Titanic Memorabilia

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Titantic Memorabilia
Although not magic, the legend of the 'TITANIC' has long intrigued many of us. In the near future, we will be carrying an assortment of many different items from the Titanic, including authentic movie props from the James Cameron blockbuster 'TITANIC'...
heartocean.jpg Titanic "Heart of the Ocean" Necklace


This is it!!! The authentic "TITANIC Heart of the Ocean Necklace" from the James Cameron blockbuster TITANIC!!! Includes a Certificate of Authenticity from 20th Century Fox! This item is now sold out at the source and can't be reordered. This item is rare. Don't miss out. The irresistible beauty of the ocean, captured in a magnificent jewel - this is the Titanic "Heart of the Ocean" Necklace by J. Peterman. The fabled stone of James Camerson's epic TITANIC film, once part of the crown of the kings of France, now an impossible, lavish engagement gift from aristocratic millionare Cal Hockley to his young auburn-tressed fiance Rose DeWitt Bukater. The "Heart of the Ocean" is not a sapphire, it is an immense diamond, now the center stone of a necklace and rimmed with more diamonds, hung from a strand of even more brilliant gems! A strand of the stars themselves from which hangs the jewel of the deepest, royal marine color, the color of secrets and mystery and forever, the voluptuous azure of the "Heart of the Ocean". This is the original, the J.Peterman-crafted replica, the only one that matches the original, and the only one that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from 20th Century Fox. Originally sold for $198.00, when first released and readily vailable. We've made special arrangements for you to purchase this now hard-to-find collectible (selling for much more now) for the incredibly low price of only $299.95!

This jewel is heavy, a beautifully cut ocean-blue crystalike, around which dozens of white crystals dance. The stone captures the light and dashes it back multifold. It is simply dazzling! The 18 inch necklace is made of 84 brilliant faux diamonds set in a precious platinum-like rhodium plate setting. The 1 3/4" heart-shaped blue faux 75-carat diamond solitaire is encircled by a row of faux diamonds, and is detachable from the necklace. Wear the incredible 'Neclace' by itself (without the 'Heart') - it will still turn heads !!! Ivanna Trump was on Entertainment Tonight in mid Febraury showing off her various homes, and wore the 'Heart' alone as a brotch - she had just pinned into her jacket! The gift that will take her breath away!!!

A recent Testimonial from just one our customers!!!

Dear Houdinis,,

I received the J. Peterman "Heart of the Ocean" necklace at a little after noon today. My wife was home, so I had to lie about who was at the door. The necklace is magnificent. This is easily the best present I could ever have given her. I had the Heart of the Ocean delivered to our table at dinner tonight. Today is my birthday, but I thought it might be nice to 'surprise' her a day early when she couldn't see it coming. Boy, was she surprised!!!

"Oh, my God!" she said when she opened the box. She never knew there were any exact replicas made. She was in a state of shock for the rest of the evening.

When I asked her to guess how much it cost, she said $500 - $600. She didn't believe the price I paid until I showed her my receipt when we got home.

Anyway, thanks Houdinis for helping me make this Valentine's Weekend the best ever.

Sincerely, M.S. (Wisconsin)

P.S. Feel free to use all or part of this testimonial e-mail on your site.

Now you can create this same excitement!!!After you catch your breath, take time to think about the collector's value of this piece. Since its debut, the value of this unique item has risen up and up, and is a definite investment. And, most pleasureably, a wearable investment. This is the gift of pure romance, and an unforgettable piece of film history. Elegantly packaged in a beautiful 8 1/2 x 10" lined presentation box embossed with "S.S. Titanic, April 14, 1912, The Heart of The Ocean , t.m." Breathtaking!

Here's a Close-up of the 'Heart' itself!!!

This is the back of the 'Heart' - embossed with the 1998 copyright of 'FOX'!!!

A promo shot of Kate Winslet wearing the 'Heart of the Ocean Necklace'!!!

For a great close-up photo of Kate Winslet as 'Rose' wearing the 'Heart of the Ocean', CLICK on either the 'Heart of the Ocean' photo at the top of this page (the one shown in the presentation box) or the product name 'Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace' at the top of this item description...

