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We're a Magic Shop! So why do we sell animal supplies? Well, let me tell you! Magicians have been performing with rabbits, doves, and many other animals for years. The "Houdini Pets"(TM) will assist you and make it easy for you to find special items you may need for some of your own special magic assistants. We've also listed books and videos on magic with animals in this department.
Certificates - Hedgehog
Our whimsical hedgehog birth Certificates add a touch of class to every hedgehog sale or just for decoration! The Certificates are printed on recycled 65 lb. quality parchment cover stock with a stylish hedgehog-border. The Cetificate is 6 1/4" by 8 1/2". Helps prevent inbreeding by encouraging lineage awareness among hedgehog owners!
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Feathered Dreams
The ultimate in creature comforts! Perfect for a cat's nap! This large 19" by 24" oval pillow is roomy enough for your biggest feline. These pillows are filled to soft plumpness with feathers! Covers are easily removable, and both the pillow and the covers are safely machine-washable and line dry. Assorted cover fabrics are chosen by our seamstress (Sorry color selection not available). The Feathered Dreams Pillow is also great for small dogs that don't crew! If you tour with your animals like us, then these pillows will help adjust them to new surrounding like hotel rooms.
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The Round-About is a playwheel designed especially for 'Hedgehogs'. This isn't the noisy metal or plastic wheel you've seen in the discount store designed for hamsters. This professional playwheel is a large 12" diameter by 5" wide wheel, big enough for even the largest hedgehogs! The running surface is made of 1/8" galvanized mesh, that won't rust, and prevents injuries because the hedgehogs' feet can't fall through! The attractive all-wood frame is washable and the wheel is unconditionally guaranteed for 500,000 laps. If you want a happier, healthier hedgehog - then this is the one to get!
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Your First Rabbit
This small book is the ideal source to teach you everything you need to know to start right with 'Rabbits'. If you want to perform with a 'Rabbit' then this is the perfect way to get the information you need, written by an expert in the field, Louise Vernier. It's chapters include an Introduction to Rabbits, History of Rabbits, Selection, Care, Health, Breeding, and a Bibliography of other reconmended books on Rabbits. 36 Pages - Paperbound.
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