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Certainly not Magic - but tons of fun!, from "Whoppie Cushions" (Whoopie's got to make money on more than just films), to "Horseshoe Puzzles", to "Shocking Lighters & Handshakers" to Executive Gifts - You'll find all these and much more for the practical joker in this department.
bangpen.gif Bang Pen [includes Bang Caps]
Perfect when your friends ask to borrow your Pen!!! Pen appears to be a popular brand sold in most stores, but when your victom opens it...a loud BANG is heard! What a great joke to play on your BOSS. Includes pen and several dozen demo caps. You can purchase replacement BANG CAPS in at your local store store or discount department store.
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beanandbottlebig.jpg Bean & Bottle
A challenge your spectators will never win! The magician places a hoop on top of a bottle, which may be borrowed. On top of the hoop is perched a bean. The object is to get the bean to fall into the bottle. Only the magician can make the bean fall into the bottle. Complete with supply of beans, hoop, and secret. No skill required.Use your bean to make cents! The Bean & Bottle and it's magical secret makes a great party stunt!
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Double Sided Half Dollar
Please Select "Heads" or "Tails":

Double Sided Quarter
Please Select "Heads" or "Tails":

FakeLottoTicketsHoliday Fake Lotto Tickets [Holiday Lottery Tickets / Assortment of 3 + Bonus]
Fake Lotto Tickets are the Greatest Stocking Stuffer on Earth! The perfect Gift for someone who has everything! Every Fake Lotto Ticket appears to be a Guaranteed WINNER of $20,000.00 or more!!! Well, wait until they read the fine print! Also make great New Year’s Gifts! Going to a Dinner Party? Don’t say anything, but leave one on the Dining Table – someone is bound to pick it up, scratch it, and be an Instant Winner! Better than buying Lottery Tickets!!! We cannot guarantee selection, but give you an assortment of 3 Fake Lotto Tickets. Please Note: Fake Lotto Tickets are sold for Entertainment Purposes Only!!! We also give you a Bonus non-Holiday Ticket for Year-round Fun!
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Fate's Finger
The Fate's Finger points in all directions at once -North, South, East, or West! Where will the finger of fate point next? Carry it in your pocket and always be ready to fool anyone. Baffling, but easy to perform!
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bones2size1.jpg Foam Bones Small [Magic by Gosh]
Talk about having a funny bone! These small foam bones measure 10.5 inches long. A great way for any comic or magician to add a little silliness to their act! Show this to your Chiropractor on your next vist! Large & Small bones sold separately [pictured in photo together]!
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brickfoam.jpg Foam Brick [Magic by Gosh]
A very realistic - looking but light and perfectly safe foam brick with many possible comedy uses. Measures 3.25 inches wide, 7.5 inches long, and 2 inches tall! Imagine the reaction if you tossed this one into the crowd! Take this to your construction site!
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Foam Dove [Magic by Gosh]
They don't make noise or need food and the best part of all...No Clean-Up! Magic by Gosh has hand - carved this highly - compressible Foam Dove! The Foam Dove measures almost 9 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall.
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eggfoam1.jpg Foam Egg [Magic by Gosh]
Perfect for use with the Goshman Foam Dove or on their own, these highly compressible white eggs measure 1.75 inches x 1.25 inches. These eggs are sold individually!
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hotdogbun1.jpg Foam Hot Dog (with bun) [Magic by Gosh]
Magic by Gosh has created the foam Hot Dog With Bun never fails to get big laughs! The Foam Hot dog bun measures 11 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall! Looks real enough to eat! Just like the ones sold at the Stadiums!
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For Emergencies
Don't wipe this away! This item speaks for itself! For Emergencies uses little tiny boxes of toilet tissue. The plastic red box states, “For Emergencies”! The magical and clowning uses are limitless. Imagine giving this items out before a side splitting comedy act or just as a gag! Great give away to that special friend!
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fortunetellingfish.gif Fortune Teller Miracle Fish [Fortune Telling Fish] [1 Gross]
