air. As the ball is floating, the magician gives the ball a spin - now the spinning ball suddenly floats from one hand to the other. The magician's hands circle around the floating ball dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might be done. Finally, the floating ball rises up to the magician's pocket. The pocket is opened and the ball floats into the magician's pocket!!! For even more great routines see our Lite-Flite video in our Multimedia Room Department.
    Lite-Flite - Words From The Pros
  • "Perry's Lite-Flite is beautiful. You'll have a ball with it. It made me quit smoking." Steve Fearson
  • "It lights up, it revolves, it could be the greatest close-up levitation ever!" Gary Darwin
  • "The Lite-Flite, looks like it's right out of the X-Files. This is a great one." Kevin James
  • "The Amazing Lite-Flite, I got my eye out for this one." Karrell Fox.

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Magic City Library of Magic [V2-Magic w/Linking Rings][Leo Behnke]
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Magic City Library of Magic [V20-Magic w/Zombie Ball][Leo Behnke]
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Magic City Library of Magic [V4-Magic w/Canes][Leo Behnke]
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drsuitcasetable2.jpg Magician's Pro Performance Suitcase Table [Large]
For an additional photograph of this great table, please click once on the photograph at left.
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drsuitcasetable2.jpg Magician's Pro Performance Suitcase Table [Small]
For an additional photograph of this great table, please click once on the photograph at left.
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mentalyarnsm.jpg Mental Yarn [Bill Goldman]
Mental Yarn from Bill Goldman is a diabolical, do anywhere mind reading miracle! The magician asks a spectator to think of an object from a printed list. The selection process is extremely fair. Yet, even before the spectator makes their selection, the magician knows what object they are destined to pick! This is thought reading the way it was meant to be. This is the basic effect of Mental Yarn. Direct, stunning mind reading. However, there are many different ways to present the effect. For an example, two spectators can assist the magician, each one selecting a different object. Of course, the magician reads both of their thoughts. The trick is suitable for use on stage, close-up or even over the phone or on the radio! In fact, Bill Goldman has closed many a contract by performing Mental Yarn on the phone with prospective clients. Mental Yarn has even been performed on the BBC and stunned millions of viewers! Keep in mind these points: The Mental Yarn trick can be repeated with different results, No set-up or re sets, fits in your pocket, yet large enough to play on stage! Extremely easy to do. Numerous presentation ideas supplied, and arrives complete with booklet of routines, tips and ideas, plus three different versions of Mental Yarn.
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Multiplying Balls [Climax] [Vernet]
This is the perfect finale for the Multiplying Balls from Vernet Magic. You have produced four balls in one hand and suddenly, FOUR MORE BALLS magically appear between the fingers of your other hand. This is a effect that should be performed with the also found in this department - see the listing for that trick for a complete description. For even a more complete routine we also suggest these matching effects from Vernet Magic...the Fountain Silk Ball, and the Zombie - Mini. All of these other great effects are listed in our Stage & Party Magic Department...
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vernmultbal.gif Multiplying Balls [Vernet]
The Multiplying Balls are one of the classics in magic! This set of balls are made of chromium plated ABS plastic, 1 3/4 inches in diameter. They look like mini disco balls with their ultra reflective surface - they take on whatever color stage lighting you're performing under! The textured surface makes handling easy, without any slipping. Don't be afraid of dropping them!! These balls are the highest quality in the world. For a complete routine we suggest these matching effects from Vernet Magic...Multiplying Balls - Climax, Fountain Silk Ball, and the Zombie - Mini. All of these other great effects are listed in our Stage & Party Magic Department... Instructions are included for a basic routine, however, we recommend magic books like the Tarbell Course in Magic or Hillard's Greater Magic for many more, different moves and routines about Billard Ball Manipulation.
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