Please Note: As of Saturday, January 9, 1999, we still have this item available at this price, however, the 'Necklaces' that are remaining in stock are in slightly damaged 'presentation' boxes. These 'outside boxes' (which look beautiful, but were poorly designed for shipping) were damaged in shipment to us. As a matter of fact, approximately four out of every six 'Necklace' boxes were damaged in every delivery box. This is an extremely rare item, and is no longer available at the source. This slight box damage (i.e. - slight tear in box side, etc.) in no way effects the value of this incredible item. The contents of the box have not been affected. The authorized 'J. Peterman Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace' itself is in perfect condition! You still receive the Certificate of Authenticity from 20th Century Fox!! It still makes the ideal gift... It's still a great value - one sold right before New Year's Eve on auction for $285.00.

Order now, and you'll receive the 'Best' we still have available...

Please Note: As of June 19, 1999, we are currently 'SOLD OUT' out of this highly prized collectible... Check back again, if we're able to locate any more!!!

Please Note: As of November 12, 1999, we found one additional 'Necklace' - the last one! We have only 1 left in Mint Condition!!! Mint Condition Necklace! Mint Condition Box! Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Get it while you can... the perfect gift for any occassion!!!

Please Note: As of November 15, 1999, we are currently SOLD OUT!!! No more will probably ever be available again...

Titanicandsisterssm.jpg Titanic & Her Sisters Olympic & Britannic [Tom McCluskie] [Hardcover]
A definitive account of the three sister ships Olympic, Brittannic, and Titanic, from the events that shaped their construction to the present-day movie and salvage of the Titanic's wreck. Written by the Archive Manager for Harland & Wolff, builders of the Titanic, this volume contains rare black-and-white photographs of the three vessels as well as stills from the recent blockbuster movie. Comprehensive reference materials, including lists and biographies of Titanic's passengers and crew, her cargo manifest, and a bibliography. Over 500 photographs and illustrations. Titanic & Her Sisters Olympic & Britannic is a beautiful 512 page Hardcover book and measures 1.8 x 9.8 x 12.8 inches. It is Titanic in size and weighs over 6 pounds.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

titaniccomb3a.jpg Titanic: Butterfly Hair Comb

A Great Collectible at a Great Price!!!

The Titanic: Butterfly Hair Comb is a reproduction of the one seen from the epic motion picture 'TITANIC'! This is the only 'Titanic: Butterfly Hair Comb' authorized for sale by 20th Century Fox. Stamped on the reverse with a '1998 Fox' stamp of authenticity. Even includes a 'Certificate of Authenticity' from 20th Century Fox.

The Tiffany-like Stained Glass Butterfly Motif is featured on this 'Comb' with a brass oxidated plating with black, sea green and milky transparent epoxy. The butterfly body is accented with an adventurine cabochon and a black faceted stone. Adventurine is a translucent greenish quartz mineral, that is internally granular. Adventurine is often mistaken for jade, a valuable stone of green. Cabochon is a domed gemstone - a highly polished curved surface without faceting. Beautifully finished with a plastic simulated tortoise comb. The ‘Comb' is impressive and approximately 4" Long x 4" Wide. Quality Crafted in the U.S.A.

Save the Turtles! - for all of you adventurous naturalists, no tortoise was injured in any way in the making of this comb - it's 100% all natural plastic, and only designed to look like the 'Tortoise Combs' from the turn of the century!

Truly an elegant piece of jewelry! But it's more than that, it's a true collectible and a very recognizable part of movie history. Who could forget 'Rose' (Kate Winslet) wearing this timeless classic in her beautiful red-tressed hair! This classically Tiffany-like stained glass 'Titanic Butterfly Hair Comb' will create many compliments from those seeing you wearing it... Whether an elegant night on the town, or a Sunday afternoon brunch - this 'Comb' will always be in style!!!

Look how Elegant This 'Comb' Is!!!

Look at this Great 'Tiffany-like Stained Glass' Close-up Detail!!!

Packaged in the original blue Presentation Box from the J. Peterman Company. Originally sold for $198.00, when they were available, but now this extremely difficult to find 'Comb' is no longer available from the source.. Once they're gone... they're gone forever!!!

This 'Comb' would definitely make a beautiful companion piece to the authorized 'J. Peterman Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace' available from us on a strictly limited basis.

Please Note: As of February 6, 1999, we are currently 'SOLD OUT' out of this highly prized collectible... Check back again, if we're able to locate any more!!!

Please Note: As of March 1, 1999, it doesn't appear that any remaining 'Combs' will magically appear! We'll leave up the description and the photos, so that 'fans' could admire this beautiful piece of movie history upclose!!!

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