Get Your Own Fortune Teller Miracle Fish, HERE! The Fortune Teller Miracle Fish [Fortune Telling Fish] is a classic novelty that makes a little plastic fish the “Mindreader”. Fun! Place the mystical little “fish” on your palm or your spectators palm and watch it begin to move, wiggle, curl up or flip off the hand all by itself! It moves differently with different people, and children love them! It's movement will “for tell” the future! Different movements of the “fish” indicate readings of “Jealousy”, “Indifference”, “Love”, “Fickle”, “False”, “Passion”, and unfortunately as well the comic “Dead One”! Are you independent? Are you fickle? Are you in love? See what the Fortune Telling Fish has to say about you! They make the perfect hand out at shows and for promotional events. All you have to do is stick on little address labels on the special envelope packaging of the “fish” - your spectators have to keep the special envelope as it contains the “Fortune” chart. Sold in packs of 1 Gross only - if you require more than 1 Gross, increase the quantity on the order form accordingly [for example: a “quantity of 2" would give you “2 Gross”]. At this price, there’s no point selling them individually!!! Makes a great Party Favor! Works right out of the package... “fish” can be used again and again!
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Hoffman's Puzzles Old & New
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Imp Bottles
The Imp Bottles is not only a trick, but a puzzle as well! The magician can make the little bottle ‘stand' or ‘ lay down'! The spectator can't get their bottle to do anything but ‘stand'! The bottles will persist in standing upright for everyone but you, as you make them easily lay on their side. A set of 2 bottles is supplied so that you can have a competition with your friends. Cute and easy-to-do pocket trick!
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Jumping Pen
The Jumping Pen is a ball point pen that rises and jumps into the air! A handsome black pen is shown and held in the hand, and with a magical pass the pen slowly rises, but suddenly, it jumps completely out of your hand. A startling effect and easy to do!
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karate.gif Karate Coin
This amazing coin allows you to show your skill in the martial arts. A simple and amazing trick that always gets a wow. Flip a U.S. half dollar into the air as if you were going to call heads or tails, but with a karate-type move catch the coin... The coin was not actually caught, but it is shown to be speared through by your index finger! The coin now has a large jagged hole in it!! Your finger is actually through the coin!!! Great fun and no skill required.
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loong.gif Looooong Card
A Special Savings of 31% thru December 31, 2007 - Happy New Year!
Someone picks a card. You reach into your pocket and produce the wrong card! As you pull it out of your pocket, the card becomes longer and is now the correct one!! Great comedy in a easy to do card effect. Long lasting card is made out of heavy plastic - ideal for carrying in your pocket without getting damaged.
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magiclitebub.gif Magic Light Bulb
Your friends will get a real charge out of this trick. An authentic looking glass light bulb is held in your hand, then suddenly the bulb lights up! Press your nose and it goes out! Pull your ear and it goes on again! Even lights in your mouth! When you give the bulb to a friend, they will pull and press every part of their body...but no light!!! Due to the fragility of this glass light bulb, we can not be held responsible for any damage in transit, and Postal Insurance will not cover any damage. Most magicians purchase multiples of these item, due to them being fragile...
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milliondollarbillstandardsmall.gif Million Dollar Bill [Standard Version][$3,000,00 included / 3 $1M Bills]
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?The Final Answer should be ‘you’! The Million Dollar Bill - Standard Version makes a great conversation piece! Realistic looking! Imagine the possibilities! Ask someone to break a ‘large’ bill - what a joke! This version of the Million Dollar Bill makes a great giveaway or an inexpensive perfect gift - “don’t forget who gave you your first Million!” If you’re a magician - perform an incredible version of ‘Bill Switch’(instructions not included - we highly recommend the Money Morph Video available in our Coin & Money Magic Department). The U.S. Treasury never made a Million Dollar Bill - the highest denomination ever made was $100,000! How can you go wrong at this low price? Don’t tell Regis you can be a ‘Millionaire’ without sitting in the ‘Hot Seat’! Did you ever receive a survey or a sales letter with $1.00 bill attached - wouldn't this be much more rewarding and exciting? Sold for Entertainment Purposes only... Look at our new quantity pricing - the more you buy the more you save!!! Why be a "Millionaire" when you can be a "Multi-Millionaire"!!!
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Quantity   1 - 5     6 - 11     12 - 35     36 - 143     144+  
Price $4.95 $4.75 $4.55 $4.25 $3.95

