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The Viking - Brass, Wood, & Quality Magic Department contains many of the best built magic effects of the last century. Viking Mfg. Co. is a world-class producer of magical apparatus, and currently manufactures some of the classic lines of magic including Haenchen, Massey, Resor, Brema, Okito/Berg, Hughes House of Magic, and their own Viking Products. Each and every piece is hand-crafted to exacting specifications. Only the finest materials and workmanship go into producing Viking Products.
alchemdream.gif Alchemist's Dream
The magician tells their spectators that "Alchemists have been trying to change base metal into gold for centuries". Now this can become reality for both you and your amazed audience.Performer brings forth a small brass vial, a magic potion, and some metal filings. The filings are placed within the brass vial and a drop of potion added to them. A cork completes the ritual. A slight shake and the filings are dumped out revealing that they have changed to Gold Filings! These are returned to the vial and more of the potion added. The vial is stirred and finally a Golden Nugget is produced from the vial!! Vial may be examined as there is nothing for them to find. Comes complete with all necessary filings and 'Gold' Nuggets, plus suggestions for other effects using the Alchemist's Dream Vial. Quality made in the U.S. by Viking Mfg. - Brass Vial and Handmade Brass Enameled Box. A true collector's set!
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Ball & Tube
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brasbiltub.gif Bill Tube [Peerless / Brema]
The performer borrows a dollar bill from a spectator. The bill is initialed by the spectator and the serial number is noted. Bill is now folded, secured with a rubber band, and placed within the folds of a handkerchief held by the spectator. Performer nows displays a small brass tube with a threaded lid, a brass bar running through the lid, and secured with a padlock. This is given to the spectator to hold in their free hand. Performer now snatches the hank from the spectator's hand - the bill has vanished! Spectator themselves remove the locking bar and unscrews the lid to the brass tube which they have been holding throughout the routine. Inside they find the missing, signed bill!! No amount of examination will reveal the secret to this mechanical masterpiece. The World's Finast Brema Bill Tube made to last a lifetime by Viking- Haenchen. Make your reputation with this effect! Bill Tube, lid, bar, lock, and several other routines included...
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nestcoinb.gif Coin Nest of Boxes [Peerless]
A spectator is asked for the loan of a coin which is then marked by it's owner. Coin is then Vanished by the magician. Prior to this the magician had displayed a small brass box which was left in full view. Following the vanish, the small box is opened by the spectator and a second brass box is found. This is opened only to disclose another, even smaller obx. Finally the fourth and hopefully last box is opened. To the spectator's surprise, their missing Marked coin is found within! No switch of the coin - the set-up works in a flash. Precision craftsmanship by Viking Mfg. - collector's quality!
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doublebilltube.jpg Double Bill Tube [Peerless]
The Double Bill Tube is without a doubt one of the most extraordinary magical props you will ever hope to use. When properly presented, no other close-up miracle can compare. This effect was invented by a very good friend of mine, the late Walter Gibson (Magician, Creator of the 'Shadow', ghostwriter for Houdini, Blackstone and Thurston, and one of the most creative minds in magic). A brass tube with a screw cap is shown empty, threaded closed, and sealed with a sticker affixed to the cap. The sealed tube is then left in Full View. The sealed container is now place within a second, larger tube, which is capped and also sealed with a sticker. This doubly sealed unit is held by a spectator. A previously borrowed dollar bill, with it's serial number noted and having been marked, is caused to vanish! The spectator holding the nested, sealed tubes is instructed to break the seals and remove the contents. The Identical Marked Bill is found within the second sealed tube!! Our deepest thanks to Walter Gibson and to Carl Brema, who made some of Walter's dreams into Magical realities. We hope that those purchasing this effect will agree that the Brema tradion is still alive...quality brass construction by Viking Mfg.
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colorcube.gif Enchanted Color Cube
A clever and impromtu pocket trick. A small cube, when held between forefinger and thumb is seen to change color in a most mysterious manner. Each side has a differnet color, but the colors change from one to another, right before their eyes! May be repeated a number of times without detection. Finally, for a last change, one color changes to a completely DIFFERENT color that has not been seen before on the cube! All may be examined. Complete with detailed instructions.
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Magic City Library of Magic [V8-Magic w/Bill Tube][Leo Behnke]
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lippbox.gif Quarter Go [a.k.a. Lippencott Box]
A quarter is borrowed and marked. This is placed under a handkerchief and given to a spectator is hold. Next a small, padlocked chest is shown, then placed on a spectator's palm. Now a glass is shown and placed on top of the small chest. First spectator is requested to hold a normal pocket hankerchief (not included) containing quarter over the glass and at a magic command to drop the coin into it. A clink is heard and when the hank is removed, coin is seen to have vanished! Chest is now opened by spectator and unbelievable as it may seem, the MARKED coin is found inside! No slides, fumbling, or awkward moves. Made in the U.S. of select walnut with Brass Hardware and Lock. Complete routine included!
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Spirit Nut [Brema / Viking]
The Spirit Nut [Brema / Viking] is the best quality version of this classic effect. Were a solid brass nut magically escapes from a shoe lace held by a spectator on both ends.
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tranmen.gif Trans-Mental
A slender brass case with a threaded lid and 5 brass rods, numbered from 1 through 5 are shown. A spectator is invited to join in an experiment of thought transferrance using these simple props. The object is for the spectator to hide one of the numbered rods within the brass case, sealing same and concealing the remainder of the rods from the magician's view. All this is done while the magician's back is turned or they are out of the room. Upon their return, the magician immediately names the hidden rod within the sealed case!! This may be repeated with equal success. Precision crafted in the U.S. by Viking Mfg. Remember, nothing is added or taken away, self-contained - no magnets, weights, or secret slides!
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