mismade.gif Mismade Bill [aka Quadra Bill]
A real U.S. 1 dollar bill in an unexplainable condition. It appears to have been printed inside out - actually in 4 Quadrants - that's why it sometimes referred to as the Quadra Bill! The corners are in the middle and the middle are at the corners. Instructions included teach a routine where you can borrow a spectator's bill and perform a 'torn & restored' effect! Unfortunately, when you restore their dollar, it's 'mismade'!! This bill also makes a great conversation piece, or even a gag. Imagine walking out of a convenience store, and then turning around and saying "WOW, this bill must be worth thousands - look at the way the government printed it!!!"
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moneybag.jpg Money Bag
In addition to providing currency and coin to the nation's financial intitutions, the Federal Reserve Bank is charged with the responsibility of removing from circulation and destroying unfit bills. Destruction is by a shredding process which results in the contents of this package. Based on weight, this shredded residue is equivalent to $1,500 in $100 bills. Please Note: Bag may look slightly different than picture...
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Optical Illusion Ring [Rob Stiff]
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bashfullockbig.jpg Puzzle - Bashful Lock
A puzzler that will keep your friends guessing! Show a small metal lock. Ask a friend to open it. They can't. But when you take the lock behind your back saying that it is a bashful lock, it magically opens! No skill required. Complete with detailed instructions!
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Puzzle [Spring & Ring]
The ‘Double Trouble' Puzzle! This puzzle has been called the ‘Spring & Ring', ‘Coil & Ring', and the ‘Obstinate Ring', but no matter what it's called, it will drive your spectator wild! So simple and so much fun! This classic magic puzzle now comes in this shiny new form. A small metal ring is looped onto a metal spring. It is impossible to remove the ring unless you know the secret. You can remove and replace the rings on the spring coils anytime you wish, but the audience is always stumped. This is one you'll carry with you at all times!
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Puzzle [Wooden Die]
The Puzzle - Wooden Die is so easy only a child can do it! We're kidding - of course!!! An attractive puzzle has only 9 wood pieces, but can last for hours of entertainment. If you don't give a 'real die' (not included) as an example to your spectator, they'll be up all night!!!
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Real Toilet Soap
You are probably asking yourself how a bar of soap that is shape just like a “Toilet”is magical? Well, here’s how: Real Toilet Soap allows any magician to “Clean Up Their Act”! It allows for the amazing illusion of producing a “Toilet” anywhere, anytime! It allows anyone at anytime to be potty trained, and gives a new meaning to “washing your mouth out with soap”! I realize this may sound a little odd, but imagine placing this fine bar of soap in your restrooms at home - great for party’s!
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

shockphone606.jpg Shock Cell-Phone [Metal]
A Great Looking Shock Cell-Phone. Give that one person who is always picking up their cell-phone a shock! Shock Cell-Phone is very realistic!
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sorrycharlie211sm.jpg Sorry Charlie [Royal Magic]
An excellent, logical way to present an old chestnut - Lester Lake's "Water-Lu." The magician displays an empty tuna fish can and fills it with water. he places a piece of paper over the open end of the can and then turns the can upside down. Amazingly, the water remains suspended inside the can. “That's science,” the magician says, explaining that a principle of physics makes the feat possible. “This, on the other hand, is magic,” the magician continues, removing the card from the open end of can. Amazingly, the water remains suspended in the can! When the can is turned upright, the water is poured out of it, and everything is as it began! The trick is nearly self working, and provides plenty of opportunities for comedy. Sorry Charlie comes complete with everything you need - including custom-printed “Sorry Charlie” brand tuna can!
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Super Comb
$4.95 $3.41 Special Price!
A Special Savings of 31% thru December 31, 2013
The Super Comb will put you ‘Heads' above the rest! We've ‘combed' the world looking for a better giant comb, but this is the original and best! The perfect prop for a clown or pratical joker. What a gift! Top quality.
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Talking Teeth
Talking Teeth... The First... The Best... Wind them up! Watch them go! These our the original Talking Teeth - the finest made. Also makes a perfect gag gift for a ‘Birthday'!!!
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tresurebox.gif Treasure Box [Plastic]
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mmvibecontrolsmall.jpg Vibe Control [Magic Effex]
The magician attaches a small propeller to a specially notched stick. When he rubs his forefinger over the stick the propeller starts to spin in a clockwise direction! Asking the spectator to give the command, the propeller starts spinning in a counter-clockwise direction! Upon another command the propeller turns in a clockwise direction again. The magician then gives everything to the spectator and try as he may, the propeller remains lifeless. Vibe Control is the “Improved Version” of this “Classic Effect”: No Extra Sticks. No Suspicious Moves. Precision-Made in Durable Plastic. Totally Self-Contained, and Requires No Set-Up.
AddToCart2008a.jpg  ViewCart2008a.jpg

Whoops [Giant]
Whoops [Giant] is the Ultimate Gag! Incredibly over 6 times the size of our Whoops [Regular].!!! There are no words to describe this gag! We thought the picture would be more than enough! Want to get a day off from work? - Try placing this on your desk top!!! Actually, it's so BIG - you won't even see your desk top!!! [Sorry, but no picture is available on our site at the present time - maybe the description alone is more than enough!!!]
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Whoops [Regular]
Whoops [Regular] is the Ultimate Gag! There are no words to describe this gag! We thought the picture would be more than enough! The original and still the best... Want to get a day off from work? - Try placing this next to your desk!!! [Sorry, but no picture is available on our site at the present time - maybe the description alone is more than enough!!!]
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